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  1. Oh stop complaining. I set it at 58
  2. He forgot to mention his cut man
  3. It's a Briggs world formula racing engine. It dyno's at around 15 HP, 7100 rpm rev limiter. Right tires are equal and wider then the left. Helps with stagger and cross weight. You don't really back off in the corners. Its got to stick at seventy.
  4. 100 at Flemington back in the day. At 70+ which is fast enough at an 1 1/2" off the ground and no suspension. This was the last race, and yes I felt it...
  5. Yes, Over 16. It also requires Helmet, Hans device, full fire suit and wrist restraints.
  6. New race kart. Thanks Carol for the Logos! Now I have to reel in a win
  7. Look up bmi karts. Should find one there
  8. Caught Ben in action from my phone today working at the church 30ft up. Gotta love this remote viewing technology! I'm in bayhead checking the surf
  9. Beautiful labs!
  10. Thanks for checking! I appreciate it!
  11. Thanks Jim! They are and she is. Just can be with another female. Male maybe but never a female.
  12. Beautiful dogs! We had the trainer over for 2 hours the other day and chilled out on leashes but that was 10 feet apart. If don't find a solid placement we will change our life style as you probably had to. We know we will never be able to leave them alone unattended or run the property.
  13. Excellent, we may be in SI tommorow if they want to meet her. I'll pm my number.
  14. So do we. She is a sweet heart.
  15. I have our baby listed in BEST forum but I figured I would let NJ gang know. Due to an alpha situation we have find a home for our 21 month old pure bred English Mastiff. She is fully trained, has passed 2 therapy level training courses and the final is paid for locally. She is pure bred championship lines, but we chose not to paper her because she has a cow lick and would never show. She is scheduled to be spayed next week. The reason she was not earlier was based on the breeders contract, (18 months or second heat) which she just had. She is excellent with children but we recommend a single dog home or possibly a home with a male. I ask that this not be put on Facebook or to a rescue group. She can be seen anytime before next Friday or 14 days after surgery. We are in Shark River hills (Tim and Carol have met her). Let me know if you are interested. This breaks our heart but we have few options, Thanks, Rob