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  1. That's a damn lie........ It was 20 feet!!!!! True story. When I first got to Bragg one of the first crap jobs all newbies got assigned to was rotating the tires on the deuce and halfs.....10 wheel 2.5 ton trucks. Didn't matter if the truck hadn't rolled a foot in the last year....the tires had to be rotated. Back breaking ball busting work. Top it off it was mid July...not as Hades. So here we are....4 buck privates sweating our nads off changing these tires which made a regular truck tire look like a go cart tire. Big split rim monster tires. Very first tire. We get half of the lug nuts off but we can't budge the rest. We pull, tug, cuss, and sweat yet nothing we do breaks them loose. This goes on for 2 hours. It's kicking our ass and we have 9 tires to go. Plus 6 more trucks. DAMMIT!!! Finally our battalion sergeant major happens by. Asks us "What's the problem men?" We tell him we can't get the lug nuts off. He looks, picks up a hammer. Taps the end of the lug nut studs, lo and behold a chunk of paint pops off. Under the paint....a big "L" stamped in the end of the lug nut studs. Seems that to keep the enemy from stealing the tires they used both right and left hand threaded lug nuts. Vietnam era trucks. Seems the trucks were painted also EVER YEAR. Some sweetheart had painted the tires....lug nuts and all. Of course the older guys in the platoon KNEW this. Bastids. I swore then when I got out of the Army I'd never turn another wrench. How the hell I ended up a mechanic is beyond me.
  2. Naah.....that was courtesy of the ex-wife
  3. Every damn one of them
  4. Not yet. I will check it out later tonight. Been a little busy.
  5. Meditations was a tough read....spent a lot of time repeating chapters to grasp the content.
  6. Fearless my ass!!!! I was scaird EVERY time I went out the door or off the the tailgate!!!! Only a damn fool wouldn't have been scared.....that fear though is what keeps you alive. Harness it and it's amazing what a person can do. I'm STILL scared ****less of heights......no BS.
  7. The link worked BB! Thanks again.
  8. Thanks BB! Will try the link. RIP Mario. It's men like you that inspired me to jump out of perfectly good airplanes.....Airborne All The Way!
  9. That movie plays regularly on one of the local cable channels here. Not too bad of a movie.
  10. Yup..... First time I heard that album was thru a Marantz stereo with headphones. On a little trip with Mr. Natural. Tone deaf for a week. I swear the synthesizers turned my brain to jelly for month
  11. I go to the NASA website regularly and check out the latest pics. Been some interesting photography from the Rover. Some of that stuff up there kind of looks like it was made...not random rock formations. Just saying
  12. If you can't post a link in open forum maybe Timmah would let you send us a link by request in private messages? I, for one, would love to read it. WWII history is probably one of my favorite reads. One of the truly fascinating things about that war, at least to me, was the behind the scenes efforts to win the war. It's amazing some of the extremes made by both sides in the spy trades. Crazy stuff, and even more amazing was the coordination between the allies to defeat the European Axis powers. Great stuff.
  13. Recently read that too. Awesome read, and correct me if I'm wrong, they're making it into a movie.
  14. Frank with all due respect your argument borders on the absurd. The truth is out there. Find it. I refuse to play