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  1. Had some friends wetsuiting a spot last week - saw them as they headed out they went out to some rocks and a 8-9 ft brown wandered in and made a beeline for the guy w a bass on his stringer his fishing partner poked it in the head w his rod as it came towards the rocks they were on and it turned and swam away the increase in the seals down here combined w temps makes it a very interesting season for sure
  2. I had one of these and was a real nice for reels but def make sure the plastic tabs on the inside are in good shape. from the pics posted this looks to be o. Very good shape if you take care of them they are Good glws Godzilla
  3. Good to know I’ve had to replace all the studs on my soles and I just got the boots in Feb Never had that issue with my 2 prior pairs
  4. 99.9% of the time it’s someone that got duped, phished, tagged whatever I still remember people complaining that their drink holders aren’t working anymore when computers still had CD drives
  5. Selling off inventory?
  6. Someone please save me from myself free bump for a great looking reel
  7. They are chasing people off the beach after 8?
  8. Would you take $360 for the whole thing ?
  9. So it’s like demo now? Out there before 8 ok since they never come Chase you out ?
  10. Play stupid games win stupid prizes
  11. Nope loots did not Sunday there was a protest down main st - that pic is from a bar next to the train station about a half mile or so from where the march started didn’t hear much about it - but then again not really looking for it either. saw one broken window in town - at the frame shop - not sure it was from that or not What happeeed with that guy?
  12. Huh? Live very close and not hearing anything
  13. Interesting did your vehicle have the 4x4 permit ?
  14. Eff youse hooe you guys are well in fla
  15. What? Who kicked you off? On the 4x4 section?