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  1. Yep, I still think Israel will do something about the nuke threat as they are directly in the cross hairs.
  2. Iran does not like the current hard line administration. They would do anything to drag Trump into a conflict. Having Trump get beaten in 2020 is there only chance. The Dems also realize that involving this administration in a prolonged conflict might also be the only way they win the White House.
  3. I still find it hard to believe this case made it to the SC level.
  4. Israel has been waiting for another reason to take out the nukes. Now they have it.
  5. It’s funny - kept a load of bass over the years. Always would check to see what they were feeding on while cleaning them. The forage I found in their stomach the least? Eels.
  6. Would something like this survive a SC challenge?
  7. Shane- give it a shot. Go light with the sinker. I know some casters that routinely bounce lead heads on the bottom in the B-ways. You’ll occasionally loose some but the payoff can be good. Experiment and find the perfect weight for your three way rig. I’d keep the leader to whatever you’re using fairly short. Good luck.
  8. After the last election how can anyone, including Trump himself , take polls seriously? Many Trump supporters have purposely not participated in polls. That is the kind of wildcard support that makes the future election polls margin of error increase.
  9. Steve you might like this old photo of Tim in 1974
  10. Justrite
  11. She was great - libs don’t like smart strong confident women. She took lots of abuse that would have made many women melt.
  12. I basically use two patterns - solid black at night and white/light pattern during daytime and nighttime. Like has been mentioned the paddle tail is key - if it breaks off tie on another.
  13. I read a story a few months back that mentioned that CNN was in dire straits and about to fold in 2016 . The thing that saved them... Trump winning the election. They should thank him.
  14. Wearing a light around your neck instead of on your head. Using Ande mono. Tying direct. Learning how to surf cast shallow water with short boots and splash pants/oil skins.