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  1. Just curious. I see it an awful lot, especially in the plug BST. If someone lists something for sale, then someone says mine, and I come behind with the official "I'll take it", who gets it? I haven't seen it happen yet, but I think it's just a matter of time.
  2. Can you repost the link to the pics and what is the condition and colors?
  3. I bought these about 4 years ago and wore them about 10 times in the first season owning them. I just couldn't get used to the PVC boots. They didn't leak that last time I wore them. They have s few light stains, one on the right thigh where the butt of my rod rested, the other on the right knee. They will come with the lumbar support belt, repair kit, and the carrying bag. $80 picked up in Ocean County NJ, $90 shipped. [/img]]]
  4. Getting in line for this. Will do the 80 + shipping if it doesn't work out with the other guys. Thanks.
  5. Just curious...if your base layer is water based like createx, what happens after you dip it in the water bucket?
  6. Twisted flap tail maybe?
  7. The website says ipx4. Should be water resistant.
  8. You know what, ill take one. Worse they can do is offer an upgrade to the 2720 if needed. I can do paypal whenever.
  9. I'm interested, but concerned with how Pelican would treat the warranty on these since they are discontinued. Any idea?
  10. It's getting a lot of looks because not many people know what you are talking me. What are you looking for? If I remember right 9262ps or 9626 is a VMC treble?
  11. Is it new, color, and do you have a pic?
  12. Taking myself out of the line. Just realized I have the same one still in the package.
  13. I'll get in line for this. I can pick up for $40. .
  14. Question already asked.
  15. Brand new in box, Standard Horizon GX1200W Eclipse DSC+ Ultra Compact Class D VHF - White. Doesn't fit in my boat. $150 shipped. Any payment accepted. No trades please.
  16. Please close. Found a way to fit it.
  17. Ok. You don't have to hold it for me, but if you still have it when you come down, let me know.
  18. If you were in central jersey, I would have bought this last week. What is the length of the rod?
  19. New Tica Dolphin Surf, conventional setup, model UGSA90MH2C. It's brand new, never used but doesn't have the hanging Tica tag or warranty card. It still has the UPC on the reel seat. Looking for $100, local pick up only near Bayville, NJ. Thanks for looking. Ryan[img=