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  1. Closed
  2. 2021 twin power used it once not a scratch on it 30lb pp 550$shipped
  3. Closed
  4. 620$shipped has 30lb power pro not a scratch on the reel has aboyt 7 cast on it and back in the box it went
  5. Sold
  6. 1 piece 10ft odm evolution built by rh nothing wrong with it 500$ reel seat is 20in
  7. I don't know when I'll get the chance to come back to Brooklyn i have to go there tomorrow
  8. No trades
  9. 500$
  10. Yeah ridley
  11. I can come to bk tomorrow
  12. OK hold on
  13. OK hold on
  14. Here
  15. Gw is like 3hrs from me I'll meet some where in NJ
  16. I had a tsunami salt x 6000 on it and it's built with fuji not sure on the model but they are sic
  17. Pa but I can meet up I can go as far as Brooklyn
  18. Have a odm evolution 10ft 1 piece 500$
  19. Sold it
  20. 680$shipped used twice
  21. Any trades and cash?
  22. Closed
  23. Nothing wrong with it at all serviced last season lefty 25 with power knob and 27 spare spool 1300$
  24. I have a lefty 25 with a 27 spare spool power knob 1300