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  1. I gave it 30 seconds. Great concept hard to listen too.
  2. Trump is treated how he deserves to be treated. Bad mouthing vets. Making fun of cripples. Grabbing ***** talk. Offering to pay to have protesters beaten. It go's on and on. He made his bed. He is a maga POS.
  3. Orange man is a MORON!
  4. PG Super Star! Tom do you get nervous when the amount of threads you started drops bellow 1/2 the total on pg 1?
  5. For Sure! If you say for sure constantly there should be a hot place in hell for you.
  6. Tom you must breath through a straw. Take a breath.
  7. Funniest thread ever!
  8. The litter box is not big enough?
  9. You guys who complain about trolls. Sure seem to start a lot of troll threads.
  10. It would take stupid quotes form the whole Democratic party to even compete with Trumps.
  11. Is it November already? That must have just been yesterdays avatar. Your like a rabid dog.
  12. He just needs a new bigger balloon.
  13. Do you ever get tired of yourself? Don't you have anything better to do? Like find your next profile pic?