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  1. It's not about the size of fish, but the variety. I fish both fresh and salt. I wouldn't mind a big pike like that, but stripers may be a little easier to release from a kayak.
  2. I meant a sluggo or a popper. Single hook in the sluggo makes them easy to remove. I crush the barbs on plugs, so dropping a fish from time to time is no biggie.
  3. Thanks for the mention Crozzbow. This was a combined trip. Catch a few and give my GF some time on the water. She likes to ride around rather than drift and fish. She was ready to bail as the no see us were all over her. Bugs weren't bad this morning. Had 7 this morning from the yak after a slow start at low tide. A few thirties. All on sluggos and poppers. Dropped a bunch as they were boiling or short strikes. Nothing on tube and worm.A soft rain was welcomed keeping the heat down.
  4. I did this a few years ago. You miss a lot of fish, but the fun in fishing poppers is watching them blow it up.
  5. Not worth the effort. Buy a new 10 footer.
  6. Porgy
  7. The show is pretty good. I would love to be a contestant.
  8. Had my best start in many years. Unfortunately a popping clicking in my casting shoulder has forced me to lay low for a while. Was catching 4 out of every 5 trips. Hopefully I can launch the kayak in a month.
  9. Good to hear from you Crozzbow. I've picked a few hear and there. But it's still too cold for the yak.
  10. Glad I fished there then. The tick problem is the city's fault. They should have removed the deer as soon as the appeared. i remember when they tried to bulldoze out the Bogs to change the flow and save the big bath house. That worked out pretty good didn't it.
  11. Not for spots here. I read that the park was closed due to hazardous material being found. I fished it extensively in the 70s and early 80s. Any truth to this?
  12. Keep it as spinning and buy a conventional. Too much work to rebuild. Cost of the work will definitely buy you a new rod.
  13. I don't complain about the weather as a rule, but I see this **** setting the run back a few weeks.
  14. I was direct tying to a barrel, but trying a TA50 this year. Gives me options.