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  1. Haha...the old saying: ”when I pass don’t let my wife sell my gear for what I told her I paid”
  2. Spot burn. I know that rip lol
  3. I get where you're coming from on this, but I have a feeling you'll end up losing in the end. Go catch you're personal best on the reel and all will be right in the world!!
  4. I could be wrong here. If you file the claim with PayPal, you'll only be covered for the purchase cost. I don't see PP covering the cost of the repairs whether you and the seller agreed or not. PP isn't going to want to get in the middle of that squabble. I also believe that you'll have to return the item in order for PP to cover it??? If that's the case, the seller gets back a fully functional reel recently "serviced" by the OEM and you'll be left trying to chase them down for the $30 repair cost.
  5. Over. Ended Wednesday night at 7:46PM
  6. Post this in the MA might have a better shot at answers there.
  7. Joined less than a week ago and just trying to build up the post count and "contribution" to the site. Must see something on the BST he wants
  8. Crowds are there and there’s no putting that toothpaste back in the tube now. Educated googans are better than uneducated googans
  9. Thanks. That's what I thought but wasn't quite sure. Still seems high to me, but then again WTH do I know. I'll have to read up on the methodology behind this to get a better idea.
  10. It's Called being contributing members.
  11. Help me with some remedial math here please? Is this chart saying that for every 100 dead fish in 2017, 48 came from recreational release?
  12. Is it legal to deny entrance to a porting event? Private sector but still... how about district court? That’s a public building but they have the right to deny entrance without a search. Where’s the line???
  13. There was an incident on Mayflower Beach back in 2017 involving some young folks, booze and sex....middle of the front of a lot of families. I've heard that the police on Dennis beaches have ramped up booze patrol and are actively searching coolers since then? DENNIS—Three teenagers arrested on Mayflower Beach Tuesday afternoon after allegedly having sex in the water while a crowd gathered to cheer them on, and a friend who police say didn’t listen when he was told to leave the area, will not be arraigned for at least six months, an Orleans District Court judge said. CCTimes 7/5/2017 Selectmen finalize plan for cracking down on alcohol consumption and improving traffic and safety conditions at town beaches. SOUTH DENNIS — Months of talks spurred by a 2017 incident, in which teenagers were seen allegedly drunk and having sex in plain view at Mayflower Beach, led selectmen to finalize a plan for cracking down on alcohol consumption and improving traffic and safety conditions at town beaches, to the tune of about $150,000. The Board of Selectmen voted at its regular meeting Tuesday to approve suggestions included in three memos to Town Administrator Elizabeth Sullivan by Beach Director Dustin Pineau, Police Chief Peter DiMatteo and Town Engineer Thomas Andrade, but stopped short of approving more than $500,000 to fund recommendations by a Beach Safety and Monitoring Committee formed last year in response to the Mayflower Beach incident. Central to the approved plan is a $100,740 tandem effort by beach monitors to spot people violating the rules and police officers to enforce them. Six monitors will be stationed at beach entrances to check coolers for alcohol during the summer months, at a cost of $52,530 for fiscal 2019, according to Pineau’s memo. The monitors could be rotated between beaches based on need, he said at the meeting. CCTimes 2/28/18
  14. Without question. Saw numerous “attacks” on hooked bass right in front of sandy neck last season (videos from friends and/or social media). From Town Neck all the way down to the parking lot within a few hundred yards of the beaches.
  15. This sign is posted at Millway Beach inside Barnstable. Have to say I was a little surprised to see it, and more than a little anxious considering how much time I spend inside that harbor deep wading. That said, more likely just a reminder to be alert and not necessarily there because one’s been seen that far inside (that’s what I keep telling myself anyway).
  16. Not sure if it matters to you or not, but one-piece blanks are difficult to come by from many of the manufacturers these days. I know, I know....."today's two-piece rods act and feel just like one piece..." LOL
  17. Exactly. Depends on what you NEED it for. 1/2 day-day at the beach with the family...not worth the trade off in lack of capacity compared to similar size (exterior dimensions) coolers IMO. I use the regular igloo for beach days most of the time. The Yeti 45 I won comes out on extra long outings where I need to keep ice for extended periods....or if I feel the need to "fit in" with the crowd that frequents our beach.
  18. ^^^^^this ^^^^^ and this w t f are we talking about here? This is what’s its come to? This is supposed to be a “leisure activity” (it’s not a sport) and we have Guys brandishing weapons over fish and Other guys coming on here chest thumping their right to carry and how they would “handle” another guy flashing a piece. Holy F___!! Sounds like both the “good” and “bad” guys need to re-evaluate *hit in their lives.
  19. I want that bottom color in a Junior....with eyes of course> That is Sick!
  20. Agree!! Rods are always last to go on and first to come off. I used a scrap piece of PVC railing baluster. Cut a 45 degree angle on one end and a notch on the other (fits over top rail of basket). Worked great on the one trip I've made down this year lol
  21. 10:36 west turn last night and large groups....hmmm, where could this have occurred? 2 spots come to mind and with the easy parking at both the most likely. 1) Mass transit stop 2) Spot named after an area of rumored extraterrestrial studies LOL
  22. Thanks Mike!!! Now I understand. Like many, I was under the impression that only large fish were mature enough to spawn. After actually taking time to educate myself a little (thanks to you pointing out a good resource) I see how 1@34 or 36 could be good for as many as 4-6 additional spawn years. See kids, don’t always believe what you see/read on the internet, especially the rhetoric and nonsense spewed out by uninformed bafoons (like me) on fishing sites.
  23. Sounds like my reaction when a piece of seaweed brushes my leg when standing in the water.
  24. I guess my confusion lies in the common belief that "breeders" are the larger fish. What are the prime spawning age (length) of male and female stripers?