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  1. You watched one minute? No wonder you may not have any context of what is going on and what others think. Do yourself a favor and watch the entire video.
  2. Good question. I know when I’m into a good bite my plugs/jigs take on the “aroma” of striped bass and seem even more effective often right into the next night. Eels the same. It’s funny but I can smell “Striper” when I open my plug bag. Not sure if it’s just me.
  3. And while we’re asking we demand all law enforcement wear Mr Rogers cardigan sweaters while on duty!!
  4. Amazing and optimistic news. But probably gives rioters another reason to try and knock those numbers down by torching more small businesses.
  5. Fishing from a floating platform has basically become a live video game.
  6. Rust is great camouflage for nighttime casting . All kidding aside it’s important to differentiate between true rustiness which eventually weakens hooks and staining which eventually turns to rust. Bottom trebles in a surf bag are more prone to rust from constant contact with the bottom of plug tubes. I generally change them out by replacing the tail hook with the stained belly treble Off the same plug then replace the belly hanging with a new treble. I had one friend years ago who decided to use stainless Steel trebles because his normal steel trebles would straighten and or rust. His stainless trebles would not rust but the points would snap off When hooked to large bass because stainless is too brittle.
  7. Tough call. All depends on the situation at hand. I’m always leery to report someone especially if they know it was me and know what I drive and where I park. Don’t want retribution if you know what I mean. People are funny and as you’ve seen in the media lately, can be very violent. As they say, tread lightly.
  8. What I find amazing is the majority of deaths are still From elderly housing. But authorities have not explained who continues to keep bringing the virus into these facilities! By now we should know! Tracing should give us the answer but they will not tell us. Is it the help, the docs, readmitted patients?
  9. It has long been thought By some marine biologists that there was a spawning population in the Narrow River Rhode Island. Other than that maybe Conn River or Hudson?
  10. I saw plenty of potential vaccine volunteers last night with zip ties around their wrists. Might as well make these riots worthwhile.
  11. Yes - I would imagine certain items like cell phones have identifying numbers that can be tracked to see if they were/are looted. Buyer beware!
  12. Whowoudathunk It would be more likely to get arrested for opening a business than throwing a Molotov cocktail into one.
  13. No legitimate reason to protest after dark. IMO there is only one legitimate activity during darkness - striped bass surfcasting.
  14. At this point your more likely to get thrown in jail for not wearing a mask than torching a business. Really sad.