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  1. Saw on man vs fire(?) the other day that they used corn chips to light the fire
  2. Smoked chicken lollypops are great, gone before I could get a group shot
  3. First try at stromboli.Inspired by the pics a few pages back. Was pretty good but not enough meat and cheese. All the delis around here closed so it was the stuff from plastic packages that lasts forever
  4. Just took this out front window
  5. 56
  6. sorry red, prayers sent
  7. Air conditioner at 76, thats where my heat is at
  8. I'm painting the walls today. Kinda hard to choose a color online but its at least clean. Start floor next week. Alcohol at lunch till bed
  9. So sad, thoughts and prayers.
  10. Those look good, the oven was a gift from a friend who shut down his restaurant. Its a small single door 2 shelf. Also have a 20 quart Blakeslee mixer to go with it. Glad the paper helped