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  1. Nice going man! Glad you had some action!
  2. Hopefully with jamming music.
  3. Always willing to share bud! That's on my to do list one of these years. Spend a week down there for Thanksgiving and try to catch something for a surf and turf Thanksgiving meal. And watch football as I'm fishing. You're living large this year Dixie...LOL
  4. Just PM'd you. PM me back if you have questions
  5. Borsig thats a brave effort. You're the only second car I've seen out there. But good for you. Will Pm you some places that produces for me this time of year that's more accessible.
  6. *
  7. Hey you fuker when we gonna meet up....been looking for you. Your ass is grass when I finally find you. AND I will...lets do this..get back to me

  8. On a much much more positive note and as is the norm here on this site, nice pics Retainer. And you are right....there are great places to fish other than the Point. My wife caught her citation drum and flounder last year at...not the point.
  9. *
  10. Thanks for the update. Me and my buddies will be looking for you on the northern piers. Its about to get real.

  11. I'll be heading down there soon. When do you wanna meet up you ****? Cant wait to meet you.

  12. Things are getting back to normal. The Point reopened a couple days ago. But prayers for those more south that got the direct hit and inundated with water still.
  13. Bravo! Not so much the hoodie sweater tho.