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  1. These plugs swim amazing it’s crazy how they dive I mean I have a lot of **** these are insane
  2. Just got these on eBay cost me a fortune but they are nice .Waiting for a few more to come in. I’m surprised I never heard of green point back in the day:(((
  3. Hey how are you is the reel still available
  4. Offer withdrawn thanks anyway Good luck great lures!!
  5. /Users/fantasykitchens/Desktop/IMG_0827.MOV
  6. I can offer 225 for the all the darters as long as they are new
  7. It's going to be salt water system . With high end filtration system full automated whole tank with base and system over 70,000 not worried about that.
  8. lol ,Thx for all the coments will update photo when its installed in the tank.
  9. here is whats involved in making these buildings as you can see many parts to the buildings took about three months .cost over 12,000.00
  10. Nope allot pieces each building has about 6 to 10 crystal parts that get glued together.
  11. Thanks, I thought I'd show to you guy's
  12. Just built this city out of crystal for one of my clients. It's going in a custom fish tank I built for him.
  13. Yes that is what I'm going to be using . And it's expensive but so is carbon fiber not cutting a any coners like I said before.
  14. I have custom furniture shop full of equipment for some time now so I decided to do it.The fireman surf bag is going to made out of their uniform material damn stuff is very durable just trying different materials to see what will hold better in the worst conditions .If they can hold great in fire then they should be great in the surf. I ordered the kevlar and carbon fiber this is going to be a challenge .it's got to be the strongest fabric out their and the lightest. keep you guy's updated,Thanks for all your comments .
  15. Thank you!!!!