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  1. It’s old school but I always liked the Penn 500 Jigmaster.
  2. I attach swivel, leader and clip to braid. Cut and discard 18 to 20 inches of braid every few trips depending on how heavy the bite was. Usual re-spool braid half way through the season. Use a new leader if there are frays near the clip.
  3. Thinking about going to visit my daughter in Wilmington in April. Any suggestions for party boats or beach fishing?
  4. It’s going to be a long winter so DIY is the way to go. You may also want to work on some others rods in need of TLC.
  5. Find the optimum location first by moving your hand up the butt end and repeatedly casting until it feels natural. It’s worth the time if your going to alter an expensive rod.
  6. Green one from army navy store early 70s. 2.00$. Black from Army Barracks in Scarborough recently. 10.00$
  7. Switched to TAs after I had dou locks open up three times on three fish. Was a dou lock fan all my life.
  8. Fished hard early in the season and none of my spots produced. June, July and Aug were chock full of family obligations and no fish. Back is tweaked from playing with my grandson in the pool. So Maybe Sept will show me some fish. Trying to keep the faith.
  9. I think there is room for a kayak.
  10. Visually they are different for one. You can feel the weight difference also.
  11. Army Barracks 10 to 15$ customize yourself like old sharpies used to do. The xtrA 85$ will buy 4 plugs.
  12. I tie my leaders with a barrel and Tactical clip. Barrel tied to braided running line and a short piece (6”) of 15lb tied to the barrel on the leader side an a fly. There really aren’t a lot of tangles.
  13. Legislators are idiots for failing to mention criminals at all when it comes to promoting bills. Afraid of upsetting their feelings. The last few shootings have involved a shooter that was previously reported to the FBI and they failed to act. Maybe if they would concentrate on their jobs and not manipulating politics they would prevent these crimes.
  14. Honest fisherman will catch, release and keep an occasional legal fish to eat. CRIMINALS will poach, sell and continue to do so after being caught. Key word here is CRIMINALS. Whether it’s fish or firearms bad people are not going to change.
  15. I fish teasers ahead of plugs or large sluggos when small bait is present. If I hook too many doubles I remove the teaser.