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  1. I figured as much. Just thought it was funny
  2. No name. Big GMC pickup that was very clean/new looking. Struck me as funny considering how filthy the boat was lol
  3. I was leaving my office in Shrewsbury Monday afternoon. Truck with a trailer/boat crossed the intersection headed towards the highway. Like a 21' CC covered in ink lol. Rods in the rocket launchers rigged with squid jigs.
  4. Haha...its weird. I'm OCD about this but not much else. My vehicle is a mess and sandy year round. Plugs/gear organized now but will be a mess and scattered all over the place by July 1. My office desk is a little cluttered...but the thought of saltwater evaporating and leaving salt residue behind on my reel/rods/wader/plugs makes me nails on a chalk board haha.
  5. ^^^^hahaha MCPA (Mashpee Center for Performing Arts)
  6. The cutoff point for the stilts requirement is 50% it appears. So, if the value is $2M they can perform $999,999 dollars worth of renovations without having to meet flood guidelines. If the value of the property is $1.27M (what they paid in November) that cuts their rennovation budget significantly. My point was the TOWN using an independent appraisal submitted by TH as the benchmark value. Did the town verify it? Appraise it themselves? I see TH submitted their renovation budget as $200K, well under the 50% threshold for either value above. So, are the neighbors questioning that and the value? Shouldn't that have been handled at the outset? Were these "residents" too busy in their NY City homes to bother with a lowly town meeting in MA and are now shitting themselves over the reality lol?
  7. I heard Treehouse is selling one of their seasonal beers in plastic bottle.
  8. You might to get a bunch of responses like "I let the rain rinse my gear" or "I rinse it once a year" etc. etc. To each his own. Personally I prefer to rinse ASAP and the thought of my gear sitting for hours unrinsed makes me it OCD, paranoid, whatever...just how it is for me. The garden sprayer is a perfect idea IMO. Will you be able to keep the gear out of the hot car and direct sun for the entire day at work?
  9. So, they purchased the property in November for $1.27M then submitted their plans along with an independent appraisal at $2M? The town then bases their approval on THAT information? LOL
  10. TH inflated the value? Wouldn’t the town be responsible for assessing the value as far as taxes/regulations?
  11. Are you saying they presented false information in their plans to the town....they lied?
  12. Haha... Ba Dum Tss “Thank you, I’ll be here all week...”
  13. Reminds me of stories you hear about people Living near/buying near an airport then complain about the noise. It’s not like this is new. It’s been a bar/restaurant/“saloon” for a long time, just new owners. I would love to know how long the complainants have been “residents”.
  14. I’ll take the AS top shipped PayPal please.
  15. That's a live Turducken