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  1. You may want to try icing your back. Helps get the inflammation down. If you have access to an ice bath even better. Then hit it with heat to get blood flow. Rinse and repeat. stretching as said is important. I found a lot of my back problems was tightness in my legs, hami, quads, hips etc.
  2. It’s more of an age thing. You guys are still young enough not to worry. Carry up or down a load of laundry when your in your 80s is no bueno.
  3. From my many years of fishing the DSR, the best way to target steelhead is just nymph or swing like you would for trout. You may hook a salmon but it will usually be in the mouth because they actually hit it. Be careful when you finish the drift, don’t lift the rod tip quickly because that’s when snags can occur. It’s hard to see steelhead so don’t try to sight fish them. They will swim with salmon and behind them so don’t let that stop you if you see salmon. I use a lot of egg flies (yarn) but fish estaz as well. Change colors to see if they are keyed in on anything specific. I liked fishing yellow as the day got later, not sure if it matters but it sometimes seemed to work. I also tied rusher type stone flies and carried some natural stuff like pheasant tails or hares ear. I’ve gotten some nice browns that way on occasion. good luck, I’m heading up in November.
  4. Are you going to eat that? what did dahlmer say to Bobbit
  5. Looks ok but not like the original. I think the person managing the oven is key, knowing hot spots etc. That one looks a bit light on the clams and the pie doesn’t looked cooked enough.
  6. Personally I’d keep the batteries and dump the book shelves.
  7. What do you think you should do? Oh wait let me ask a bunch of chuckleheads in a fishing website, they’ll know for sure. Maybe you should start to think on your own?
  8. I know she cheated, took the subway. I wonder if she wanted to win or just post a good time? Hard to believe you would think you could cheat by cutting the course and no one would know.
  9. No worries Tim. There’s no women’s room in marathons, mostly porta potties or behind someone’s bushes. Cheating in sports goes way back, I’d assume a guy could pretend to be a woman and run as one since forever.
  10. Well I’m sure everyone has been waiting for an update. first, thanks for all the suggestions, I’m looking forward to hanging out in NJ, so many helpful and nice folks. Just kidding. Anyway, I will be living near the beach in Belmar starting next month. I’m hoping I can find some stripers and big blues , preferably using the fairy stick but not required. I’m not sure any of you guys actually fish or just talk about it but I’d love to stretch a line
  11. Checked out the BAA website. They still have the mens and womens categories and have added a non-binary category. It looks like the non-binary qualifying times are the same as the womens. They do state they don’t have a lot of data to go on, for setting the NB times, but are working things out as best they can. so it seems as though it’s a new category that won’t have men stealing the women’s title.
  12. Interesting. Qualification times were different for men and women, I wonder how they have changed that
  13. Younger years aren’t the issue.
  14. Not sure of your age but a wading staff might save you a swim or two. River has a lot of rocks that you can trip over. Helps when climbing off of rocks too.
  15. Sure, That’s how I got carpal tunnel