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  1. Hard to say everyone like a little head!
  2. An old girlfriend of mine saved a baby skunk laying on the side of the road one winter day, thing was freezing, I told her to put it in her lap to warm up, she says what about the smell, I said just put your fingers over it’s nose.
  3. Wow those are great looking flies, need to learn how to tie those
  4. I heard Bob Kraft is looking for a hand
  5. Drove my wife to Orlando airport, I live south of Sebastian, I could barely see out of my windshield with all the dead love bugs
  6. 64 next month.. time flies when your getting old
  7. Kudos to you on a great fish and release, give the wife an assist on doing a nice job of filming it all, congrats!
  8. I’ve been getting the same email for months now, get them from different email addresses etc, annoying, it’s my work email address
  9. Loved Tull but firinne is right last time I saw them Ian sounded like crap, still plays well but the voice is gone Belmo are aqualung
  10. T&P Bospa, looking forward to a thumbs up from you!
  11. 2 dead 4 injured I believe, shooter apprehended, he dropped out earlier this semester. There were lots of police on campus because there was a concert on campus that day
  12. Should be a big seller, 75 year old guy getting a handy, Kardashian’s must be worried about being replaced in the social cesspool scene
  13. Did you actually see them and if so did they walk away or get carried?
  14. Very good time regardless of what the fat and stupid say.
  15. Yes you should periodically seal the table or it can get stains if you spill something on it