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  1. Can't carry the Trump name and be unscathed.
  2. DJT is the dictionary definition of a straight shooter.
  3. I think he's saying the exact opposite.
  4. I gave it 30 seconds. Great concept hard to listen too.
  5. Trump is treated how he deserves to be treated. Bad mouthing vets. Making fun of cripples. Grabbing ***** talk. Offering to pay to have protesters beaten. It go's on and on. He made his bed. He is a maga POS.
  6. Orange man is a MORON!
  7. PG Super Star! Tom do you get nervous when the amount of threads you started drops bellow 1/2 the total on pg 1?
  8. For Sure! If you say for sure constantly there should be a hot place in hell for you.
  9. Funniest thread ever!
  10. The litter box is not big enough?
  11. You guys who complain about trolls. Sure seem to start a lot of troll threads.
  12. It would take stupid quotes form the whole Democratic party to even compete with Trumps.