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  1. It sucks but this has been going on for years all over the “plover coast”. If I recall there are/were sanctioned coyote hunts on Monomoy. Wasn’t there a “poison crouton” program on Monomoy designed to control the gull population too? If memory serves it didn’t go well when birds were dropping dead out of the sky downtown Chatham lol
  2. From Duxbury Beach Reservation FB page earlier today Recently questions have come up regarding the predator management program on Duxbury Beach. This is a sensitive and oftentimes upsetting topic but is one of the challenges that the Duxbury Beach Reservation faces when trying to balance the many uses of the beach. As landowners and stewards of Duxbury Beach for 100 years, the Reservation strives to maintain a balance between protecting the natural resources of the beach, including habitat for wildlife, preserving the barrier which shelters the communities behind it, and providing use of the beach for recreational purposes including over-sand vehicles. In order to provide use of the beach for recreation, habitat and species conservation regulations must be adhered to including predator management mandates by the United State Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). Unfortunately, relocation of individual predators is not an option for multiple reasons: - It is illegal under Massachusetts law to capture and relocate wildlife off your property - Conflict, stress, or death caused due to intrusion into an existing individual’s territory - Harm to the individual if it tries to travel back home (hit by a car) or it may struggle to find food and shelter. Humans do not always recognize appropriate habitats for wildlife and put them in bad locations. - Spread of disease - Disruption of ecological processes by introducing a new species or more individuals to an area - The problem is not solved, but moved to a new location While it may seem simple to “let nature take its course” we do not operate in an entirely “natural” system. With the removal of large predators, such as wolves, from this area by the mid-20th century, mid-sized predators, including fox, coyote, and raccoons, were able to extend their ranges and increase in population in these areas. There are communities of hundreds of homes flanking Duxbury Beach that provide ample habitat for species like red fox that can do very well in suburban and even urban areas while other species, like the plovers and terns, have had habitat regularly destroyed by development. Today, the largest cause of plover and tern egg and chick loss on Duxbury Beach, and many other beaches statewide, is predation by species whose populations are not in jeopardy. This is not an easy topic and the Reservation will continue to work with state and federal regulators to find the best options for protection on Duxbury Beach. We appreciate everyone who has taken the time to learn more about the work and understand that we are doing our upmost to strike a balance between the many uses of Duxbury Beach. If you are interested in reading more about conservation efforts and predator management on Duxbury Beach please visit the DBR website If you are interested in learning more about statewide shorebird conservation efforts or predator management work, we recommend reaching out the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife.
  3. Red beach stickers are gonna cost a fortune next year if this storm gets too bad.
  4. Always a good show if you're in the market for something but don;t have access to it at local shops. Typically anything you're considering for the season will be represented so you can at least put your hands on it before asking your local shop to order it. As far as "show specials" I don't believe there's any significant savings on site.
  5. Stopped at Olliver Mill Sunday and saw nothing. Big water for sure, but no fishies
  6. There's a recent addition to the canal game that's gaining some traction, and rightfully so. Aubut Rods (Duxbury MA) is building some great canal sticks on 10' one-piece blanks. I believe they're all United Composite blanks and there are 2 or 3 really good options depending on what you're looking to do.
  7. I just purchased a SCIV (Legend) Surf blank direct from Wisconsin. They were very low on stock with no plans to replenish their retail blank inventory.
  8. Both VS and ZB have their strong points and I've been fortunate to fish both over the years. Are you looking at a bailed ZX22 as well as bailed VS150? That's the way your post reads anyway. I prefer the VS bail over the current ZX design. The VS bail is more durable IMO, and a different design ( I can't do it justice trying to explain lol). As far as other features and customer service, you can't go wrong with either.
  9. Somehow folks managed to fish with the older VS (pre X-sereies) for many many years with the "poor line lay". Just saying I don't think you should let that be the deciding factor. My older VSB has the hourglass line lay and has been just fine for more than a few years.
  10. YES!!
  11. Interesting. Every other model of the VR has a conversion kit, why not the 50? Some claim the VR50, although similar in appearance, is a very different design than the other sizes (improved drag, FULLY sealed, etc.). Further proof?? (Insert X-files theme)
  12. Bike, miles, observe, cast, repeat over and over. Pay special attention to jigging rotations and general etiquette. Be a cooperative angler and understand “how it works” down there then MAYBE someone will “show you the ropes”. Until then take a number homes and figur **** out yourself lol.
  13. Spring forward. For all you old timers (present company excluded) that don’t have auto-adjust devices/clocks in the house, spring ahead one hour. That is all.
  14. Like Butch said, 100 people 100 different answers. EVERY rod/reel catches down there past 3-4 seasons and that has created A LOT of “experts” on the subject. Guys that have been fishing there for fifteen minutes seem to have all the answers around here lately lol. It also seems to be the North American test ground for anyone manufacturing saltwater plugs/rods/reels. A lot of gear options+a lot of prostaffers =too much information haha. To each his own I guess.