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  1. I have the hobie Pro angler cover, it’s expensive but works great
  2. Man when I have jacks blowing up up bait near me I toss a small chug bug in the fray and it’s game on. Normally I lose.
  3. Good luck
  4. I fished lt last week from a boat, there was some bluefish around hitting castmasters, jigs would be recommended, I’ve heard 1 to 1 1/2 ounces but I haven’t fished them. I’m guessing you could rent a katak near ther and fish the intercoastal. If the beach is clean you might be able to fish out front, Spanish, blues and jacks should be around, not with the yak just walking the beach
  5. I’m getting social security sex. I get a little every month, but not enough to live on
  6. Can you provide the link? I have a corporate meeting i need to attend and it would be good to Bring someone with good looks and sizzling outfits, to impress senior management team.
  7. Totally agree Jabster, shark fishing should be all about a good release, knowing how to get the fish back in the water quickly and cleanly is more important than knowing how to catch one.
  8. Not on the fly but off the beach
  9. you need bigger garage doors.
  10. Thanks again for all the reply's. I'm going to tie up a few bright flys and a couple big poppers and see what happens. Like local said hopefully only lose a fly or leader and not the line. When they are on the feed they seem to go after pretty much everything. I'm thinking a big white headed fly with red hackle tail would be interesting, imitating a fish that has been bitten in half, which happens all the time when the bite is on. Will post if I have any success.
  11. For peanut butter, we grind our own, we’ll we did at Whole Foods and now at Publix, way better than any jarred stuff you can buy and it doesn’t seperate. normally you can pick the type of nuts to use as well
  12. Happy bday Mr Red, enjoy!
  13. Thanks everyone for your reply’s. I can’t/ won’t chum them from the beach, not trying to draw them in just catch them when they are here. I did have a follow last year with a popper but it turned off at the last minute. I think I could handle one, depending on the size of course, I have Penn 4.0 with lots of backing, I do only have a 10 weight , broke my 11 so that may be iffy, good to know bright colors, I was thinking red or orange and on the big side and a bigger popper, thanks again!
  14. Curious if anyone has done any surf fishing for sharks with the long rod. I live in FL and see quite a few sharks in the surf, I think I’d like to try and catch one and was curious about flys to use. Anyone?
  15. Don’t do much fast food but chic Fil-a and chipotle would be the only 2. Don’t get the Taco Bell thing, looks like low grade dog food at best