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  1. Too many variables to do that.. weather, line, reel, weight, the person's ability..
  2. Their number system seems to be letter prefix, then my guess is the mandrel or tool number. Then length of part!! They number stuff like a private contractor in this type of work would use!!
  3. Some solid glass rods transitioned from square to round!!
  4. I used a single stage clear and tints. But back when I first did this I used Duplicolor spray for wheels that was transparent. It worked ok and was limited to a few colors..
  5. I know very little about ODM.. Other then the owner and the few staff they have who all seem very nice!! I wish them luck in this surf arena that is way over crowded to begin with..
  6. Not sure where you get your info at but this isn't remotely close to true.. Supply and demand is the problem. We are a small factory and we make rods and blanks everyday.. We don't have a large dealer network cause we can't keep up with demand.. Besides we want to stay small to insure the custom style build and our quality doesn't suffer a We'll be around for a long time!!
  7. New only in name.. Wade Cunningham and his cousin Bill Buchanan have a history in rod and tackle. Both of their fathers one ran Fenwick production the other Sevenstrand. Wade also started Seeker way back in the late 80's..
  8. Wondering since Dick Posey the owner of Lamiglas passing what direction the company will take. My hope is it continues as it has and is not bought up by big corp. Like Pure Fishing which would be the death of one of if not the oldest blank and rod companies left in the world. Interesting how fast changes can take place in this industry!!
  9. The video above is what I like to see.. Get them rods bent and dirty.
  10. Sabre Coastbuster!!
  11. Deep Waters, that is awesome. Nice fish and thanks for the kind words guys. Funny but I have found that even prostaff from other companies are buying my rods.. I don't know!! Says something.. Must be doing something right ! Christopher love those pictures. I want copies of them.
  12. Look at rods designs and lots are based of of Fly rods, a salmon rod is very much like as fly rod and a surfrod is very much like a beefier salmon rod..
  13. Up until early 2014 90% were cork tape handles. Now all handles a special neo rubber shrink. All fore grips have a press cork under layment under the shrink.