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  1. Easy to recognize who to ignore.
  2. It is funny. Triggered by a red hat - now triggered by someone not wearing a mask.
  3. Nope never for speaking their minds.
  4. Geez - worked 40 years for Department of Defense. Had to do various training/indoctrination crap from time to time. I would have had to figure out a way around this. Generally this stuff doesn’t last more than one or two administrations. Hopefully the next administration will drop the requirement.
  5. DEM nabbed a few poachers out there yesterday with 14 undersized tog. Got a phone tip from one of the good guys.
  6. Absorbing bunker oil through osmosis gave him immunity. He is active on Instagram.
  7. I’ve got these. Generally attached them to a nut driver.
  8. I never thought this administration would be this bad. I mean it just boggles the mind on how many poor decisions they have made. They have to realize that just because the mainstream media agrees with them doesn’t make it the right thing to do.
  9. Tell him to look up Newport County Salt Water Fishing Club on Facebook. Of course join this group here on SOL. Things are happening now.
  10. If a state asks for federal help and it’s not provided and/or outright refused , then they can take matters into their own hands.
  11. And here is the other scenario. If Israel gets overwhelmed and allies don’t assist, they will go nuclear to protect the homeland.
  12. The big question should this escalate into an entire Middle East war against Israel is: Will Israel’s greatest ally come to Israel’s aid should it become a full scale war? Or will this administration abandon our responsibility?
  13. I find it Interesting. It’s very much like the transformation of the Democratic Party the last two elections.