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  1. Sitting here having my morning coffee. Outside its hovering at the freezing mark. Im jealous. Have a great time and post pics
  2. Maybe strap a go pro to your head next time before starting to drink, I hear you tube pays well
  3. Thats a pic once I brought them inside to cut/eat. I cook them on a little Garland twin deck outside. Heres a pic of the same outdoor oven I took off the internet
  4. I'd keep the 410 handy
  5. I do it to help it come off the peel, and not stick. It is certainly cleaner than cornmeal which I don't like on a pizza crust. It is very easy to pull out after about a minute as the crust is starting to cook
  6. First outdoor cook of the season, Have a small two shelf electric pizza oven that hits 750* Start on a parchment paper and then after a minute pull it out from under and leave pie directly on stone for about 5 minutes
  7. When your done with trailer park boys try Letterkenny
  8. Good thing I'm not new