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  1. belated thanks for the replies... the pay lakes called them channel cats, but some I remember that big wide head that is kind of making me think the white cat could be it. I'll have to take a closer look at some of my old pictures.
  2. Has anyone ever noticed that there seems to be two distinct "forms" of channel cat? The first bunch I caught were two different pay lakes as kid, all were very dark, almost black on most of the upper half, fading to gray. These had big wide flat heads, similar to a bullhead or maybe even wider, but these fish were 4-10# and had the distinct forked tail. Then I got a handful in other random lakes after that that were more silver, often with black spots, with much narrower, pointed heads, but still the forked tail. These seem to be more that "standard" for whats stocked by the state in most lakes that I see. any thoughts?
  3. I fully understood that when I typed it, but thank you.
  4. slot fish sounds great to me. I think we're severely overestimating the number of "hardcore" fluke fisherman who will be culling 18-20" fish looking for a bigger one, or the number who would catch a second 18+" fish even if they wanted to. I also think this could cut down on some of these fluke marathon trips where hundreds of shorts get mangled all day by guys who want to say they "limited out". Even these are a very small portion of the total fluking fleet though, and just the part we see and hear about the most. As a few have said, most customers I see on party and charter boats are looking for A keeper on a typical day, and taking a second one home is a banner day. This gives them a better chance to go home with something at all. If someone is good or gets lucky and gets a second one over 18", one of them goes to one of the many people on board who didn't get one, same way many boats do it when the sea bass limit went down to 2 fish for part of the year. Anyone saying you should throw a keeper back in front a guy who paid $200 to take his two kids fishing and go home with nothing, really needs to reevaluate some things...
  5. this was my first thought when I saw your post. Especially when your just starting, trying to find fish, feel things out, the tiny stuff will get 5 or 10x more bites in a lot of cases. get that dialed in, then start looking for bigger game. one thing to try that produces tons of crappie bluegills in the spring and fall is even a regular bobber with a small (1") unweighted soft plastic behind it, maybe 18-24", just popped along slowly. Many don't realize how many crappie will come right up on the surface behind the bobber to hit these, and without jighead, they hang onto it more. same thing when looking around for LM, small 3-4" weightless soft plastics around any kind of cover. 2.5" fin-s fish, 4" scoundrel worms, etc. 8# braid or 4# mono and they will cast just fine. The movement without weight is much more natural, just like with the crappie rig above.
  6. Fair enough, but it would still make me feel better. I'll send mine, please send yours when you get a chance.
  7. I'll take the reel for the $65 shipped if you're ok with a check. I'm in no rush whatsoever, if you need it to clear, anytime by early may would work for me! Let me know if that works.
  8. Let me know about that rod if you get a second, I realized I didn't quote you on the last one and you might have missed it. Let me know how much shipped with and without the rod? Thank you, that is a very fair offer, but I prefer the star drag actually. I had a TLD and gave it someone I owed a favor to, and went back to a senator from there. no one's getting in line on that one... Please send me your info as well, I'd like to at least cover your time and shipping expenses, and a couple cards to help you out on your next traffic stop.
  9. Well, thats a pretty awesome offer, let me know if you come across it. Regardless, I'd be up for another one too if anyone else has the rod specs, since that one would go on the rod I have. (It would also be funny to see the Capt's expression when I now have a 3-rod spread on the way home from a ling trip...)
  10. I never heard of heat effecting them, but cold can mess with some units actually. I think many are not supposed to be used below 50 degrees. I keep my garage closed when its below freezing to try ot minimize the cold efffect.
  11. oh man, lots of great choices. kind of funny, after the first day of no replies I was about to go buy one retail, figured I was beat. JM, how long is that sealine rod? JST, if you got a second to send specs please do. let me know how much to ship with/without rod?
  12. I can't get out there, any interest in shipping? Let me see what happens with these 6/0s first, but thank you. what kind of rod? don't particularly need one, but might consider it. any pic of reel by any chance? drag still decent? thanks everyone. working a couple doubles starting tonight, won't be checking back for a couple days most likely, probably monday or tuesday.
  13. I want a backup reel, will be used at work and by customers at times. Ideally a 6/0 (114) new, or very close to it. I'd consider something comparable, maybe even 9/0 or 4/0 if the price is right, or anything else I'm not thinking of. I would need minimum of 4/0 capacity though.
  14. I'm not in this section much, and never heard of the "gas" color, but the second I saw it I thought of it looking like squid... or maybe that was the whole point? I bet that pattern would have some potential for tuna jigs at night too.
  15. This thread is amazing, too much to try to quote. Closest relative to white shark is most likely mako, possibly porbeagle. They put them in aquariums because they can survive there, just like browns, They're coastal fish and don't need massive space like a mako to thrive. Are we really telling someone how big their catch was based on footprints in the sand near it?! But yes, to the OP, its pretty awesome, and the telltale mark for the sandtiger is the two dorsal fins both set way back and nearly identical in size.