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  1. I bought these about 4 years ago and wore them about 10 times in the first season owning them. I just couldn't get used to the PVC boots. They didn't leak that last time I wore them. They have s few light stains, one on the right thigh where the butt of my rod rested, the other on the right knee. They will come with the lumbar support belt, repair kit, and the carrying bag. $80 picked up in Ocean County NJ, $90 shipped. 1000[/img][img][img]

  2. +1 Somebody who gets it while it looks like someone else is trying to find a loophole.

    Oh yeah. Trying to find a loophole. Because I buy stuff all the time and want to get them on a technicality. Gimme a break. I asked a question in a "discussion forum" and I get crap for it. It's not the first time either. Thanks guys. Some of you really know how to keep people away from SOL.

  3. I could repeat what everyone else said, in case you didn't get it...

    No, don't waste your time. I asked a question and got a 1 word answer from you. I know why people are doing it. I was just curious to see if it was acceptable. The rules don't clearly state how to commit to buying in item, but 99% of the members here have been using the "I'll take it " statement. When people start saying "mine", then it could turn into a problem.


    Just my opinion. That's all. I just wanted to see what others thought about it. Thank you everyone for your replies.