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  1. This is what we need…Friday is going to be fire when the sun comes up
  2. Back on topic….this AM, .western Vinyard Sound to the end before Buzz, nothing, just lots of happy baitfish….maybe tomroow, the scene is set
  3. Yes saw tons of mullet mixed with schools of needlefish way back up in a cove in Stonington tonight
  4. No thanks… glws
  5. Respectfully offer $120 shipped
  6. Offer $25 shipped to 02891
  7. I bought a maritime 2090 this year, absolutely love it. East to clean, simple, good for sand bar trips, tons of deck space for a 20’6” boat, gets me out on the local grounds in chop and on those greasy days I can get out to block at first light no problem, home when the sea breeze picks up……draft 11” is key
  8. Can I Pick up in Falmouth for $90? if so I’ll take it
  9. Anyone have a 300yd spool of 30# PP slick, or Suffix 832, or other super line lying around willing to sell at a fair price? Thanks
  10. Pm sent
  11. Bump
  12. Last price drop $500 firm shipped, honestly surprised this is still here, nothing wrong with it
  13. Bump
  14. Priced reduced $550 shipped