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  1. From the album Forum Attachments

  2. Don't fillet, Just cut head and tail off and scoretop and bottom with the knife. Then get your pliers and rip off the skin both sides , fry in newmans italian and the best fish meal you ever had.
  3. You will need a permit yes. Go to your town hall, the resident permit is usually free or a couple of bucks. They will also provide with a map, or advise you where to get one for certified shellfishing open areas.
  4. It's the shag for me
  5. Pics Please
  6. About one week ago a fami;ly of em strutted thru my back yard at sundown lived here 25 years, first time I ever saw that
  7. Nino Bentencort from extreme is the best I ever heard From the more than words acoustic to the porno grafiti electric he covers a very broad range
  8. Im In
  9. What's a sidewalk
  10. If you dare to go there you should know that some have reported UFO sightings in the surrounding area
  11. Send picture of 4x4
  12. I would love to have my original danny's xrayed only cause it would be cool to find out why they work so well
  13. Yum Thresher----- 2 blobs of Jack Daniels bbq sauce 12 drips of tabasco a blurb of newmans italian and 1 oz of oj Marinate and Place 1" steaks on hot grill 5 minutes ea side. Never tried it on kitties and puppies and probably will not
  14. Bada Bing
  15. Send a copy to Shumer