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  1. 1) Replace hardware on most of the "mass produced" type plugs. Wood plug builders (if supplying hooks) use qulaity material for the most part. SP, Redfins, bomber, sebile, etc have garbage hardware. 2) Rinse after every outing 3) This is as important as rinsing. If possible, remove plugs from bag/box and allow to dry quickly in ventilated or sunny area. But not too much sun lol. That said, there will almost always be some rust/corrosion. Variance in metal materials in contact with each other will corrode with moisture and salt (galvanic corrosion). Not much you can do to stop it but you can slow it down. With subpar stock materials this happens within 24 hours it seems.
  2. I'm right there with Sammy. Precisely why I wear waders/wetsuit ANY time I plan to be in the water at night. seaweed or anything brushes my leg at night and I'm walking on water to get out
  3. At least this thread didn't derail lol
  4. Probably the reason we won;t see it here. When I saw this video posted yesterday and the sizes available my first thought was how it would cannibalize the Saragosa which seems to have gained quite a market share here. much for that.
  5. The phenomenon of turning to the internet first before dealing with it directly....”Internet shaming” or whatever you folks are calling it these days. You seem like a smart guy so I don’t believe it’s lack of intelligence preventing you from seeing how this is douchey (especially the part about being “insulted” when the manufacturer reached out. Laughable). So we can just leave it as we agree to disagree. Personally I would have handled it differently by contacting VS/shop first, and feel like most intelligent, rational, level headed consumers would do the same. C’est la vie. Good luck. I hope you get the brand new reel you paid for.
  6. I have zero dog in the fight. Don’t know Craig other than a couple chats at shows etc. No vested interest in any fishing manufacturers so couldn’t care any less. I can’t stand this new p u s s y move phenomenon of posting s h i t online in open forums instead of picking up a phone and calling the retailer and/or the manufacturer first. It’s douchey. Then to piss and moan when you don’t get stroked by the entire membership Makes it even worse. If you’re going to throw it out there in public expect some push back.
  7. Call, email, snap some pics of the damage and ship it back? I have to assume you noticed the damage and low SN right away? Seems that contacting the retailer you just handed 500+ bucks to less than a week ago would have been the first move, no? Seems kind of bush league to go the passive-aggressive social media blast route before contacting the point of sale. To each his own I guess. Unless of course there’s more detail that we here are unaware of.
  8. Why TF didn't you go back to the retailer IMMEDIATELY?
  9. Haha...I found a large Doc on a local beach last weekend too. Found an Ocean Born Flying Pencil last night in 2 FOW. Winning lol
  10. Three way swivel? One to main line, one to leader with lead and third to leader with bait?
  11. Ahh yes. The Canal giveth and The Canal taketh.
  12. Interesting. We’ll have to do some digging. Thank you
  13. Just had this conversation with my wife (Massage Therapist) as she is planning to get back to work here soon. She'll be incurring some significant costs going forward. PPE, air filtration, laundering, and TIME. She'll be penning a letter to her clients explaining the price increases.
  14. Thanks Sue. PP sent. RIP Bob.
  15. I use the same boots for when I'm in wetsuit and stocking-foot waders. When in the westuit I wear neoprene socks. You can get them at dive shops or just seach online. I think the ones I have are 3 or 4mm thick?
  16. Exactly Mike. Very generous guy and always front of the line to help. RIP
  17. A good man and fellow masshole. Had the pleasure to meet him once and chatted numerous times. A quality guy!!
  18. What size are the AH needles?
  19. Crashing barometer tonight thru sunday morning. Could be interesting if t-storms don't pop up.
  20. There was a photo on the MAEP FB page where the text above is from, but the photo was removed. Strange. It showed two over slots in the back of a pickup. Maybe there were some details in the pic that violated privacy or something. Interesting.
  21. Which part? The day of the week???? I found that curious myself, but no mention that any of the perps were comm license holders. The statement does however make reference to commercial regulations it as a "reminder".
  22. On the morning of Wednesday, July 8, 2020, the Massachusetts Environmental Police responded to a complaint regarding a group of individuals possibly poaching striped bass along the Cape Cod Canal and hiding the catch in a vehicle near the rail road bridge parking area in Buzzards Bay. Upon arrival to the scene, Officers observed a male carrying a striped bass towards the parking lot. The individual noticed the Officers and ran back towards the Canal, throwing the fish into the water. Officers pursued the individual who was ultimately placed in custody. A subsequent check of the vehicle revealed three additional striped bass - two of which were over the limit of 35-inches. Furthermore, two of the three fisherman in the group, including the one in custody, did not have a 2020 Saltwater Recreation Fishing permit. The arrestee was charged with failure to display catch upon demand, possession of over the limit striped bass, and fishing without a salt water recreation permit. The owner of the vehicle was issued a civil citation for possession of a striped bass larger than 35-inches and fishing without a saltwater recreation permit. Further charges may be pending. The catch was seized and subsequently donated to the Plymouth Area Coalition. Striped bass fishermen are reminded that commercial striped bass fishing in the Canal is prohibited. If you are a commercial permit holder fishing recreationally, you are required to also obtain a recreational fishing permit. Persons recreational fishing for striped bass may not retain more than one striped bass and the fish must be a minimum of 28-inches to under 35-inches in length.
  23. Typo. He and his wife had plans to move to SC before health issues got to a point where he couldn't go.
  24. I know he lived in Rockland, but not sure if he grew up there. I haven't found anything either.