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  1. Nice report bstriping. At least one of us is down there catching!
  2. Never tried it but I have heard that Hawaiian Tropic Dry Oil works really well on black flies on the beach. I'm trying to plan a trip for the end of the month and will be bringing this for my toddler son. He got bit pretty good 2 weeks ago. Will update how it works.
  3. Nice going. Perseverance pays off...
  4. Nice going Hanlon, sounds like you had a great trip. I'm starting to get that itch.
  5. True that...looking forward to your pics. Gonna try to adjust my schedule around to catch the tail end of the run.
  6. Whoa..those peelers can catch a lot of..money...I mean rockfish.
  7. Nice catching hanlon! Looks like a yellowfin? I guess you are all stocked up for the summer with fish. Great trip you are having!
  8. You picked a good time to go. But then again anytime is a good time to go. Good luck to you. Hope you get a lot of pullage.
  9. BLilly, yeah he is...a bundle of energy that I'm having a hard time keeping up with.....Congrats on your catches Saturday. Always great when your wife enjoys fishing as much as you do. And even better if she out catches you.
  10. Well I don't know about that lol. But we went because our schedule is gong to hinder us the rest of the month unfortunately. Slight chance of another short trip next weekend but that's about it.
  11. Fished a day and a half Thur-Fri looking for an early rock. Didn't get one but did manage a few black drum and the ever annoying big rays that are a pain to land. We did bring home a couple dozen crabs we caught.
  12. Nice going man! Glad you had some action!
  13. Hopefully with jamming music.