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  1. excellent chickenscratch - nice work
  2. the Canes were never going to be an easy out for sure - even up 3-0 they had been the better team for most of those games. Great win, Krieder was unreal in that 3rd. period for sure. Now need some rest - hopefully Fox can get a little healthy he looks off for sure.
  3. try posting this in the LI forum as well maybe?
  4. out this morning before the sun came up - few bass and some big blues on top made getting out of bed at 3am worth it
  5. agree they looked bad last night for long stretches and could not get anything going in the third. Pathetic.
  6. damn that sucks - thieves are the worst. Thanks for the warning - was this at night?
  7. Shall see - close but not complete just yet. They have not been able to beat the forecheck the past 2 games and the PP has gone cold. Not a good mix for them. Didn't think this would be an easy series and that has definitely come to pass. Don't seem to have an answer for Staal.
  8. um ok - i was there speaking to the guy in the booth, the tow truck and the Ranger. But it's BS because LIBBA said so.
  9. thanks to a few jeep owners that decided to go into the dunes and one flipped, now smiths outer beach is closed until further notice
  10. glad to see them sit Rempe - can't keep dressing a guy that's only going to play 5-6 mins a game. They have been outplayed 5v5 for pretty much all of the series so far, but the Canes going 0 fer on the PP and giving up a shortie is a killer. They do not have nearly the goaltending that the Rangers do - and the inability of the Canes to build more than a 1 goal lead means the rangers are always in the game.
  11. Wouldn’t be suprised to see them come back to NY tied up at 2. Hood games but the rangers stole game 2 imo. Carolina was the better team for most of the game and if not for Sheisty standing on his head the rangers would have been toast. they HAVE to hit Aho early and often. The guy has at least 5 assists in the series already and just seems to be able to make the right play at the right time for them. going to be hard to keep dressing Rempe if he’s not playing the vast majority of the game. Don’t think he ever saw the ice in OT.
  12. The Mormons pulled the scouts funding once they opened the doors to girls etc as well
  13. we always called them mary on the half shell - in gitland they were usually smaller and did not look like a tub.
  14. Not Mary in the tub, it’s Mary on the half shell
  15. Yup when they went up by 2 started getting too fancy
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