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  1. ^^^^^this ^^^^^ and this w t f are we talking about here? This is what’s its come to? This is supposed to be a “leisure activity” (it’s not a sport) and we have Guys brandishing weapons over fish and Other guys coming on here chest thumping their right to carry and how they would “handle” another guy flashing a piece. Holy F___!! Sounds like both the “good” and “bad” guys need to re-evaluate *hit in their lives.
  2. I want that bottom color in a Junior....with eyes of course> That is Sick!
  3. Agree!! Rods are always last to go on and first to come off. I used a scrap piece of PVC railing baluster. Cut a 45 degree angle on one end and a notch on the other (fits over top rail of basket). Worked great on the one trip I've made down this year lol
  4. 10:36 west turn last night and large groups....hmmm, where could this have occurred? 2 spots come to mind and with the easy parking at both the most likely. 1) Mass transit stop 2) Spot named after an area of rumored extraterrestrial studies LOL
  5. Thanks Mike!!! Now I understand. Like many, I was under the impression that only large fish were mature enough to spawn. After actually taking time to educate myself a little (thanks to you pointing out a good resource) I see how 1@34 or 36 could be good for as many as 4-6 additional spawn years. See kids, don’t always believe what you see/read on the internet, especially the rhetoric and nonsense spewed out by uninformed bafoons (like me) on fishing sites.
  6. Sounds like my reaction when a piece of seaweed brushes my leg when standing in the water.
  7. I guess my confusion lies in the common belief that "breeders" are the larger fish. What are the prime spawning age (length) of male and female stripers?
  8. I keep hearing this "increase the limit to 1@34" and don't understand how that's "better" than 1@28. I can see 1@34"MAX being more beneficial. Can someone explain the theory behind "1@increased size limit" benefit? Is it simply a numbers game that anglers will take less fish over the course of the season if they can take larger ones? If so, that's laughable IMO
  9. My wife and youngest son are very sensitive, more so the boy. His mosquito bites can last days and days and the entire area will swell. We use alcohol then benadryl cream for the itch. He also has a prescription antibiotic ointment that helps speed up healing time. We're just about into peek "green head" season here on the MA South Shore. If he gets one of those it can be rough for a while. Makes beach trips just about impossible until they're life cycle ends/slows in August. Benadryl cream helps here too.
  10. I can do 140. Won't be back in Central MA until Thursday if that works?
  11. Sorry, was busy celebrating my 50th birthday with family and friends and not glued to my phone/computer checking in regularly. Rod is still available
  12. No worries. I’d rather you be satisfied than push this on you. I should edit my initial post and add “jigs (4-5oz MAX)”. Very versatile rod but would not be my first choice for straight “heavy” jiggging the canal.
  13. Only a matter of time down there. As the biomass shrinks and the crowds grow, so do the tempers. Already a potentially bad mix of comms and recs/tourists/newbies shoulder to shoulder. Add darkness and things that go along with nighttime activities and its an explosive mix.
  14. @Simply Addicted Yes. I’ll shoot you a PM and see if we can coordinate