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  1. Took the family to Custies in RI, all you can eat in 2 hour, lobster, shrimp, steak etc, I ended up eating 10 lobsters, claws and tails only, wasn’t so much as stuffed, but couldn’t eat anymore lobster, kinda like steak sweats, from what I’ve heard. had a small milk shake for desert. At 75 a head gonna get my ROI
  2. Good luck Tim. I just read that after heart surgery you can expect 20 more yards from your driver, so you got that going, which is nice.
  3. Saw about 10 or so a few weeks ago cruising on the beach, they were heading south. A couple rolled pretty close but they were out if fly rod range
  4. that would be a bummer, sounded like he only had a year to retirement. Kid was a jerk and the cop gave him a brake.
  5. Let’s see some pictures for all the doubting Thomas's
  6. Nice JMB, great looking pooch
  7. Really cold water in a river is a tough call, boot foot provides air space between your foot and water, stocking foot can get cold even with good socks, I pretty much stick to breathables no matter water temperature, just need good fleece and or wool to stay warm
  8. Said before, for sandy beach, breathable boot foot. Sand gets in between stocking foot and the boots. For any wading where you need ankle support stocking foot. Another note: be cautious climbing rocks. when you lift your leg to step up on the rock, I find you can stretch the crotch area of the wader and it will pull the seam and cause the wader to leak.
  9. Good for you CnR, that’s a steep climb, great number of miles for the week. I miss climbing, gets boring always on the flats in FL, only place to climb is on the bridges over the inter coastal and it’s not the safest place to ride
  10. Red, I’m sorry that’s all you have to eat and drink, hopefully on the way home you run over something good, for dinner. If your lucky when you do get home you can have one of the dogs piss in a cup for a bud light chaser.
  11. Old kitchen phrase, “when in doubt throw it out”.
  12. It always amazes me how some people will walk around a new home being built like they have the right to do so. It’s like it’s not considered private property. Happens where I live a lot and these homes are multi-million dollars. Note I live in a condo. my impression of what took place is numb nuts may have been looking around to see if there was anything of value left around that he could come back For it at a later date. With that said he was trespassing but not a thief, yet. Twittle dee and twittle dumb , don’t like it that an unknown man is canvassing the neighborhood, race may or may not have been a factor, and decided to subdue numb nuts till the cops showed up. I think it was stupid to bring a shotgun and subdue, a bit drastic for a guy walking around your neighborhood, no? Once confronted by the twittles. Not sure why you would ever try to charge them, my thought is run like hell or stop and put your hands up and wait for the cops. I think there are no winners here, one dead and 2 serve some time in the pen.
  13. What makes you say they were going to kidnap him? My guess was hold him there till police arrived, but that’s a guess
  14. Every morning I come to this thread hoping to hear that you are feeling better. Great news from Lan, keep up the fight Bob, hope to hear from you very soon.
  15. That’s cool John, you play water polo while you drink?