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  1. Late to the thread Red, due to work travel, So glad to hear the boss is doing well, very scary stuff when it's the spouse. Thoughts and prayers for her continued recovery. I'm sure she is glad to be home.
  2. There are no dumb sock questions, only ugly feet.
  3. 3 stages of marriage stage 1 - anywhere sex( do it anywhere) stage 2 bedroom sex- restricted to the bedroom stage 3 hallway sex - you walk by each other in the hallway and say F$&k you no F$&k you
  4. Ted and Ted II
  5. Agree on the drop backs in May, hungry, but thin from spawning, October through end of November when these fish are at their best, although in the spring you may find a landlocked or 2 some great small mouth as well
  6. Drop them in the sauce raw, that is all.
  7. Its next to CT Its small, thank God, anymore would be unbearable Accepts residents CT doesn't want
  8. Great video. Been fishing Pulaski for 30 years, wow I’m gettin old. BD if you are serious about Pulaski, I’d recommend going for steelhead unless you really want to catch a salmon, steelhead are in the river to feed in the fall, of all the places and species I fish for steelhead are my favorite and the level of activity for steelhead can be off the charts in Pulaski. If you are serious you should start planning now. If you want more info PM me
  9. Buy a bicycle, they rarely break down
  10. gotta be tough on the old man putting a few slugs into one of his own, no matter how bad the kid is.
  11. I would think if you lived in Philly, you'd be thankful someone killed you.
  12. Hi guys, thanks for the info. Tom, he’s flying in from CT, so he won’t have his kayak, but thank you for the generous offer. Sounds like the red tide continues to take its toll, very disturbing.
  13. Doc are we talking about SOL, cause I agree with you, some of the guys that post here should be put down.
  14. Hi Hook, I did go out to the site, after I posted this, and saw the same as you, thanks. I wonder how the fishing is in that area since the tides hit it so hard this year?