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  1. I think this is, in part, a reaction to a Pretty tough article in Boston magazine last week retelling the story of the surfer killed in a GW attack last year. Cape business are none to thrilled with the article. Not sure I can post the link to the article but very easy to find with the Google machine.
  2. Brass shims are what VS uses so you’re good to go.
  3. I’m not sure what the exact details are on this but many of the beach ops have been taken over by DPD. Below is from the DPD site. BUT....I still see HM vehicles out there so who knows. Maybe the HM division was absorbed by DPD....or something like that. Duxbury Beach is a four and a half mile long barrier beach with two small private communities, Gurnet & Saquish, at the far southern end. These two communities lie within the Town of Plymouth. The DPD Beach Operations function is to provide endangered species protection, access management, shore patrol, search and rescue, emergency medical services, law enforcement, and environmental protection.
  4. Supposed to be open by end of May.
  5. Could it be a Flaptail built by "Flaptail" Steve S?
  6. In Shallow water 4-6 NM off shore
  7. Somehow I ended up with a butterfly jig in my carry on bag a few years ago. It was part of a package of stuff my kids gave me for my birthday in July. December of that year and roughly 15-20 flights it was confiscated. I didn't even know it was in the bag and it somehow managed to make that many trips undetected (or nobody cared) until i ran into the wrong (or right depending on you POV) TSA agent. So, you just never know.
  8. I fly domestically very often, and the inconsistency on what can and can't be carried on is incredible. Seems to vary day to day, TSA agent to agent and airport to airport. Hooks or no hooks I wouldn't risk it. Ship them in advance if you can. If not DEFINITELY remove hooks! One other note...never say "well they let me carry them on at XYZ123 airport, why can't I do it here?!" That does not go well at all lol.
  9. Be nice if manufactures would put basic info like this on their sites. Butt diameter, tip size and handle lengths for blanks and factory rods.
  10. ^^^^^Lol...d I c k hahaha
  11. Don't fret. You'll have the spot back as soon as the first chest thumper posts his 36inch "monster from the canal" #canalcows2019, #lookatmego
  12. It will all change as soon as the reports hit the boards and social media. Post #5 here is a good start lol. Keep them reports coming and keep the lurkers and report chasers off the beaches hahahahaha
  13. Canes been there before and quite recently if I'm not mistaken. Weren't they down 0-2 to the Caps and gave them an ass whipping on game 3 in Raleigh? Bruins still have a lot of work to do. A lot can happen in that league over a series. Go Bs!!
  14. I want to say BM also, but there's something a little funky about the taper of the tail section. The "T" stamped in the belly is throwing me off too.
  15. Get out there and answer your own question