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  1. BAN THE GREEK! BAN THE GREEK! BAN THE GREEK! ......I feel much better now. Buh-bye
  2. You talking to me?
  3. They requested you not come aboard.
  4. Flip the pic, not me. Not changing it.....
  5. Yup. That just happened.
  6. Who's willing to recap this thread for me? Thanks in advance! *ly, don't waste your time.....
  7. I know I haven't been here nearly enough but felt the need to share Steve, aka, bigdaddy2, passed this weekend doing what he loved. He was camping, playing, fishing and more importantly spending time with those he loved. RIP Steve. Sorry we never fished together though we threatened to so many times. Your friends in VT are praying for your family. Godspeed friend. http://www.wilescremationcare.com/m/obituaries/Stephen-Bronish/Memories
  8. Get out of jail free tool.
  9. (note to self) Look out for the Greek
  10. Hi TLDig!!!! Heat wave up here today! High of 23*!
  11. I've just been slacking. I shall make no excuses.
  12. Wishing all you 'Banned from the 'Foodeh' and so dumb you're 'Stoopid'' schmucks a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Tight lines....
  13. To think that some Sopwith Kamel who makes rare appearances to this drama ridden site with fake boobs and pony-tailed guided children runs into you within 7 1/2 hours of your return is quite amazing. Welcome Back!!