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  1. Thanks for the recommendations, will check them out
  2. Not quite a DIY question, but still seemed like the closest forum. Anyone have good recommendations? Or anyone specific to stay away from? I had a good one, but he moved to Florida. Anyone have experience with ITAK? I see a lot locally on them.
  3. I was on that trip. were you the one asking me about bleeding cod on the way out?
  4. Maybe I didn't show it well, but its not really peeling paint, its some type of cracking of the actual ceiling material.
  5. oh ok, already have one of those in there.
  6. So you did put it over the existing ceiling? You didn't use joint compound in the 1/8" gap around the edges, but only caulked instead? Wasn't sure I understood correctly. Thanks for the info. We gave it a lot longer than that, still didn't help. makes sense, never considered the oil vs. latex. Would the oil have any bad interaction at the edges with the latex paint on the walls? A ceiling fan in a bathroom? Not sure I've ever come across one. It wouldn't work here though, bathroom is so small part of the fane would be almost over the shower. Thanks everyone for the replies.
  7. thanks for the reply so you would put the green board right over the existing ceiling? would you do anything specific to secure it- or just longer screws to go through the old one?
  8. Figured I'd throw it up here for the hell of it. Ideally looking for a 28 kg, maybe a 32 also. If measured in pounds, looking in the 60-80# range. Located in monmouth county.
  9. yes, its the scent/flavor of the crab, not the appearance of it at all, in my opinion. A whole/fully intact crab will usually get far less bites than one cut in half, and I would assume this is the reason. I think other fish that eat crabs, like fluke and sea bass, will respond to a crab more visually.
  10. Small bathroom ceiling, I'm guessing this has something to do with moisture, the worst of it is closer to the shower. I fixed it about a year or so ago, maybe more. sanded/wire brushed out all the cracked/peeling pieces, spackled, several coats of paint, looked fine, then after several months it started coming back. I don't know the name of the material, but its the stuff with a cardboard layer over the sheet rock. Any ideas?
  11. I thought that was police cruisers?
  12. Interesting, never worked with varnish or shellac at all. Does the shellac help with the durability of the finish, or is it just something to fill the wood grain so I have a flat surface for the second product?
  13. The old finish is thick (4 or 5 coats of poly, I think) and completely peeling up in spots, so it has to go. I was going to strip it, then re-stain it and clear coat it. I'm not too worried about a perfect uniform finish or anything like that, just want to get the color close, then seal it up solidly.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Is there any advantage to the spray vs. brush on? I personally like working with a brush more, but would be up for anything if it makes a difference.
  15. So for the third time I'll be recoating this table. We have these plug-in air fresheners with some type of oil in them, and while working on other stuff we have accidentally sat them on the table, liquid leaked out, table finished turns to jelly and peeled off. First try was water-based polyurethane, didn't like it much anyway, so after it got ruined I used oil-based, much nicer finish, seemed hard, was very scrubable, til this stuff spilled on them again. Obviously we just need to keep those things off the table, but otherwise --- would lacquer hold up better?