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  1. How far have you driven it after replacing the plenum gasket? If you haven't driven it far enough to a drive cycle relearn then you'll end up chasing ghosts. Take it on a long drive. Highway and city. See it the problem goes away. If it doesn't get back to me.
  2. Let me tell y'all a little story. A true story. Years ago when I first got married I took on a job as a rental manager. Three mobile home parks and 22 houses. One day I'm in my office trailer doing some paperwork and one of the tenants calls me. Says I need to check one of the vacant mobile homes.... there's a bunch of kids in it. I walk down towards the mobile home and I hear the kids scream "The manager is coming!!" About 5-6 kids pile out the back door but I catch one still in the home. I had a good friend who worked for the Sheriffs department in that area, and I knew he was on shift. So I called him. Explained to him what was going on and asked him if he could do me a favor. Of course he said yes. He shows up sirens and lights. Proceeds to put cuffs on this kid (think he was 12 at the time) and puts him in the squad car. By this time his mother had shown up so I pulled her to the side and told her what had happened and what was about to happen. My friend the deputy sheriff was a big guy and a little intimidating. He proceeds to read this kid the riot act and tells him that he was going to either jail (not!) or reform school (nope ) if I pressed charges on him. So now I read him the riot act. By this time all the kids in the neighborhood had gathered including the ones that were with him. I pointed a few of them out and needless to say there were a few kids bawling their eyes out.....they just KNEW they were going to jail too. So now I tell the kid as long as he promises to never do it again I would let him go. I tell all the kids involved the same thing BUT I better not hear of any more trouble out of them. Fast forward 2 months. I get a call from the kid's mother. He just got his report card. Straight A's. He had never done that before. Years later I was told he was in college. Make him a cop hater? That's about the stupidest **** I've heard lately. What it did do was teach him he is responsible for his behavior. The other kids learned same lesson. Something sorely missing in our society today. Why? It's because of idiots that think a lesson like this would create cop-haters and ***** assed parents that are too scared of liberals to raise their children correctly.
  3. Good job Pete! Just had mine checked last month. 6.8. Surprised me a little..... I haven't exactly been behaving diet wise.
  4. That SOB is absolutely lost. Even the look on his face shows he is out of it.
  5. Watched my dad trade mixed drinks with the car next to us running 60mph heading to Ocean City, MD. more than once. It was a hoot to watch. These pansies today would have an absolute heart attack.
  6. It's a vacuum reservoir for the heat/ AC system. Like WooWoo said look for a vacuum line disconnected. Probably for blend doors.
  7. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery Landyroo!!
  8. Pickwick, MN
  9. Needed to correct my earlier statement. Misread the meaning. Still.......We NEED the guillotine. Line up every one of the lying hypocritical bastids and OFF! with their heads! Bring some common sense back. Be a helluva a wake up call for the confused SOBs.
  10. I watched it. Beautiful lady. Beautiful song. Beautiful message. I DON'T understand why idiots like Keltan try to turn something as powerful and beautiful as that was into something negative. Get a ****ing life you POS.
  11. If he had run in on my ex like that he'd have been picking lead outta his ass for a month. That's IF he was lucky.
  12. I think she may be a keeper..... good on ya Dale!!!
  13. When I was about 5 years old my mom worked in a Dart Drug in Laurel, Maryland. We went there one Friday to pick up her paycheck. She let me stay in the car while she ran in to get her check. There was a bank there separate from the shopping center. We had parked about 75 feet from the front door of the bank, and if I remember correctly, mom was going to that bank to cash her check. I'm standing up on the seat looking out around the parking lot when all of a sudden three cop cars come screaming sirens blaring up to the bank and slide to a stop. Cops jump out with guns drawn when suddenly three black guys come running out of the bank.... and they're carrying guns! Those cops lit 'em up....bullets flying everywhere! I don't know how many shots were fired but it sounded like WWII. Out of all those bullets fired the cops only hit two of the guys. One in the shoulder, and one in the ankle! Great marksman those guys. Of course my mom is in the drugstore unaware of all this.... until she came out. Thought she was going to have a heart attack. Raised hell with the cops when they finally let her get to the car. In the meantime my young dumbass is hanging out the window cheering for the cops. Never did duck when they started shooting. Like I told my dad later.... "They weren't shooting at me!"