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  1. I remember when they ran Busmans Holidays to Montauk for Cod or Quincy Mass For Flounder. Yeah I’m freakin old. Why not a Native American holiday for The indigenous people of Alaska. Fly them down, lend them your kayaks and let them have at the seals for a week. It’s a win- win here. Waiting for Tim to take this down.
  2. Wait till the end of the season and DIY. Record the style and location of the components and buy new ones. Plenty of YouTube videos out there to make you a custom builder. I have rods I built in the 80s that I still use. Some I’ve rewrapped. Nothing like catching fish on a stick you built yourself.
  3. What do you carry the lures in? I carry the same stuff minus the hooks plus buck tails, pork rind, and tin. I put the tac clips on a ring on my plug bag. I NEVER take my keys out unless I’m getting into my car. Also a belt with a Boca, pliers and disgorger.
  4. All three should have specifications pertaining to weight. If you can’t find them on the item you can look them up. Don’t forget to add gear and gas weight. The Tucson is a fairly big vehicle with a 1500 lb limit. I have a 16’ Lowe with a 40 hp and trailer and I tow it with a Honda Element no problem.
  5. Soak???
  6. Worked on all my gear last winter, so not much to do now. If it got a little warmer I would start getting the boat ready.
  7. I’ll start on Mothers Day Week end hopefully.
  8. Good for him. Plenty of YouTube videos out there. I may suggest find a junk rod or one of your older ones, carefully strip the guides and reward them. Good practice and if mistakes are made so be it. Good father and son project.
  9. Hungry ones.
  10. Some of the decisions down south could change the number of fish we see, but I’ll still put forth the same effort as last year.
  11. Your all arguing over a tenth of an inch. I haven’t kept a fish in this century but if it were a tenth of an inch long or short AND was not going to live I’d take it. I put back a PB 35 3/4” fish when the limit had to be > 36” and don’t regret it. The fish was not distressed.
  12. Gods way of paying you back for the bonus slot fish and the 24-38
  13. Got a copy from my grandson for Christmas. It’s a good read for the winter.
  14. I can't see stripping guides off and wrapping new ones on if all you need to do is slap a good conventional reel on it and use it for bait fishing. For what you will pay to have a competent person do the work you can invest in a good reel. Being able to fish both spinning and conventional will make you a more well rounded fisherman. That's what we all strive to be. Happy Turkey Day.
  15. This happens every November. Newbies with money get into the sport and buy every high ticket item to keep up with their bros. they fish five times get the skunk and quit.