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  1. Just found the Blanton page. Very informative.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of the hinging and having really unruly line. Will probably try it just because.
  3. Looking for some input on using T 14. Do most people just attach it to the end of their line? What length would be manageable for a 8wt? work well with floating line?
  4. Interesting idea. Haven’t built a rod in a long time. Might be a fun project.
  5. Simple but very effective! Must have in every box.
  6. Very nice. How do you like the Stonfo machine? What size wire are you using?
  7. CND Atlantis 9/10 is one I would like for the quiver. Have the Solstice and Skagit Specialist. Love the action of the rods. They fit me perfectly. One for summer and one for winter. Atlantis for the beach?
  8. Cool. Looking into the same set up.
  9. Dyna King. Had the same one for 20+ years and still spinning perfectly.
  10. Thank for all the input. Very help full. Checking out the other two threads.
  11. Went and tried surf fishing with the feather last weekend. Was a great day. Had my single handed 8wt. Felt that I couldn't reach out far enough. I've used spey rod quite a lot, but only in rivers and never overhead. What are the thought's on surf spey rods? Length? Heads? Brands?
  12. Thanks for all the info.One more thing.What is the prefered silicone to use?
  13. Trying to coat surf candys.I know they are made with epoxy,but just hate the smell of the stuff.I live in cetral america and don't have access to tuffeye,I'll have to grab some next time I'm up north.
  14. Anyone know how to thin down silicone or similar products?