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  1. Look!!!! Flying pigs!!!!!!! PSSSSSTTTTTT......... There's no such thing......just like there is no proof because...... THERE WAS NO COLLUSION OR OBSTRUCTION!!!!! HAHAHA!
  2. Never said we Christians were faultless. Yet I haven't seen any walking into the local Wal-Mart screaming "Praise Jesus!" then blowing themselves and countless innocents all to hell either......have you? Haven't seen any Christian hijackers ramming any planes into Mecca yet......have you? Here's the problem with that train of thought. During the time of the Christian reformation there were NO WMD's. Christians couldn't kill each other a half a world away, or DESTROY the entire planet. Today one fanatical idiot could trigger a nuclear war. Notice, if you will, I didn't specify a particular religion. Backed into a corner any rat will bite. Given the percentages though, (something I know you're good at ), it's not a stretch the fanatical idiot would be muslim. The only way the majority of the Muslim world would reform would be through dying for Allah. We know it, you know it, the ENTIRE WORLD knows it. Should we all die with them? BTW....I said "literally no condemnation" ......not NO condemnation. Of course the amount of condemnation from the Muslim community compares to a fly on an elephant's ass.
  3. Considering all carnage and destruction inflicted in the world by Muslim terrorists with literally NO comdemnation from the supposedly peaceful muslim community I have no sympathy for them whatsoever. If I need a reason for my callousness then I can easily count 2,977 reasons. So it's not a stretch of the imagination that this is an inside job. It's how they operate. Any so-called religion that encourages deceiving and lying to people to achieve their goals deserves suspicion. I'm with Red on this one. Kill 'em all let God sort them out.
  4. Kinda....them gals were a LOT of fun!
  5. Amen to that. Southern Comfort absolutely sucks. Home on leave from basic training hooked up with a couple of wild assed women. Spent two days partying with them gals drinking Soco the whole time. Stayed deathly hungover for a week. Thought I would never get that taste to go away. Cured me from Soco for LIFE! Can't even smell that garbage without getting nauseated.
  6. HOLY CRAP!!!! ENOUGH!!! How about Racquel at 73?
  7. Kelly Lebrock did the Botox a liitle too much. Much like Kim Novack. Don't know why the do that crap. Makes for some really ugly looks.
  8. Yeah....of course dems are all good people that wear many hats right?
  9. I don't think she'd mind too much now....probably be your best shot at it. Just saying you know...... Wanna borrow a shovel?
  10. OK, OK OK, I know Kirstie after she porked up would be a stretch,,,, BUT...... AND....tell me there's any one of ya that would kick this outta bed...... Give the gal credit....she tries to keep the flab off...