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  1. On the first point....my bad. Missed that. On your second point you're full of ****. Obviously you are fine with Muslim doctrine being taught in public schools. I take it you are also ok with rewriting history to fit your leftist agenda right?
  2. Yet it's fine to force the Koran and Muslim propaganda on the other kids.....gotcha.....
  3. Did you go to public schools? Bibles and Christianity is verboten but they fully embrace anything concerning Muslim beliefs. Fact.
  4. You're so full of **** it's pathetic. I bet for one you're a NIMBY living in the whitest neighborhood you can find. NONE of your posts have EVER professed a sympathetic tone towards our African-American population....at least not any I've read. Hypocrite pure and simple. Truth is a lot of the right wing republicans here on SOL do care.....it's why we are highly critical of the appalling black on black violence ravaging our inner cities. It's also why we are highly critical of the Democratic party's leadership that keeps ignoring the facts that the welfare policies they support have created multi-generational poverty in our black communities.....in essence "keeping them down on the farm". When you give hand-outs instead of hands-up you create oppression, poverty, and desperation. Of course you know all these things......yet you spout off with accusations based on your twisted beliefs. Look in the mirror Maxx....and be honest with yourself if you can. Do you really believe half the BS you post?
  5. I did. Forgot to put that in. I was working and trying to post at the same time. Still the question remains for Frank. Just WHY did they consider those rights to be first and second. I bet he won't answer.
  6. Well Frank let's see how bright you are today. Why did our founding fathers start our Constitution with #1 freedom of speech then #2 the right to bear arms? I'd be interested in your thoughts on this. I KNOW why......do you?
  7. Definitely get another opinion....and any recommendations for testing could only be a plus. Good luck Tim. Don't screw around. Get it done. T&P for ya.
  8. Combination of two problems. Carbon arc in the cap and a hairline crack in the #6 intake runner on the manifold. Really weird and a PIA to figure out. Once we got the multiple misfire figured out which was fairly simple it still had a steady miss at high rpm's. Actually took it to a neighboring shop that had a dyno. Replaced the intake and it was balls to walls. No more damn test rides for me though unless I was driving.
  9. BIL gotta be a total dumbarse. If you're looking to give somebody an asswhupping you NEVER advertise your intentions. Now it's a given he'll get an on-sight no questions asked beatdown. No quarter no mercy. Red no need to break a hand. In the famous words of Clint Eastwood "Nothing like a good chunk of hickory!"
  10. Honestly I think that was the most scared I've been in my life.....and I've done some crazy stuff in my days. I swear we passed a few cars with less than a foot between us. Got squirrelly a couple of times but I'll give the guy credit he could drive.
  11. Had a customer at my shop that owned a '67 Vette convertible with a 427 in it. He brings it in says it starts to miss about 110-120 mph. Being the new guy in the shop I get elected to go on a test ride with this lunatic. Now before I go any further let me say this. I have NEVER been a huge fan of the early model Vettes. Yeah they look nice but they ride like ****.....and the suspension system is about as good as the Vegas. Running over 100 mph is NOT on my bucket list. Not in a '67 Vette. So I climb in the car with this lunatic. Praying the whole time he's BS'ing and the car just had a miss. Wrong. First thing he does is head for I40, and nails it coming down the on ramp. Sure enough about 110-120 mph it starts to miss. By this time my a$$hole is chewing a hole in the seat trying to grab a grip. Then the car starts smoothing out and this idiot says, "See....it goes away about 130 mph!" We get back to the shop I'm shaking so bad I can barely walk. I KNOW we passed cars with inches to spare running 100-130 mph. I went in told my boss he's right there's a miss about 110-120 mph. Told him also that was my last "test" ride with this lunatic, and also for that day. Went out got in my truck went straight to the liquor store. Never again.
  12. Depends if it's turbocharged or supercharged. There is a difference.
  13. Had a neighbor try to talk me into putting a blower on his OLD Hyundai Sonata. I refused knowing the motor couldn't handle the stress. He got some other fool to put it on. Blew the lower end out within a week. Shot two pistons thru the block.
  14. Flashing CEL means imminent failure of the catalytic converter(s) if you continue to drive it. (As mentioned by another post here) This usually means there are multiple misfires causing the cat to fill with raw fuel. Rear O2 sensor is picking up full rich condition. As another poster said I would suspect a blown seal in the supercharger. Keep running it and you'll ruin not only the supercharger but the cats too. Keep in mind most superchargers have their own stand-alone oil systems using a special oil. Sounds like that oil has blown out and fouled multiple plugs. Don't screw around. Take it to a shop now. Major bucks if you don't.