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  1. I still use sash chain for rigging the TA spoons. Back in the day we did it this way to prevent bluefish bite offs of the rear hook. We found the chain allowed more action and also added weight to get deeper than nylon covered wire.
  2. I have some that we used rigged on Tony Acetta Pet Spoons. I’ll look around for the files and post them.
  3. Maybe a good way to make the Dirty 51 pay the price for this would be for a Republican controlled congress to permanently take away their security clearances so they never have a chance to work in any job requiring a clearance. I know most are retired but many still work as contractors.
  4. Keep pounding the talking point of “It’s the economy” and Let the current administration veto all potential legislation to show they are not interested in fixing the economy. Next winter is going to be a bear with heating costs.
  5. Great day! Really enjoying watching my wife’s retirement investment funds get gutted by this recession.
  6. This is who law enforcement will have to deal with. Pro abortion expert witness.
  7. It’s basically the flu nowadays. Wonder how many players played in the past with the flu. Or didn’t get flu shots. Hopefully by next season the NBA let’s everyone do their own health choices thing without ramifications.
  8. No “reasonable” reason as far as the west is concerned. Probably more like Putin feeling backed into a corner would be his/Russia’s “reasonable” reason but everyone else would find it unreasonable.
  9. Poor Nina - she was hoping they would not find her old social media posts during her vetting process. Never in her wildest dreams did she think the Biden administration wouldn’t even vett her at all. Thankful that someone did!
  10. If he really wants unity he should state “Every Race has its share of racists” and leave it at that.
  11. If there is gonna be a fall guy I guess he could be the one.
  12. I don’t know. But this looks like the only way NATO has leverage . But surely would be seen as aggressive by Putin. Definitely a possible flash point.
  13. Will NATO permanently block access and egress to Black Sea for any Russian Commerce or Russian Navy?
  14. I use black and or black/purple interchangeably. Both effectively. All depends on what I grab out of my plug supply at the time.