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  1. Toronto Ontario Canada
  2. ^^ Thats what I was trying to describe. Looks great
  3. I had a section of interior wall that I knocked a hole in and built a spice cabinet. Bought a matching door and instantly had more room. It was a 2x4 wall so not very deep but enough to hold spices
  4. Way higher numbers than I would have thought
  5. So where do you draw the line? Personally, as a guy who only shaves his head and face once every three years I'm no fan of hair except on the head of a woman
  6. And we allow them to breed and vote
  7. If thats what you wish
  8. Thanks
  9. If they were to taze the guy would the dog be shocked if still biting
  10. The hairy chicks name is Morgan Mikenas. She is a fitness model and those are her legs. Has not shaved for over a year. Looks very hittable with clothes on
  11. Having a beard myself, I would fell horrified if someone shaved it without my permission.
  12. My wife and I fished from La Brisa, nice charter boat through Pisces. I caught and released two marlin and lost one. Wife caught one. All this by noon. Highly recommend, They have a good website with all the boats and pricing.