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  1. Later moonrises the back side of full this week....should be the week of flood tides just after sundown out time
  2. No of course not, figured the 20 miles or so was close enough to share, as I have seen it many times in the past here, anyways since the forum boundary police are out and the season is open in RI till 31May, now I’ll have to get one in my home waters in RI! Tight lines!
  3. Got out at work lunch hour from shore for last day of Tog in CT, one hit one fish after going through a dozen crabs, chumming def helps....first year ever first fish of year was not a SB,
  4. Mostly all used but in good/very good condition mikes commander BM A40 mikes A40 BM Ajr BM Cowboy jr jstirpe BM 3oz darter parrot LS 69 darter green CCW darter black/green willing to pay some cash mixed in too to meet your price if your willing to trade for any of these
  5. Open to any trades?
  6. Last night in soco, I was walking along the beach out front and I got good whiff of what smelled like bait, not dead fish, not seaweed, but the kind of smell that gets your senses perked up, made a series of casts with no results. Wind was light out of the south directly in your face, tide was flooding, I’m guessing with the gannets out there recent days may of been herring or bunker, although we aren’t in the era of cows from the surf in late April, the experience was what I needed to get off my slouch azz and get my head (and gear dusted off at home) straight and ready for the season. My take away from this was Spring out front is a mystery and an experience that I am learning to appreciate in a different way than fall blitzes or summer resident haunts or catching fish for that matter. In the days of instant gratification, I find that I need and yearn for more “process” type experiences versus a bite to help me at 34YO even though it quite frankly is not a glamorous or results oriented way of thinking. Yes, there are the fun freshwater herring runs and upper river freshwater striper bites that have they’re own excitement and at sometimes yield unreal fishing. But back to the salt, If you enjoy the hunt more than the actual result of catching a striped bass, then you get it.
  7. Agreed
  8. It definite takes the bite off, especially late night tides when your fatigued, the slim glove reduces exposure to any breeze, with that said they’re a glove and they’re going to get wet, but I prefer them on rather than bare skin being exposed to elements and handling leaders/braid during the wee hours of the night when the brain is working overtime
  9. I haven’t had any issues with braid cutting into them, never really even thought of that, they will wear on a tip or two but not usually until multiple trips and I buy them in packs of 3 when they go on sale, plus if you lose them or one or leave them by accident, it’s not a lift on the wallet to get another pair....just my opinion, I am sure there are many great alternatives but these have worked great so far, biggest key for me was not feeling like I have a glove on when working tackle, meaning they dont hinder anything about the way I fish
  10. Gorilla gloves also hands down, haven’t use anything else last 3 years, can tie a uni to uni splice no problem with them on and they are super durable
  11. The race....between fishers island and little gull island, in the middle
  12. 100 gannets bombing in the race yesterday, seals present too
  13. One day in very early June maybe a decade ago I walked a half mile to the mouth of a river on a beach in RI and I saw a guy catch 2 bass over well over 40”on sand fleas with an 8 ft rod, water was maybe 55 degrees and the fish had lice on them
  14. Agreed, years ago while fishing a trib off river middle/south area in April I had a few striped bass 20-26” and then a 40” plus pike came out of the shadows and pounded on my atom popper and swam away, left me buzzed
  15. I also grew up on the CT river near Hartford, and due to lack of same action for bigger fish in soco tribs recent years I find myself going back to specific spots in CT on specific front and back side of new moon nights and when river levels are ideal in May, don’t get to fish it consistently but it’s good cause of the drive which sucks cause the herring bite usually stays good for multiple nights but then can disappear in an istant making it harder to gauge when it’s gonna happen, I wish the pawcatuck R and brechways had the same shot of 30lb + fish end of April and early to mid May....a second approach could be trying the west passage into the bay out front early season but it seems as though many of those fish or lack there of are gunning straight to the canal