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  1. mostly finger. Chop certainly can helpS but I’ve hooked lots of Spanish, jacks , lady fish, a couple snapper, sharks and one tarpon. Water has been pretty calm up here. Lost a nice spinner/ blacktip today. Had it on for a while before it broke the 30lb braid. Dead calm.
  2. Surprised you are not seeing them, they started around Labor Day up here and have been passing through steady since then.
  3. Been fun. Catching lots of Spanish, jacks, lady fish. Hooked a tarpon but that lasted one jump, hooked a few sharks that ended up with bite offs. the fish below was released to the fish that took the back half. He came up on the flat looking for the second course. tight lines.
  4. Mullet run is on, I'll be fishing all weekend.
  5. For me, in FL, when the mullet are in the river, I’ll throw a lot of top water, mostly crease flys and bangers. Big jacks run the sea walls and will come to the top. Awesome. Used to swing page Rogers slim Jims in the outflow of a salt marsh pond on a drop tide at night for stripers.
  6. Neighbors dog looks a lot like your son?
  7. Mullet still in Vero. Of course they were a bit out there yesterday and today. Finally netted some after watching tarpon and some big jacks crashing the bait. Hooked a nice jack that broke me off in the wash. After finally netting the mullet a big storm blew in that chased us off the beach. Always tomorrow
  8. My sincere condolences for the loss or your mom. Thoughts and prayers for you and the family.
  9. A bit young to be driving, no?
  10. So I got the call from the shop I purchased the yak, they said Hobie will not replace the kayak. They said the kayak is faded, I live in Florida, and that weakens the plastic. Also thought that me standing up on the kayak may have contributed to the crack and the fact that I slide the kayak onto my floating dock. so I do pull the kayak onto the doc it’s probably 8-12 inches above the water. I do stand up a lot and basically have my feet on the sides of the hatch that is there for fly/lures. Regarding the fading, it’s Florida, I fish quite a bit but I cover the kayak with a cover probably 99% of the time. Sometimes I don’t cover it if I’m fishing the next day. ship is going to patch the hole and add some styrofoam to distribute the load from me pulling up the yak and standing. my one issue with the standing part is they said there is a area to stand on the proangler that has support built into it. I have found the balance point of the kayak for me is more centered on the yak. Standing where the padding has been placed is too far forward and does not feel comfortable. disappointed with the kayak being 3 years old and not holding up to what I consider to be normal wear and tear and pretty well maintained. If I eventually get another kayak it most likely will not be another Hobie.
  11. How is your mom doing Red?
  12. I like his books , I’ll have to get this one, thanks. The book is probably easier to find than some shrooms.
  13. Your killing me here Harley. Damn!