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    fat guy with a surf rod...dangerous combo. master baiter, professional manure spreader
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    fish,fish,fish! official bikini judge, greasy spoon restaurant rater,
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    retired lead auto tech/shop foreman
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  1. **** ya too! Ouch! That one's a guaranteed knuckle buster
  2. Auto shop I worked in and ran for twenty years made half its income off of Ford products. The trucks were not as bad, but the cars were junk. It's a wonder the Taurus didn't put them out of business...only thing that saved their ass was the Escort.
  3. Exactly. Once again a fail in logic. NOWHERE in the Bible, including the teachings of Jesus Christ, is the breaking of man's laws considered right or legal. Also,the argument that he was harboring illegal immigrants due to his religious beliefs is legally invalid. He did not have standing legal status of the clergy, nor was the shack they were caught in recognized as a church, therefore voiding any claims for sanctuary. Simple. He should have done EXACTLY what Joey said.
  4. THIS^^^^^ Invading armies for centuries followed their flags into battle.... Even now carrying the "colors" is considered a great honor. Amazes me people don't...or won't....recognize that for what it is. Idiots.
  5. "You're from South Carolina aren't you?"
  6. If I had a head like that I'd spit on it and pump it.
  7. Ms. Lube Rack 1920.....that my friend is comedy gold there.....
  8. She gonna need an EBT card with no limit.... Who here truly believes that heiffer can walk 1000 miles???
  9. Here's another question for dude. In order to enter and cross Mexico one must have a "transit visa." WHERE did they get them? WHO issued them? WHO applied for FOUR THOUSAND PLUS VISAS??? These are questions enquiring minds want to know. Any clues Mr. Dude? Anybody?
  10. Really? Where are they getting food from? Water? Basics of life...food and water. Thinking they are NOT funded is ludicrous.....SOMEBODY is paying the bills
  11. Depends on how much Red Man chewing tobacco you're gnawing on.....sometimes you can say it in one...or you may have to say "y" spit "all....that comes into play when yer talking to ignorant Yankees
  12. I speak swamponics.....it's "y'all" dammit. Damned Yankees......
  13. I'd still hit it