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  1. Over Sand opened today but only small portions of the beach and very limited # of cars allowed. I have a feeling it won't last too long. ALL turnoffs/parking along the back road are and will remain closed for the time being. Hopefully opening at some point this summer.
  2. Whole discussion may be moot at $2.50/lb.
  3. Those rules are changing too. June 1 "flavored" tobacco products such as menthol cigarettes and wintergreen chewing tobacco are banned state wide.
  4. Thoughts and Prayers to you and yours Kevin.
  5. Did the ACOE remove the cones or did they “disappear” magically? I heard the latter
  6. Hey All. Picked up a pair of boots with rubber soles for backups. There are locations on the sole to add studs. Specs say 3/8” penetration and figured I’d try Kold Kutters. Recommendation for an adhesive to add (if any)?
  7. Anyone?
  8. Going out on your coworkers boat doesn’t help the economy or keep people employed.
  9. white perch
  10. I get the feeling he’s buying time and maybe hoping to enjoy a weekend before he announces another week+ of closure. If he announces that phase 1 (whatever that means) starts on Say 5/20 the flood gates might open. Cape and Islands (that have very low COVID numbers) could be in inundated with people from all over the Northeast for Memorial Day weekend. Could turn into a Real nightmare for those areas. Just a guess.
  11. When/if they do open the lots and ORV to “Residents Only”, people are gonna **** lol.
  12. What did it say?
  13. LOL....that's all I can think of every time I hear the term obtuse.
  14. I'll do the chartreuse. Thank you!!
  15. Thanks MW. Would you be interested in selling the front one (parrot/chartreuse)?