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  1. Seen this on that auction site
  2. Pflueger Mustang in Blue Mullet. I caught my first striper on this as a young kid.
  3. Any idea on make of this one? Lure is 7" long.
  4. Yes they are
  5. Pichney on all Black & Yellow.
  6. Top one is a Arbogast Prancer
  7. RM smith $25 shipped


    Please pay to:



    Let me know when payment is sent. Thank you.

    1. steveo905


      payment sent thanks

  8. PM sent. Thank you.
  9. $25 shipped
  10. King any interest?
  11. PM sent. Thank You!
  12. Super Strike Lures $40 shipped


    Please pay to paypal 



    Let me know when payment is sent and give me your mailing address




  13. Both are new. Hunter express 1 3/4oz needle and darter $40 shipped.
  14. Here is another picture.