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  1. Yea it never caught on big for some reason, but I've known a few guys with them, all liked them very much. I've had 2 of mine for several years. The only thing I don't like is the gigantic trigger under the real seat, I cut it off with a hacksaw and smoother it over with a dremel.
  2. I'm personally a huge fan of the Tica Wreck Series for bottom fishing. I have 3 different models, all phenomenal. Less expensive than the triflex I think, more sensitive, lighter, plenty strong. The 7'6" rod rated 20-40 is a great all around, have bucktailed fluke and dropped down with 10oz on offshore wrecks with the same rod, definitely on the light side for the latter, but got it done. They also started making some 8' models that are great, but might feel "off" with the saltiga 15. Triflex has a clunkier feel to me in any size I've seen, I'd use it for chunking bass more than bottom fishing, but that's just me.
  3. that's my first thought. but more seriously.... I once remember fluking on a party boat near a guy with a conventional reel and spinning rod. I very specifically thought to myself that day, "I heard that can snap a rod from bending the other way, I wonder if its true." Later that trip, as he swung up on a hookset, the rod became a two-piece. Seconds later he said "that's the third one this year". Maybe he's just really unlucky? I don't know.
  4. yea that was my thought. even when you ride right through a school of bunker they all seem to miss the prop, so seems much less likely still for a tog. in my area I always guess bluefish, can make a beautifully clean bite, but never saw one in that position. Seal makes sense, took a chomp as he wedged himself down in his rock crevice.
  5. yes, loads of variables here. I personally keep 15 or 20# braid on a light spinning rod for tossing 1/2 - 1.5 oz jigs, and 30# on a conventional for heavier, more vertical jigging with anything heavier.
  6. many months late but thanks all for the input everyone. ended up needing the kitchen gutted due to a leak anyway, and the machine in question got moved several times, and somewhere along the way it started working fine, so I guess this last part is what it needed.
  7. Been a while since I picked the great brains on here, any thoughts on this one? Refrigerator is working fine, freezer underneath won't stop running. I noticed a layer of frost on everything first, and the light wasn't going on, then I noticed it was running continuously. light switch was just frozen from frost, so that was simple to wiggle loose. There's no actual issue with it cooling, everything is frozen solid, probably even more than usual. Just not sensing that its cold enough in some way? Maybe I'm way off here, but one resident of the house has a problem with not closing doors of any sort... could that have caused moisture to get in there and create the frost and freeze something else up?
  8. Haven't eaten any this year, but that would be my guess. they turn faster than almost any other fish that I can think of for some reason. Even the color changes in a couple days.
  9. freehold, nj
  10. Free to a good home. Left here by previous owners, wife hates it. Pickup in freehold or I can deliver locally if you buy me some gas.
  11. I'll take it at asking price shipped, if you'll take a personal check. can wait for it to clear.
  12. same size range as regular boston/atlantic macks, 12-15" I'd say. skinnier than the bullet/frigate macks, definitely not bonito or spanish macks. Like I said, pretty much dead on for an atlantic, same stripes/shape, but maybe slightly more faded colors,more silver, but its very slight, could be seasonal variation. We were getting them in 10-20' of water with porgies, triggers, cocktail blues, and the chub macks all together. LAST summer we had a lot of fatter mackerel when fluking in 50-70' water, and I think those could have been the frigates, at the time we had no clue on those. All the pics I could find were the chubs with the big eyes.
  13. Nope, the one's I'm talking about have small eyes like a boston. We have had chubs around too, but these other ones have been mixed in, and a few per trip. Can they just be Bostons? The only part that confused me is the warm water.
  14. 2 Burner Grill, many years of use, but still works. Needs new starter/igniter, but works fine with a lighter. Free to a good home. Located in Freehold, can deliver locally.
  15. Any thought on what species of mackerel this is that have been showing up with the little bluefish? I know the chub mackerel with the big eyes, and the spanish macks and bonito are obvious with the different markings... but there's another one that looks like a boston/atlantic mackerel? Is that what it is? I always thought they were very specific in their temperature preferences, 45-55 degrees, but these fish are in 75 degree water?