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  1. Manhattan

    LIRR to Bayside (30 min from Penn station). Get out and walk to Crocheron Park (10-15 min), walk across the overpass (by the pond) and boom, Little Neck Bay. Start fishing. Check tides...things are starting to heat up. Sand eel patterns right about now.
  2. Good luck. I posted the same a few weeks ago.. search back a little. 2 members had backcountries, might want to reach out to them. I found mine after scouring internet...from Colorado;)
  3. I used a great surveyor for my 31 Bertram: Steve Maddock 631-728-7970 I also worked with a surveyor, Phillip Gallo, extremely knowledgeable: CastelRock Risk Services, LLC 516-250-9810 Good Luck
  4. Little Tunny apparently has 3:)
  5. Guys, thanks for all your help. I was able to find a NOS BackCountry Light from a shop online. I know they’re tough to come by, discontinued, and sought after. Thread now closed
  6. Ideally the CL. But willing to listen if someone has just a standard back country. Thanks, Ron.
  7. Tunny , thanks very much for the reply. I have a green backcountry currently with spare spool, this will be going on a backup rig. 3 spools might be over kill for me. What price are you thinking?
  8. Hey there, Looking to buy a used or new Tibor Light Backcountry Wide reel. Color doesn't matter. If you're holding, please let me know;) Thanks so much. Ron
  9. Hello all, I know its a long shot, butI'm looking for a bow mount trolling motor bracket for a Maritime Skiff (1690). These skiffs have rolled gunnels....I Know hunters rendezvous made these a bunch of years back, but no longer has them around. Before going the custom fab route, I figured I would ask here, Thanks in advance,. Ron
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  13. John at Atlantic Outfitters has a GREAT selection of flies and tying material. They are located in Port Washington as well. Ron
  14. I'll Take a 1.5 inch LL Bean. PM me your info. Thanks, Ron
  15. Atlantic Outfitters in Port Washington is a great shop. John, the owner is very friendly and is always up for tying.