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    fish,fish,fish! official bikini judge, greasy spoon restaurant rater,
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  1. Parents got divorced when I was 13. Dad lived in Maryland and mom & me moved to North Carolina. I got a little rowdy by the time I reached 15 so mom sends me to stay with dad. We end up having a little disagreement so I said **** this, I'm going back to North Carolina. Dead of winter. January. Cold....in the teens and lower. I take off hitchhiking. I make it to the Richmond Va. turnpike about 3am....and damn it's cold. Didn't know you couldn't hitchhike on the turnpike. Sure enough a Va. state trooper pulls up, tells me I can't hitchhike on the turnpike then asks me where I'm headed. I tell him NC, and a little white lie "My mom is sick." He says , "I can't let you hitchhike out here, but I have family that owns a gas station couple of exits down. I'll drop you off there, and they'll give you a cup of coffee. Probably burn a joint with you, and give you a sign to hitchhike on the ramp with. " I couldn't believe my ears. Sure enough he did just that, and sure enough they did just what he said they'd do.
  2. Intertwined.....
  3. Hahaha sorry bout that man....I fixed it.
  4. One of the most intelligent and historically accurate descriptions of the factors involved in the Civil War. Good stuff Belmo. One obscure fact regarding British involvement in the Civil War was they RENEGED on an agreement made with the Southern leadership to provide support in trade for the sole rights for any cotton produced in the South. Bastids.
  5. Question remains......what did y'all really win?
  6. I had a lab that would walk right up to a strange woman and stick his nose right in her crotch. Never could get him to stop doing that. Made for some damn interesting moments.....
  7. If the flounder have started talking to you please share whatever you're burning ok?
  8. RIP Mr. President. Thank you for your service to this great country.
  9. Experience. Seen it before. Red lives in swampland.....more snakes than total human teef in the whole county.
  10. THAT we didn't need to know....FFS.....
  11. All jokes aside I bet you've had a snake sneak in the house, and it's in that room somewhere. Dog smells it.....
  12. Sounds like you need a pet exorcist....
  13. Ghosts of parrots past?
  14. Ooops! I forgot....one toof doesn't qualify as a snaggle of teef