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  1. OK...after a little research, I think my original ask was a little ambitious. That said, this reel is fresh back from service and worry free. 10/10 mechanically. 8.5-9/10 aesthetically. I need to net $500 ish to justify selling. So new price is $530 shipped PP. Cash discount for local meet/pickup.
  2. Think about the WR situation this year too. Kenny Britt, Jordan Mathews, Eric Decker and Malcom Mitchel. Of course the Josh Gordon saga too. Really amazing how they flipped the switch with all the preseason “turmoil”
  3. W The only “QBR” that matters
  4. Exactly. I still have and fish a GSB1321M but certainly not my first choice. It’s like golf (I’m not much of a golfer). Ping eye 2 wooden drivers were the cats pajamas for some time, and there weren’t too many competitors. Now? That club/technology is dead. As nice as that club is, id much rather pull a Callaway Rogue or TaylorMade M3 (“Metal” wood) our of my bag on the first tee. Is Ping even a player in the industry any more??
  5. If memory serves I went with a my saltiga 5000H. Don’t believe I fished it very long though. I never fell in love with the 1327 and went back to the Legend 2-6 (old version).
  6. I had the same experience with the Gosa SW/1327 I had....for about 15 minutes lol. Took the setup out once and noticed the “wobble” immediately. Got rid of the reel within that week. This goes back a number of years. Assumed it was the reel and never even Considered the possibility that it was the rod/guide layout. That said, I still find it difficult to believe the rod/guide layout was a factor but wth do I know.
  7. I left mono backing on the spool. Parts in the bag were just replaced at service. SN 22,XXX
  8. Selling a VSB150B (this would be the bailed version, and NOT X-Series). Bought the reel new in 2013 and used sparingly each season primarily for beach plugging. Couple of very minor scratches in the usual spots. Box, bag and paperwork included. Just received back from service at Rivers End. Pics available if any interest. $565 PayPal shipped insured/signature confirmation. Cash discount for local meet up (I’m in Eastern MA).
  9. Took me a few minutes to realize it too. The item description was a little misleading lol
  10. Hmmm....didn’t see it open or under “completed” listings. I saw an A40 that was like a blue-black/silver over yellow. Maybe that was what you saw?
  11. Will be an interesting evening for sure. Tough ask for the patriots on this one, but wth do I know.
  12. Naturally that one singular play stands out, but they also lost to Detroit, Jax, Pittsburgh and Tenn...all non-playoff teams. A win in any of those games also gets them the #1 seed.
  13. He was severely handicapped with Norv Turner as his head coach during the real prime years of his career...IMO
  14. Seems this trend started a while back with shops up in my area and trickled south to another MA shop then even into a CT retailer I called about the FSC built rods. When shipping and other costs become too prohibitive you gotta do what you gotta do. Its too bad whenever any small company has to close the doors. I was really looking forward to the 11’ blanks coming out too.