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  1. freehold, nj
  2. Free to a good home. Left here by previous owners, wife hates it. Pickup in freehold or I can deliver locally if you buy me some gas.
  3. I'll take it at asking price shipped, if you'll take a personal check. can wait for it to clear.
  4. same size range as regular boston/atlantic macks, 12-15" I'd say. skinnier than the bullet/frigate macks, definitely not bonito or spanish macks. Like I said, pretty much dead on for an atlantic, same stripes/shape, but maybe slightly more faded colors,more silver, but its very slight, could be seasonal variation. We were getting them in 10-20' of water with porgies, triggers, cocktail blues, and the chub macks all together. LAST summer we had a lot of fatter mackerel when fluking in 50-70' water, and I think those could have been the frigates, at the time we had no clue on those. All the pics I could find were the chubs with the big eyes.
  5. Nope, the one's I'm talking about have small eyes like a boston. We have had chubs around too, but these other ones have been mixed in, and a few per trip. Can they just be Bostons? The only part that confused me is the warm water.
  6. 2 Burner Grill, many years of use, but still works. Needs new starter/igniter, but works fine with a lighter. Free to a good home. Located in Freehold, can deliver locally.
  7. Any thought on what species of mackerel this is that have been showing up with the little bluefish? I know the chub mackerel with the big eyes, and the spanish macks and bonito are obvious with the different markings... but there's another one that looks like a boston/atlantic mackerel? Is that what it is? I always thought they were very specific in their temperature preferences, 45-55 degrees, but these fish are in 75 degree water?
  8. mason by far for abrasion resistance. agreed on fluoro not being needed for bottom fish. I think the bigger issue is those fish are feeding by scent more than sight, not like a tuna or striper.
  9. Thanks for the recommendations, will check them out
  10. Not quite a DIY question, but still seemed like the closest forum. Anyone have good recommendations? Or anyone specific to stay away from? I had a good one, but he moved to Florida. Anyone have experience with ITAK? I see a lot locally on them.
  11. I was on that trip. were you the one asking me about bleeding cod on the way out?
  12. Maybe I didn't show it well, but its not really peeling paint, its some type of cracking of the actual ceiling material.
  13. oh ok, already have one of those in there.
  14. So you did put it over the existing ceiling? You didn't use joint compound in the 1/8" gap around the edges, but only caulked instead? Wasn't sure I understood correctly. Thanks for the info. We gave it a lot longer than that, still didn't help. makes sense, never considered the oil vs. latex. Would the oil have any bad interaction at the edges with the latex paint on the walls? A ceiling fan in a bathroom? Not sure I've ever come across one. It wouldn't work here though, bathroom is so small part of the fane would be almost over the shower. Thanks everyone for the replies.
  15. thanks for the reply so you would put the green board right over the existing ceiling? would you do anything specific to secure it- or just longer screws to go through the old one?