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  1. I read that they're being taken to a scrap yard
  2. $5.77 at Price Chopper and Market 32
  3. I've been seeing them in Grafton for a few years now.
  4. I'm Fairway Beef lover, D'Errico's in Worcester is good too.
  5. Dawn redwood
  6. Shut it down yesterday at Noon until Monday. The crew needs a break.
  7. I've a couple black squirrels at my shop. There's a white crow there too.
  8. I just went for my annual physical. I had the shingles vaccination 2 years ago and the doc told me to get the new one that's out. I guess they found the first one isn't doing the job. Just a heads up !
  9. I sent the crew home at Noon until Monday.
  10. She was brutal to do work for.
  11. I'll second that. His wife is worse.
  12. I buy a tube of ZanFel every spring and keep it in the pick up. Walmart is selling it now.
  13. Wash with Technu and apply Zanfel. Zanfel is pricey but it takes the itch out right away.
  14. Nice take. I need to get out and check a few spots. Great memories picking with my grandfather; then fishing for trout on Lake Cochituate.
  15. AKA liquid pantie remover