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  1. Two things will do you in more likely than anything else-fuel and water. If you don’t have an in-line fuel separator/filter-install one. I like the see through bowl on the bottom of the element. Don’t rely on the translucent plastic filter under the cover to protect you. Next -make sure your water pump is up to snuff. If I didn’t personally know the previous owner well, I’d just do the water pump to know it’s good. And sea tow/boat us is great insurance to have-just another consideration
  2. Uni to uni for me. I had tried the Alberto several times, and I’m sure it’s me, but I have had failures with it. In my mind, it seems like the knot results in a hinging point with the braid eventually weakening and finally parting. I love the simplicity and slim profile of the knot (bend) but just don’t have any confidence in it. Again, many here love it, and I certainly may have done something wrong tying it, but I haven’t had a doubles uni fail me.
  3. Frank Woolner was the editor of Salt Water Sportsman for decades. I wouldn’t know if he made that plug, owned it, or just signed it-but would be very interested to hear from those who know lots more than me-there’s a story there I’m sure.
  4. Would love another Old Florida myself-never see em for sale. Great reels! Didn’t Redington put their name on an old Florida once upon a time??
  5. Thanks for the input-was really hoping to get a limper, slicker braid. All sound like good options. Emptyhook-I am amazed how fast the spiderwire stealth lost its stiffness-that was actually the death knell for my trusty ol ahab!!
  6. BTW, coming from a Finnor ahab that only barely handled fire line crystal ok, I am looking forward to using a reel that manages line well that hopefully doesn’t have to as stiff and coarse as the fire line crystal (although it is tough as hell!!)
  7. So I’ve decided to pull the trigger on the Saragossa 6k to pair with my Century Ss 1265 for plugging. Coming from a super finicky reel with braid, I’m trying to narrow my line options. Was planning on running 30 lb braid. For those of you who fish this reel, what braids does it play nicely with??? Thanks!
  8. I’m trying to remember where that machine was. Sadly Newtown bait and tackle is gone. Rich and Jan were great, and for a shop 15 miles from the shore, they had a great surf selection too. The new shop in Newtown is about 1 mile south of NB&T location, and is not related to the old shop. The new owner is a vet who pours his own baits.
  9. That’s news to me. Even if they’re changing it up maybe the old ones will be discounted. My last plastic (graphite) surf reel was a penn something or other that I eventually hucked because of the horrible flex at the reel stem-but that was a long time ago and I know materials have improved significantly
  10. Sorry -Bridgeport basspro
  11. So I just ran down to bpt basspro and fondled the Saragossa 6000 and the Slammer 5500. First impressions is the slammer is way bigger and noticeably heavier than the Saragossa. The gosa has signature Shimano smoothness, yet the penn was not far behind. Not sure how to exactly put it, but the gosa seemed a little more “refined”. The slammer is seemingly a tank of a reel, and seems even larger than my ahab. They didn’t have the 4500 in stock to compare size. BPS was pretty wiped out of most reels. Of course they were full boat retail on both at $269 each.
  12. Was just on bpt and there were a couple of 3000
  13. Not sure what relatively inexpensive is to you but the pfleuger trion and maxx have endured many hours of abuse by my kids and still function well years later. On the other hand I purchased myself a Shimano Sedona 1000 for trout that I love (a little more $$ tho)
  14. I watched scoobys side by side review of the gosa and slammer, and it really seems like a toss up. I like the brass main of the penn and the ar/at sealing of the gosa. Really scratching my head
  15. Too bad-I love the big cork drag and huge stainless main gear-just hate the crappy line management