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  1. Very Nice! I'm gonna fish this evening...Hoping to have some luck.... Big are you East on the N. Shore Or middle of the island?
  2. NY you going N or S
  3. Been some time since I've been fishing from the beach, NO more boat so I decided to jump back in......went out this morning for a bit, N. Shore / East. Wind HONKING out of the NE. No fish, but good to get out in the am. I might even burn some calories if I don't stop at D&D on the way home! Anyone else gonna fish this weekend?
  4. Respectfully offering 100.00
  5. HAHA Jim -- you're 100% between the water droplets looking like he's sweating and the bugging out eyes he's been hitting it hard!
  6. Great shots in here! I got this guy earlier tonight!
  7. From the album The "BIRDS" thread

  8. From the album The "BIRDS" thread

  9. From the album The "BIRDS" thread

  10. I'll let you know ASAP! Thank you....
  11. Thanks guys! I'll head over in the am!!!
  12. Can anyone recommend a shop rocky point / wading river area for rod repair< I have to have 2 guides replaced..... Thanks
  13. no problem -- set ups sold thanks SOL! PM coming
  14. Sure I'll ship them .......