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  1. Used to be an annual pilgrimage, then I stopped going. Its a little too late in the year for me and my OCD haha. By March I'm typically done shopping and have already made my choices/purchases. I wish it was a Early Feb timeframe but is what it is. Got to a point where I was just doing the same thing every year. Gas, admission, parking, food starts to add up just to walk around for MYABE an hour and say hi to a few guys. That said, was always a good show and if you're in the market for something and want to "touch and feel" I would definitely say go.
  2. "Scientists do know — from building a picture of the past using things like ice cores and ocean sediments — the AMOC shut down more than 12,000 years ago following rapid glacier melt" What was the cause of this 12,000+ years ago? Not being a wise arse here....curious what the scientists attribute this too. It's just glossed over in the article but a significant statement, no?
  3. Pick 2 for $77 shipped. I'll keep the leftover
  4. Blue Mack Green Mack Yellow Mack (tough color) All new old-stock $105 plus $6 for the ride. PP F and F please.
  5. Cotton Candy Blue Cloud Both new old-stock $75 plus $6 for the ride. PP F and F.
  6. I have a handful of Mr Pogey jigs kicking around in 4,5, and 6oz. Can't remember the last time I threw one even when I was still going down there. To your point, the influx of options that sink faster with less weight seems to have taken over. The Savage Sandeel and Magic Swimmers killed the Canal
  7. Just the blank weight here but something to go off lol.
  8. Haha...I literally just got off a call on this subject. We're a supplier and one of our distributors (big player for my company) wants invoice on day of delivery now versus day it ships. He wants his early pay discount clock to start on dock date not ship date. Can't say I blame him when delivery can be as much as 7+ days (freight).
  9. Haha…nope. Keeping that one…for now anyway
  10. Both new/old stock Hot Rod Herring All White $70 shipped PP F and F
  11. Bought last year for my first season with the boat. Had big plans to liveline big pogies….did it once. Switched over and used this as a Doc and big magic swimmers rod. Maybe 5 trips with it. Hardly a mark on it. Rated 3/4-4 but more realistically 1-5. Description says “fast” but I’d call it more mod-fast. TON of power but very sensitive. Reel not included. $195 meet up/pick up MA South shore, central MA, Canal, N RI or N CT. . These rod blanks are made from 33 million modulus high strain graphite fiber which allows the rods to be as light as possible without sacrificing strength. The Sportsman Spinning and Casting Rods were designed for Snook fishing in the local waters of Stuart and also work great for other large game fish like Striped Bass, Cobia, and Tarpon. The Crowder Rods Sportsman Series have top-of-the-line components such as Fuji Aluminum Oxide Guides, Fuji DPS Reel Seats, and custom Cork Grips. These spinning rods come in various lengths and powers to suit every angler’s needs. The blank design allows the rod to have a fast action that excels in casting accuracy and sensitivity while maintaining the backbone for battling large game fish.
  12. YET. You'll catch the bug and will start to push harder and further....next thing you know you're in a wetsuit or deep wading. Spend it now or spend again later. Is the 200 a little much for a 9' rod? Maybe, but marginally IMO. It will be more versatile for you if you decide to move (or switch back and forth) to a 10-11' stick.
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