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  1. If you have a partner or close pack of fishing friends, hope that someone is type A detailed oriented and very organized. That way everyone contributes to your log but your product at the end of the season provides you with a somewhat thorough record with details to maximize your effort of recording data. I am NOT that guy but Like many surf fisherman, for me the season is year round although not all fishing. At the end of the calendar year, my 3 partners and I get together for a beer and usually sit well past last call sifting through pictures, tide archives, moon phases, dissect what impact the nor’easters had, and after consolidating our info, we have a discussion about what we learned, what we may have unlocked, and what factors influenced the most productive outings. I usually will pre-stage a notebook and bring a printed chartlet. So when we record data there are columns (date, tide, moon, weather, etc.) set up for most of our outings, solo or together from May until November. We have found due to our annual reflection and documentation, efficient surf fishing efforts have brought the highest yields of success in a rather challenging Striped Bass fishery. Particularly now that we have become more involved at home with our families and our kids/ spouses work/activities. I will admit, the alternative approach many have with the “get out and just fish when you can” is more relaxing, and often more fun, but the different approaches people have is what makes this subject so engaging imo
  2. Lolll....I already have one, that’s a whole nuther story.....
  3. Thanks for all the replies.... will look at the Subaru’s and others a little closer, best value thus far seems to be a 2009-2012 Corolla coming in between $7K-$10K
  4. I may be commuting for work a rather long distances and may force me into downsizing to a lot smaller vehicle. I’ll need something with mid 30 mpgs on highway and a price tag under $10K. I have a couple ideas but figured someone here may of faced this same dilemma before. Anyone have any suggestions of whips they have been able to make work, and continue to wetsuit, store tackle, store gear and make work for continue fishing rather hard, and not destroy their gear?...Thanks in advance
  5. Offer retracted, glws
  6. Offer $100 shipped to 02891
  7. In tight, Bass bass bass, no hard tails....SOCO mid morning surf with the kiddos
  8. Received, thank you thread closed
  9. Offer $150 shipped for the Daiwa back bay
  10. I’m going to pass thank you, I appreciate the offer
  11. Could you shoot me a couple pics?
  12. In the market for an albie reel in the 3000-4000 size range Penn Battle 3000 Cabelas Verano 3500 Quantum Cabo 40 Shimano Stradic/SGosa 4000 Tsnunami Evict 3000 Daiwa BG 3500 Quantum inshore smoke 40 *Open to others but the size is most important: a not too big 40 and a not to small 30 Thank you in advance
  13. Respectfully offer $450 shipped
  14. No thank you, I appreciate the offer
  15. I posted this after going to website and pricing them out....$10 for shipping, it’s the old model(no vmc split rings and less chip resistant body) but even then $5 is a good deal, however they have no 7/8 left