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  1. I’m guessing, it’s a swing and a miss.
  2. Sorry to hear. Hang tough.
  3. You can find them in eastern CT if you look hard and don’t mind spending countless hours looking and waiting. 2 years ago I found them up close on a beach, the area was loaded with anchovies and the albies and small bass were hitting them hard, I landed 4 and lost 3 others also caught some bass, that was my best Albie day.
  4. I was asking local66, he asked you about the landing, I know he catches tarpon and I’d like to understand his method of landing and releasing tarpon on the beach. I’m all for a clean release and minimizing stress on the fish.
  5. Local, can you provide any insight for us newbies on techniques on “landing” a tarpon alone without beaching the fish. I’d like to understand what you do with the fishing rod and how you manage the fish in the surf, greatly appreciated.
  6. So if I read your request right your asking us to pray that you don’t make an a&&hole of yourself on your date tonight and you win a raffle prize tomorrow, correct?
  7. Curious, what does the Kenwood do. If your truck has Bluetooth why not connect direct from phone to truck?
  8. Grocery store parking lots are crazy, my wife and a good friend both had accidents in the same lot on the same day, by people baking out with out looking. Glad to hear you didn’t get hurt and early happy 53rd birthday!
  9. Hey Red, kinda good news. I faced some issues with my wife’s health over the last few years, she’s doing fine now. If I could offer a word of advice, all hospital and doctors are not created equal, never hesitate in getting a second opinion. I took my wife to Dana Farber in Boston because of the quality of care they offer and we liked the methods of care they offered in her situation. They were ranked top 5 for cancer in the US. Of course it depends on your healthcare plan etc.
  10. I wish I could Albie but I moved to Florida and won’t have a chance to chase them this year. Haven’t figured out where and when they show in Florida but I’ve heard they get some big ones down here.
  11. I’m still giving this round to CnR and he’s doing it with one arm eyed behind his back with the mod que. Hang in there CnR you’ve got these clowns on the ropes.
  12. Great video, thank you! We had a rock in CT that me and my friends named Albie rock, it sat right off a little island that we could wade out to at a mid to low tide. Spent many a day standing on that rock waiting for those fish. One of my favorite game fish.
  13. Hang in there CnR, they have the pile on going, but your knocking em off one by one, bunch of turds. Im with you, wouldn’t want to do a cruise if my life depended on it.
  14. Tomkaz, video didn’t load but the photos are great. Thank you!
  15. That would be great, thanks!