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    13 years old, love the water
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    fishing,baseball,wasting time
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    clamming/hitting baseballs
  1. thanks i need some rigs im 14
  2. i was thinking of using twiston single strand learders for blues. has anyone ever done this?
  3. bucktail: number 1 when:the black bucktail i would use at night on the second half of the incoming tide in the back bay the white i would use during the day to imatate spering or sandeels why: i would use a bucktail to "match the hatch" where: i would use the white in the back bay to imatate sandeels. i would also use it late in the season at montauk to imitate bay anchovies how:i would retrive it slowly with an occasonal pause...thatnks
  4. if you guys remember i had a thread called bass pro shops talking about how slow the shipping was for bass pro shops. so any way i call again after the rods not here after 25 days. so i ask what happend to it and it turns out it had never been mailed out.?????ever happen to anyone?
  5. last monday i had a couple of guys in a 26 bayliner doin 40 in the channel in stony brook run right over my line and cut 25 yards of braid of me.whats wrong with people?
  6. oops its the 349 i just looked on the side
  7. 346 master mariner
  8. bottle darters and white bucktails
  9. i just googled that and it just came up with some random stuff
  10. question why??????
  11. do it its the best
  12. i think they are the barbals or something my 77 year old neibor told me about catching those when he was a little kid
  13. what do you guys think of this line?
  14. what ever happend to ratcoons on the garbage cans