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  1. Any chance you get up towards CT?
  2. Wish you were closer, I’d be all over this!
  3. Sweet looking ride!
  4. Damn-what is the green boat below the t140 in one pic and on the gurney frame in another? That’s one sleek yak!! Must fly
  5. Check your hooks first-they should be sticky sharp. If they’re not, touch em up till the readily dig into a fingernail-then you have taken that issue out of the equation. Next as mentioned earlier, don’t hold your rod tip high. Think about how much of a hookset you can get when you start with your rod tip high already-very little swing of the rod from this starting position. With your rod tip low, you have a much larger arc to sweep your rod through to effect a legit hookset. A couple little tweaks and I think you’ll see a big increase in your hookup ratio.
  6. Thanks a lot!
  7. Someone on bst looking for one now fyi
  8. Ok, thanks. If one battery will be sufficient, then I can have the second one charged and ready to swap out.
  9. So, I’m in the process of rigging my new Humminbird g2 helix 5 di gps in my Ocean Kayak ultra 4.3. I’m using the transducer recess/scupper utilizing a portion or the supplied bracket and some stainless all thread to mount the transducer since I couldn’t bring myself to spend $80 on the plastic mount from Humminbird. Now to my power question... I have 2 8ah Cabelas SLA batteries. I was planning on putting both into a pelican case and wiring them in parallel connected through a waterproof cable gland to a sae connector so I can charge with my battery tender easily. Is it overkill to run the two batteries for a normal day on the water? Will one battery provide enough power for a day? Thanks for any input
  10. I’m in-thanks for the chance!!
  11. I too have an itch to fish! Thanks for the chance.
  12. So I have narrowed down my FF/GPS options to either the Humminbird Helix 5 G2 DI or the Lowrance Elite 5 Ti downscan. Both units are around the same price point, and both transducers appear as if they will work well with the transducer recess on my OK Trident Ultra 4.3. I ruled out the Raymarine dragonfly and Garmin as well, because both of these had transducers that were too long. I have no experience with either unit, so any insights would be appreciated.
  13. I have narrowed my FF/GPS field to these two units. Similar price points, and both have transducers that appear as if they would work well with the recess on my OK Trident Ultra 4.3. This recess kinda eliminated the Garmins and the Raymarines because their transducers appear to be too long. Any advice one way or the other?? Any insight would be appreciated.
  14. Definitely going cork tape, no reel seat, and the reel is still up in the air.... not trying to break the bank, may give a new BG a try-probably like a 4000 size I’m guessing. I test casted it with a finnor megalite 3000 loaded with 14 lb fireline crystal , and it didn’t feel altogether too small either.
  15. I want to keep this as light as I can. Single foot-maybe no under wraps. I have yet to play with the k series so it will be a first for me, but the kl’s in alconite were the way I am leaning