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  1. We get these visitors on the beach/dunes every winter. Very cool.
  2. ODM Frontier-X, NXFX-1066. 10’6” 2-6oz lure rating. Factory build. 2-piece 70/30 split. Bought late spring 2018 and used sparingly this season. Great stick just need to thin the herd. Could only find one mark on the rod (see pic below). $385 cash meet up. Shipping is negotiable (cash, PayPal, MO). Would also trade for the right vs200 or zx25/27 in excellent mechanical condition (aesthetics not that important). I would add some $$ from my end.
  3. I know they have no jurisdiction over fishing. Do they have jurisdiction over access to the rip rap and the activities that occur there? They can’t regulate catch limits, etc but access/activities below (even on) the service road is something they might have a say in, no?
  4. PM sent
  5. Looks like a hawk on hawk crime!! Lunch looks like it has talons too. Didn't think pigeons had nasty little fee like that but apparently they do.
  6. Awesome. Is the seal being harassed by fish or are they following looking for scraps/being curious??? The seal almost appears to be on the run versus on the hunt, no? I love the shot where the seal stops, surfaces and looks back, and the fish all scatter!!
  7. Holy ****!!!
  8. As of today the SB comm season is still “open” as the quota is at 88.9%. Assuming this is where it ends, what happens to the 2019 quota?
  9. Agree 100%....well said!! Spread that respect to the other aspects of the place as a whole! Clean up after yourselves, don’t bleed a fish in the road where families walk/bike, keep the noise down at O’dark thirty, etc etc
  10. The primary purpose for the canal is marine navigation. That is the top of the list without question. Secondarily is recreational use (walking/biking the service road, camping and fishing amongst others). The Army Corps of Engineers manages/maintains the whole thing. I don’t think “closed to fishing” is as difficult as you might think. I’m not sure of the politics or procedures, but me thinks if the ACOE decides fishing has become a real problem for navigation or other recreational activities they can wave a wand and shut it down fairly swiftly. My gut tells me they are keeping a running tab on all the nonsense like poaching, casting at boaters, issues with the RR tracks, litter and other nonsense and could likely build a case for some sort of closure or other regulations. Another factor is area residents and businesses. There are a few movements afoot to close parking in some of the residential neighborhoods. I don’t blame them one bit. Fishermen show less and less respect for the area every year. People are trying to sleep!!! At 2AM Keep your voice down, don’t slam car doors 15 times and don’t treat the place like your personal toilet or dumpster! But, I digress. Again, I don’t know much about the inner workings of the whole thing but this is what I believe to be the case as far as the ACOE goes. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.
  11. Marty??
  12. White.. If they're out of white then white.
  13. Shipping is on the table. Paypal or MO
  14. 2010 Wild Card game versus Baltimore. That's what it felt like yesterday. not one player from 1-53 showed any heart/balls yesterday. Neither did the coaching staff. U-G-L-Y