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  1. Do you use a cold smoker? I have a smoker for meat and sausage I use all the time but from what I've heard cold smoking is the way to go with fish.
  2. Caw, Caw, Caw HAHAHA!!!!!
  3. I can't figure out how to delete/move it!?
  4. Selling a rarely used (daughters fishing rod) Penn 440ssg with new line on a 7' Tsunami airwave rod. Used maybe 6 times, like new. $100 firm.
  5. You ever want to read some funny stuff go to Northeastshooters forums, look under I think "Gun Shops". There's a full 20-30 pages devoted to the horrible service from Powderhorn!!!! Still can't figure out how he stays in business with his attitude......
  6. Someday walk up to the gun counter at the Powder Horn.....this will seem like kids play!!!!!!
  7. Working on a F.D. I've had the chance to talk to local cops about the Stand your Ground law. What I wasn't aware of is how much trouble you can get into firing a warning shot! If someone is making a run at me on the front lawn and I put one in the ground next to him or in the air I can get in as much trouble as if I shot him!!!!!! That makes no sense to me.....I know conventional wisdom says if someones after you drop him but if you can scare him off with a warning why not?
  8. Nothing at the pond down the road though......
  9. Took my oldest daughter on driver training and went to Grannys. Cole. ;)
  10. Is that a Ronson lighter?
  11. I just came back from deer hunting for the first time in Maine and here's my take on buckshot. A friend of mine does not still or tree stand hunt, he likes to move. Doing so he uses buckshot because he feels when he shoots at a deer he just jumped he has a better chance of hitting it due to the spread (or the LEAD NET as he calls it). Like Mass. in Maine you can hunt 1/2 hour after sunset. About 10 mins. prior to hunts end he jumped an 8 pointer and gets a shot off. He found a blood trail but no deer. He looked until 8:30ish when it started to downpour and any trail he had washed away, looked a little more in the rain and called it a night. His Brother found it the next morning at sunrise. He had winged it in the right front shoulder, not a fatal shot. The deer was half eaten by coyotes, and by the looks of it went down swinging (2 broken points, lots of beat up ground). Absolute shame. Needless to say had that been a .30-.30 or rifled slug/sabot he would have an 8 pointer on his wall. Save the buckshot for home defense.
  12. Ed Gagnon, Centerville. (508)775-2775, he works on a lot of PD stuff and from what I've heard is very good.
  13. That's actually in Harwich, its Brad Willis's new house........
  14. Yea, you think they would at least make an exception for bow noise and no "Peace" disturbed!
  15. Just got back, nothing! Somebody started sighting in a shotgun close by which didn't help much.......