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  1. Hey johnbull, it was actually from 45. Just checked. Still a long walk....
  2. We'll be there the 22nd for a week. Hopefully that new off-road access to the Point will keep the Point open when we arrive. Last year we walked at night from ramp 48 to the Point( Drum bite was off the hooks). That's a looong walk. Hopefully one day we can do the Portsmouth trip.
  3. Now that's great news for my May trip!
  4. That's a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains. I hear that stripers are in the lake like Lake Anna.
  5. I'll be there a month after that seeking the brown catfish....but expecting most of the prime areas to be closed due to the frikin birds Hopefully one or two of my favorite spots will still be accessible. If not, big sea mullet and pompano. Birders and Covid suk.
  6. Went again this afternoon trying to get the little guy on the yellow perch run. The white perch are starting to become more common. Males, so not on yet, but Matthew hooked up to a Snakehead. Not bad for a 5 year old. haha. The yellow perch is still not on...I'm questioning that maybe it has passed but I've been after them last 3 weeks....gonna give it another week. The basement reno is finally completed! Now I can tune the big rod and reels for the may trip. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ty5GEX8gxDS598Cs8
  7. Took the little one this afternoon, and he finally caught a catfish on his own. He saw the bite and reeled it in. His first fish from shore. As we were packing to leave, a few white perch and yellow perch started coming in. All males but finally this warm spell is pushing fish up rivers.
  8. Went out late afternoon with the little one to see if the run was getting better. Nada. Last week of February is usually on where I fish but because the last couple of weeks have been chilly the water still needs to warm up a couple degrees more. Talked to the park ranger and he said he's only seen 5 perch this past week. Now I'm determined to get the little guy on his first Yellow Perch run. Will Post pics when we catch
  9. The pain in the rear Gizzard Shad is running at Fletchers....that means small mouth and walleye. Usually I catch the walleye and bass run every spring but a basement renovation is taking priority this spring.
  10. Ugh...damn...so sorry to hear, especially in this covid era. My heart goes out to you and your son. I sincerely hope things work out well with him. Hope and prayers....
  11. Thanks Mad Deckhand. I went again yesterday late afternoon after work ,on an incoming tide. I heard of a few small males so it's still early. Will try again in a few days. I told my little guy patience is a virtue and it's called fishing not catching. Haha.....not sure if a 5 year old cares much about pep talk..
  12. Gave it a try this afternoon but got the skunk. It was quite crowded surprisingly, but I didn't see anyone hook up. I did hear that a couple small males were caught this morning so the run is just in the beginning stages. The weather today was really nice so I'm hoping it's gonna jump start the run in the coming days...
  13. Just got reminded today from my cellphone of pics I've taken on this day in years past. One was a pic of a bucket of Yellow Perch I had caught 3 years ago. That was a warm week though. I know it's been a cold February this year but I have a feeling they are here. Anyone hook up yet? I'm thinking about heading out tomorrow afternoon with my son for our first fishing of the year. Need to find minnows. Any info would be appreciated.
  14. Getting ready for the yellow perch and walleye run.