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  1. Do you hate them or the people forcing the changes on us? I live on the OBX, where we have miles of beaches closed due to "them" Do you want to make a change? Sign the petition and look in to what you can do to help. It's not just for where I live, its for all of us. There is no reason to blame the birds, its not thier fault. http://www.**********/petitions/to-the-u-s-house-and-senate-remove-the-nps-orv-rule-and-restore-free-and-open-access
  2. The first that I can remember was a double bucktail rig, and it was a 3lb flounder. It was the start of many memories that I now call my life
  3. Looks like a clear nose to me.. Could just be the picture
  4. Speachless.. Only if they could move to the OBX before the season ends
  5. The jeep, I pushed my limits and got stuck.. thankfully there were some nice people to pull me out. That was the first and last time I got stuck (knock on wood) [img=][img=]
  6. Thats a massive skate.. Is it just the picture, or was it really that big?
  7. [img=[img=][img=][img=]' alt='450'>
  8. You'll have to get a whole new spool if you insist on using the breaks. That "prong" isn't something that can just be replaced.
  9. No Problem.. I've never had a problem with my line being damaged, but I generally dont have a rig last more than 10 casts due to sharks and blues.
  10. I use 50lb Berkley Big Game for all my shock leaders. If I use 10+ ounces I'll move to 60lb. just buy a 1/4lb spool of 50lb Berkley or Suffix and you'll be good. Just tie the correct knots
  11. Looks tasty! and welcome!
  12. Same. Unless its a level wind conventional, then I crank lefty.
  13. I think boat fish don't count BECAUSE.... I've never caught one from the surf, and only a few a pier/bridge ect.. I live on the OBX of NC, for the past 5-6yrs the stripers have only been accessible from boat with the occasional stragler caught from the surf... Up north it may be different, but the further south you get, the surf caught fish become few and far between... That being said, I'll be heading out early in the next couple days to try and catch my first surf caught striper (I've heard that a few of those straglers have been caught)
  14. I'd be glad to know still haven't got one off the beach yet