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  1. I was listening to the talking heads sports radio team yesterday. One of the guys had a great point: He said something to the effect that Pats fans have been so spoiled during the Brady/Belicheck era of constantly winning that fans now consider winning a division title but not getting a first round bye a disappointment. Amazing unprecedented run.
  2. He may end up in NE.
  3. I always thought a GofundMe or tax deductible donation toward the wall might help finance it. Here we go:
  4. They played inspired and with emotion.
  5. No need to call Canton - he's already in as SB MVP. Not sure if Wentz is in... yet
  6. Loved that game - I'm not an Eagle fan but really enjoyed Foles sticking it to his non-believers in Eagle nation.
  7. Matt - I live in Newport and work on base. The bridge traffic can get bad when there is construction on the bridge. There is an ongoing construction project for the next few years - mostly spring/summer periods where the delays have been up to an hour or more. Better alternative is to seek housing in Middletown/Portsmouth if Newport is out of the question. Newport is nice for a short commute and has plenty to do ... but the public schools are not the best. Private schools are an alternative. Good luck. Reach out with a PM if you need any further info about the navy base... or the fishing!
  8. Now I'll state that I'm not a plug builder. But you have to remember that woodworking tools have come a long way. Back when lots of these original screw-eye construction plugs were built it was extremely difficult to get a hole drilled through a plug blank that ran straight. I spoke with a few builders of needles that told me that 7 of 10 blanks they would attempt to drill through the drill bit would travel out through the side of the plug. It was not an easy process without the very best equipment. Screw eyes seemed to be a better alternative for many.
  9. C - you need a regulation passed like we have in RI where it's illegal to set a gill net within 300 feet (100 yards) of the shore. That might take care of the issue. Years ago RI had a major problem with inshore gill nets - so the 300 feet setback from shore was instituted.
  10. After what happened to the subway tunnels in NY during Hurricane Sandy I find it hard to believe any coastal community would even consider them. Especially with the talk about sea level rise.
  11. Mission Burger's are insane! So are the hot dogs. I've always read their sign about buying the meat they use - thanks for the advice Ant.
  12. A similar analogy could be made for these which many of us old timers probably started out using until we learned our lesson
  13. A good "screw-eye" construction counter argument might be the fact that many of the old Cuttyhunk charter captains predominantly used those Goo Goo Eye metal lip swimmers draped with eel skins and were trolled through the rips with wire-line for big cows. Those plugs were screw-eye construction but I never had a conversation with those men so I would not know if there were issues with the construction of those plugs or if they were tinkered with.
  14. Good thread Woody. I'm not sure I would consider wire-thru construction "over rated" but I see your point in "most scenarios" where screw-eye construction may be adequate. I have used plenty of screw-eye plugs including the Gibbs Darters and early Gibbs needles, and Boone needles. The only failure I have had personally was the attaching screw-eye on a Gibbs darter. I've seen and heard of many other failures with very early needles. A very good friend of mine dropped the fish of his dreams after a long battle - when he reeled what he thought was a broken line he saw that the front screw-eye of his Boone needlefish was still in his Coastlock snap. The key question is how long will the screw-eyes hold together when you're in a bite of big torque applying fish. Screw eyes might hold together for a large fish or two or three - but may eventually fail. Whereas a thru-wired plug would last the entire bite (although the trebles may need replacing). To be fair most of these early screw eyes were smaller diameter models which were not reinforced by covering the threads with two ton epoxy which did tend to extend their strength. Give me two identical plugs to choose from, one screw-eye, one wire-thru, with a school of large game fish in front of me and you know which one I'd pick. By the way this was back in the day of mono.
  15. Of course - any party/politician that would publicly state that they would "resist" everything a sitting president and administration did should be considered a danger to our nation and democracy.