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  1. I too have an itch to fish! Thanks for the chance.
  2. So I have narrowed down my FF/GPS options to either the Humminbird Helix 5 G2 DI or the Lowrance Elite 5 Ti downscan. Both units are around the same price point, and both transducers appear as if they will work well with the transducer recess on my OK Trident Ultra 4.3. I ruled out the Raymarine dragonfly and Garmin as well, because both of these had transducers that were too long. I have no experience with either unit, so any insights would be appreciated.
  3. I have narrowed my FF/GPS field to these two units. Similar price points, and both have transducers that appear as if they would work well with the recess on my OK Trident Ultra 4.3. This recess kinda eliminated the Garmins and the Raymarines because their transducers appear to be too long. Any advice one way or the other?? Any insight would be appreciated.
  4. Definitely going cork tape, no reel seat, and the reel is still up in the air.... not trying to break the bank, may give a new BG a try-probably like a 4000 size I’m guessing. I test casted it with a finnor megalite 3000 loaded with 14 lb fireline crystal , and it didn’t feel altogether too small either.
  5. I want to keep this as light as I can. Single foot-maybe no under wraps. I have yet to play with the k series so it will be a first for me, but the kl’s in alconite were the way I am leaning
  6. It’s amazing how different it feels without all that weight on it!
  7. Now, what’s the best way to clean up the epoxy residue leftover from the wraps???
  8. So I just finished stripping this rod down and as I hoped, under the cork tape was a painted label!
  9. Still available, I have a buddy that may be interested. Let me know
  10. That’s where I was going with this one-can’t wait to see what it feels like with all of those giant wire guides and super long under wraps off of it
  11. Well, went down to the river and tossed an assortment of plugs....❤️! It threw a 16A bomber well, a 2 oz pencil great, and totally launched a 2 3/8 SS littleneck!!! It worked the pencil like a dream. Heaviest I threw was a 3 oz savage eel, and it was maxed out there. Wouldn’t say it totally punked out, but i wouldn’t really lay into a cast with 3. This made my decision easy-stripping this baby down and building with a modern layout! Love the action on this blank, and think that a modern layout will lighten it up a bit too.
  12. Getting my winter builds lined up. Bought 3 blanks from North Fork Composites for short $. A sw764-1, hs821-1, and a mb795-1 for a total of $105!! Gonna throw a reel on this honey this morning and an assortment of plugs to see how it behaves. I think that’ll be the deciding factor.
  13. Yeah, the kitchen lights definitely made it look way lighter in the pictures than it is. In one list, I thought I found specs on a mb 96 3e that had a butt diameter of .88, but like Tim said, could have been cut from anything.
  14. Yeah, the more I thought about it, the more I want to keep it as is. Whoever built it did a very nice job-the wraps are really clean. It doesn’t look like it really saw much use at all, and once I wiped the barn dust off of it, it just got better looking. Feels like it will toss some lighter stuff well.
  15. So I picked up a nicely built old school rod at an estate sale. The rod is 8’, honey colored, and has no markings whatsoever. 7 wire guides plus tip, cork tape, no seat. Looks like butt diameter is .88, and can’t get an accurate tip diameter because of the tip top. The first guide is like a 65. My first thought was to strip the guides and rebuild with a modern layout, but I’m a little torn. What would you do??