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    Hard working loving family man. Need sleep!!!
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    Fishing and my family
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    Cabinet Maker/Woodturner

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  1. Put them all in front of the firing squad.
  2. I’m basically an outsider. I read this for fun. I walk the line and make the call as I see them. **** both parties! They are all scum.
  3. At the very least it should be as entertaining as the threads in this forum.
  4. Don’t like him but it’s the same thing everyone assumed.
  5. He took the fifth and now understands why people do.
  6. I read it. If I’m in violation of the rules something is very wrong.
  7. Fairytales! let’s all visit the land of make believe. I’ll have to change into my outdoor shoes. Got my slippers on. You live isolated from the liberals and you start ripping into each other.
  8. Not shy. Actually not giving a **** what others think, is one of my best qualities.
  9. I’m sorry. I’ll try to do better. F@ck that b!tch!
  10. Sounds like you just described most on this forum.
  11. I think this entire thread is for your ego’s. Why else post it. I don’t identify as either right or left. Both sides are good for nothing. Sensitive group you all are. let the circle jerk continue uninterrupted.
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