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  1. I'm the guy who makes them lol
  2. Wtb lds7 megabaits 7in model with the small lip
  3. I'll take it
  4. *
  5. Deal pm me
  6. Ebbpoint 2 tube beach walker 140$shipped pp 2 3in wide tubes belt loops no shoulder strap
  7. Closed
  8. I have 2 rigged eel sorf plastic pouches also fits a Plano box 3400 series belt loops on the back 60$each shipped pp leader wallet is 30$shipped all are ebbpoint
  9. Then you have to cut it and buy the caps and the shipping is nuts I sell the replacement tubes I will be at the fishermen show if you live in NY the 12of September I will have bags as well ebbpoint
  10. Closed
  11. Ebbpoint 2 tube beach walker it's brand new 2 2.5in tubes 9in in length 140$shipped pp has belt loops and shoulder strap
  12. You can take both for 70 pm sent
  13. I have 2 leader wallets both have belt loops on the back and have 5 zip lock bags in the inside 40$each shipped pp