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  1. The ultimate fantasy moment would be Brennan and/or Comey getting sentenced. And Trump comes to the rescue and uses the ultimate power he has and says..."I pardon you".
  2. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. Really? - some don't have him going until late in the first round.
  4. I agree - there is a ton of info yet to learn - lots of reports yet to be released. Just have to wait and see if any pan out.
  5. Funny you should say that - for years needlefish plugs languished in the same place - then i discovered Block Island most plugs find a second life... eventually.
  6. I did watch DeGenova - he had some very interesting insight. Never knew he once worked in a FISA court. If what he mentions comes to fruition it's going to make some news.
  7. Crazy - I heard this is the first time in history that 4 wild card teams make the second round. Gotta luv hockey - That would never happen in the NBA.
  8. Iphish - did you write this? It doesn't have any attribution so can I assume so? Great points and observations. Very well done.
  9. Many years ago I wrote an article about Tiverton Basin entitled "Choke Point Bass" - the potential for successful fishing in that area is legendary.
  10. Used the pattern occasionally over the years but could never gain enough confidence in it to keep it in the rotation. Most of mine now languish in the basement.
  11. Looks like it won't be ready until December 2019. I hope the state at least has some of its employees stationed there to make rounds, check for licences, etc. It hires temporary "state park" employees at places like Fort Adams to help clean up litter, etc.
  12. My daughter is an MD and finishing her second year of residency in Boston. One of the hospitals she practices at is the VA Medical Center in Boston. She has mentioned to me how inadequate the systems are at the VA when compared to the other high profile Boston hospitals she practices at. In her opinion the VA medical system needs major upgrade's in administration and care.
  13. I like the old way of getting some free college - obligate 4-6 years of your life to military service - get college tuition paid. Need to have skin in the game.
  14. Received a few caches of tackle over they years - always like opening a time capsule. Take some time to talk fishing with the neighbor - I'm sure he'll very much appreciate it and you'll no doubt hear some interesting stories.
  15. Don't hold your breath. I served many years on Rhode Island's Striped Bass management advisory board until it was disbanded. Lots of R&R commercial clout - kind of a "good ole boys" club. There are some in RI that would sell off their sister to a whorehouse.