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  1. chumslickjon, that was not my intention. My opinion was solely about Trump, not those who voted for him. There had to be other reasons I've wasn't aware of, thus this thread. Voting for Trump is not going to alter how I feel about you. Everyone is different. My best friend voted for him. He's still my best friend. I apologize to those who took it as a personal attack on them. Again, was not my intention.
  2. Haha...yes riggler, they are catching big trout in the deep sound area right above Buxton
  3. This is a political forum right? Insult? Because I gave a discription of my perception of Trump? Did I put someone down or name call? Obviously there are many here that can't have a civil conversation without calling someone prick, dickhead, etc. And I'm a grown ass man. There's only some much I'm gonna take. Hey I can fight fire with fire with the best of them, although I chose not to if I can. Hubris? You're entitled to your opinion. Sorry if I came across that way
  4. Yeah I saw a 12lber caught at the Point...............Peace fellas
  5. And I do own it. 100%. But sometimes when someone throws a rock at you. You grab one and sling it back and hope it hits. And no, not even an inkling close to holly-er than thou.
  6. Hey JaseB. Actually I did. That first post was Trump's obvious characteristics in my opinion. And I just wanted to know from Trump supporters why they elected him bc I didn't know. And you are right, I could have worded the first post better. Kinda knew it was gonna shake up a hornets nest. I guess I should thank you for not replying to me with an expletive. I gotta thank the few who actually replied with a thoughtful response and helped me gain insight including yourself, Hhager23, Retainer and a couple others who's post I can't locate. Well I'm done with this thread.
  7. Hey I love your avatar. Says a lot of the person you are. So I guess democrats view conservatives as ignorant dickheads as wel, like yourself. We actually don't. Mature educated people can have a debate on politics and not include "dickhead". A person is defined by what they do and what they say. You're a simple open book...lol
  8. Well Goddddd Damn! Sure I 'm sensitive. You hurt my feelings REALLY bad. Haha... l'm sure not all republicans are losers like you.
  9. Sorry to hurt your feelings but as soon as my little guy goes to college this "dope" and his beautiful wife is going to make a b-line to the outerbanks. Grow up man. I started this thread to gain an understanding of different point of views from different people. And my understanding today is way greater than when I first started this thread. I respect different people and different point of views. Everyone can't be the same. But I'm also not going to be an ignoramus and call a person a "dope"for being different than I am or having different point of views. BTW different people get along great. There is an owner of a dental lab, Nu Technologies, and his name is Tim in Richmond. He calls himself a proud redneck and he voted for Trump. He is also my best friend.
  10. I know it's sad Retainer. And you didn't need a fishing licence either. It's different these days. But I will continue to visit there.
  11. Well, I've been fishing there since the 80's. The money I've spent since then is probably not a win in your opinion for Dare County. But lets not get obtuse and ignorant. I just honestly wanted to know the appeal of Trump. regardless of political affiliation, I will always love Hatteras and plan to retire there regardless of political sides. I never stated that I had any expectations of that area..just a curiosity of his popularity.
  12. Thanks Killroy. Yours and Mokes posts really has helped me understand the reason he got elected. Everyone has a right to their own opinions, right or wrong. Myself personally I wouldn't vote for him because of the person he is. He doesn't know how to lead. His handling of the beginning of COVID and now the George Floyd murder has me really shaking my head. Much thanks for your input.