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  1. Really well said My last dog was 14 when we put him down and was one of the hardest things I had to do keep comfy and spoil as long as you can
  2. Sorry for your loss
  3. Go to the local post office and see if you can speak to the acting supervisor Have done that in the past when moving into a new area
  4. Getting a few drops a little north and west of you Wire its comming
  5. I’m 48 and have had 3 colonoscopy procedures done - had some issues found some polyps but werent the bad kind yea it sucks but better than the alternative Good luck baccigalup
  6. Sorry to hear Nice looking dog
  7. Sorry for your loss never easy for sure. burying a parent sucks
  8. Sorry for your family loss that looks like a good puppy best of luck
  9. Its more than choices for me to bring my family to an NHL game it’s 400+ for tickets and then add in any food / drink and then parking or train and you are at 6-700 plus easy The way people behave at an NFL game no way am I going to subject my family to that why deal with all that when you can watch in HD from home and not deal with crowds and overpriced swill
  10. Hero permit is to park there can walk though without an issue at least you used to be able to
  11. Wonder if he was friendly with that Saville character from England that was a diddler as well. Sick **** if this Is all true and would be great to see him and his enablers / tag alongs get hosed too
  12. Lol great reference
  13. Or MC saggy tits
  14. Vesey never panned our for them they did need him but he showed he was a bottom 6 or 3 player do the Bs have another goalie in the Wong’s to replace Rask?