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  1. I’ve always found the rod angle to the water makes a huge difference. In a boat or high perch I was always able to get the correct action by pointing the rod tip downward towards the water. When I’m wading in the surf or pond I cannot get that angle and the action of the spook is not as good. First learned this while using spooks in freshwater.
  2. Yep - saw a school of sand eels mid day early this week in a local estuary.
  3. It may be vague at times… but not nearly as vague as Mean High Tide line.
  4. Looks like Thursday is the day. 10 feet above the high tide line. Senate Bill S 417 Sub A. Contact your State Senator ASAP. http://webserver.rilegislature.gov/BillText/BillText23/SenateText23/S0417A.pdf
  5. From some sources it looks like both bills are still being worked on and reconciled as we speak. Hopefully they’ll come to an agreement and pass something because this “mean high tide” thing hasn’t worked.
  6. Looks like Ray Smith who was an avid fly fisherman. Could have been the article the newspaper did about him rescuing a lobsterman whose skiff capsized in rough water. Ray just happened to be fishing and cast his fly line to the lobsterman and reeled him into shore. Was quite the story when it happened.
  7. Pretty much every health professional has said his gait when walking is very unsteady even on flat surfaces. He should be using a walker or ask for assistance. Obviously that would show a sign of weakness but it’s time to face reality.
  8. I cannot recall seeing this happen in my lifetime of surfcasting. Hopefully they will drop out of the bay when waters get too warm and hang close to the open surf areas.
  9. Haven't heard much about this recently. There was another bill that gave shoreline rights up to the "vegetation line." Supposedly both were under the reconcilliation process? Maybe 10 feet as a compromise. There have been hearings and I think the senate will hopefully act on it.
  10. Curious what contempt of congress means as far as the law. For instance if he’s under that charge and some cop stops him for a brake light being out does it come up on his profile? If so can the police charge him if the Justice Department won’t?
  11. This could be a very interesting season. The fact that we have already started this season with peanut bunker present that had never migrated south last fall could break new ground. What will they do? Will they hang around all season. Will they drop out of the bay in June? Generally we don’t start seeing them until very late July and early August.
  12. I think some in the NYJ fan base are looking at what happened when the Patriots released TB12 and what Brady subsequently accomplished in Tampa. I guess they are hoping Rogers does something similar for the Jets?
  13. Check out Buchertail products. Been using them for striped bass for around 30 years.
  14. Interesting view. I never considered us old school guys being middle school thinkers. I completely agree with the C&R aspect and we can probably thank the old school crews for starting that aspect of the fishery.
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