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  1. I see a few listed in here as “black”. My guess is the rods you have were trimmed down from longer originals. Lamiglas-2010-Blanks-Catalog.pdf
  2. Ha!! Interesting that you say that. That was the first place I thought of when I saw the post, and basically assume that's where the work is being done.
  3. I guess it really depends on exactly where it's closed.
  4. It closed at 5AM or was it already closed when you were there at 5AM? What if you parked in the run lot at 4, rode West to behind the campground or the Bourne and then wanted to get back to your car at 6:30? Go out through the campground and up scenic hway? hahaha
  5. If it works it works. COF build rods have caught a few fish over the decades me thinks. VS275, stainless ring guides…old school. I only asked thinking if it was already built the guide size/layout could have helped make the decision for you.
  6. You having it built or already done/factory?
  7. Sporting Wood
  8. Starting about this time of year, the wife knows not to discard the leftover coffee from the morning brew which is usually whatever big brand is on sale at Market Basket. Whether I leave the house at 9pm or 4am (or anywhere in between) it's the same routine. Get dressed, move around a bit, fill a glass with whatever is left in the pot and fire it down like a big shot or chugging a beer. Then on my way. It's usually enough to get me through an outing. Always a 5 hour energy in the car as backup if it's going to be a long one. Super healthy routine hahaha
  9. We have at least one male at the feeder pretty regularly. He (they) only seem interested in the feeders that hang from the windows with suction cups. The stand-alone feeder hasn't seen much action as was the case last year. Maybe the house provides a level of cover/protection?
  10. Ha! A HS buddy and I had some epic HR derby style games back in the day. 4 panels against the garage were the strike zone. When on I could throw this devastating pitch. Impossible to hit fair most of the time. I threw a 2-0 no-no against him at one point. I kept the ball and marked it with a sharpie "2-0, No-Hitter, __/__/1986 or 1987"). It might still be in my parents storage hahaha. Glory days! Naturally I remind him of it whenever I get a chance. So much fun. I see these blitz ball videos all the time. some of those guys are ridiculous.
  11. Reel stem sits at 24". ****Thread longer interested in trade for VSX***** Somebody buy this. Far too nice a stick to hang in my basement all season.
  12. The thing I like most about a fully sealed reel is freedom or options. I fish a sealed reel roughly 90% of the time. Of that, maybe 50% of the time I don't NEED a sealed reel. Example- I might be on the beach on a calm night or even a back bay and standing knee to waist deep and the reel is out of the water. The ability to drop the rod butt and reel into the water to unbutton a fish, change a plug, clear weed from the rod tip, etc makes the trip much more enjoyable. Its safer for me, the fish and my equipment (can help reduce "high-sticking" incidents and potential rod damage). It also gives more options on a given outing. I don't like to carry more than one setup with me or leave one in my vehicle. With a sealed reel I can jump from a calm back bay right into the surf on the same night and not have to worry. If you look at my profile pic you can see how I might go form one extreme to the other in a matter of 2 minutes....literally.
  13. Good read. Imagine how much sh__ he HASN'T been caught for?
  14. We fished Crowder Rods for many years. Not sure they still produce their wire line product, but check them out. 6'6" from what I recall.
  15. No worries, just curious. What blank model is it? How much use would you guess (assuming you got it here as used haha)?