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  1. Breadboy working thru some pain …
  2. Maybe bring some life to the dungeon…
  3. Adjusting the type of environmental lighting has helped people managing sundowning, (sundowners syndrome), in people with Alzheimer’s. Also affecting many people is the full moon. People working in nursing homes and hospitals will almost always say that a full moon makes a difference in their residents’ behavior.
  4. I’m not sure, …but it looks like Eddy’s head has taken a good beating
  5. A glass top…fancy ! …you have been hanging out with jersey boys and their extravagant tastes
  6. If he’s a businessman and not just a grunt, who works for someone …he might be able to give rocco a decent referral
  7. The midget can go stick his head in the oven and turn the gas on
  8. The igniter needs to stay lit continuously, regardless that the pilot light is lit
  9. Turn your thermostat up high to make sure it's calling for heat and turn power on. The igniter should glow bright and you should hear the gas control valve click before ignition. If it doesn't glow at all and you hear the gas valve click, the odds are a bad igniter or less likely is a bad control module.
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