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  1. I don't know what to think of him anymore. Perhaps going a little senile. I mean he's still running as a Dem even though the Dem National Committee screwed him over during the last election! This decision is almost ignorant. And the fact that he's an Independent not a Democrat. Just makes me scratch my head.
  2. I'm not sure Charlie - I wasn't aware that Classic did a jointed model but i don't know much about early NJ needle history. I was thinking a Gags Grabbers possibly? I know he built some. Thank you and I'll PM my address.
  3. CharlieK - could I purchase the jointed?
  4. I agree - pitching is the key - but when it comes down to THE important game between two great teams and two great pitchers... scoreless and you have to manufacture a run with a stolen base, bunt, and ground ball to the right side or sac fly. You can't strike out in that situation (which we do a bunch) Can we do it? Do we have the team speed, can we put that ball in play instead of strike out? That will be our question this season IMO.
  5. Big question - Will AG Barr appoint a special council to investigate McCabe, Rosenstein, etc? Would/could Mueller also fall under this investigation?
  6. One more example. My friend PatAbate can surely remember this. We have an acquaintance named Al Pellini who lost his life while surfcasting. His wife Marilyn wrote a book about dealing with her grief. (Dear Al) In a book of letters to her beloved husband, Al, Marilyn Pellini, a 49-year resident of Katonah, wrote her way through the grief that followed his shocking death in 2011. “I started to write the day after he died because I was so angry and I just had to find some kind of outlet,” she said. “You can’t even look into a grief counselor, you can’t move—I felt paralyzed, so I began to write and I just kept writing and writing and writing.” A former teacher, Pellini was a president of the Katonah Village Improvement Society, the local PTA and the Women’s Civic Club and has always been proud to call Katonah home. She and husband saw their two children succeed as a doctor and a lawyer and were enjoying their four grandchildren. The golden years for the couple were underway when tragedy struck. Al Pellini went out fishing alone, as he had done for decades, carrying his bag and wearing his wetsuit, in hopes of catching another big one. He had, in fact, been recognized as a standout fisherman when in 1984, he caught the second-largest striped bass in the world, caught from shore and weighing in at more than 64 pounds. “At first the part that was so difficult was that in some way, I kind of blamed myself,” Marilyn said. “If I had stood up to him and said you’re not leaving unless you take a friend—I told him something can happen out there.” It was on Cuttyhunk Island, off the coast of Massachusetts, where he swam out that fateful day and was assumed to have drowned. He was 71 years old.
  7. GilV, I can relate. So far I've not had any "real" serious health issues (knock on wood). Still fairly active but obviously slowing down - stamina/balance not what they once were but I still get after it. Everyone has someone in their life that influences their future decisions. In my case it was my best friend who was also the best man at my wedding. He was a maybe 10 years older than me. He finally retired hoping to do all the things he loved. Then he got real sick, was terminal and gone after 2-3 years. In his last few months before he passed he told me; "When you have a chance to retire. DO IT! Because you never know what will happen!" I'm going to listen to my best friend... I'm retiring this May.
  8. You can use the waves to help you land fish - safely releasing the fish is the sketchy part!
  9. Nope - I also watched some of the Grammy awards - never heard of 90 percent of the winners.
  10. Agree. Have they added anyone to the starting lineup that can consistently put the ball in play?
  11. I'll add a couple that I've adopted as I got older. Always have a bottle or two of drinking water. I also bring a some sort of snack food, granola bar, etc. in the case of that "low blood sugar" feeling.
  12. As an aging surfcaster "Wisdom" is your greatest attribute. I'm also into my 60s. Sense of balance isn't what it was, that said I am starting exercises (yoga) to help maintain balance. At night I use my light more often (but still discreetly) - better to be safe than worry that others will see you. I've always said the most important piece of safety equipment is your own head, use it. Stay safe.
  13. I guess so. But settling to me is like they're admitting to wrong doing. If they (NFL) has that much money - then fight it if they know they're on the right side?
  14. Interesting case for sure - to settle out of court for those damages there must have been something to the "collusion" story. I can't imagine the courts telling a team they were wrong for not signing someone who's character is not up to par with team hiring standards. Many teams felt that signing Kapernick would bring on blowback from their fan base and to me that is a business decision. Maybe in retrospect each team should have brought him in for an interview/workout - then cut him. It will be interesting now to see if any other suspended players that have had other issues such as arrest histories, drug problems, etc, will now file suit against the NFL for collusion to not employ them when their suspensions are up.
  15. I don't know - he's a Christian white guy who does not want to allow mother's to kill their unborn children. Be a tough road for him in today's society.