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  1. Stayed at the park three days,not many fish,catfish,jacks and one out of slot snook,37 inches.Liked the park and will probably return.
  2. Hope to stay at the state park and do some fishing.Haven't been there and could use some advise on what to target and likely areas,not secret spots just public ones.Hope to have fish for dinner a couple times while there.
  3. Been on the news quite a bit last couple days.Hope they don't get in trouble for the video as they did let it go alive.
  4. true
  5. [ATTACHMENT=13207]2014-02-17_12.14.18_0263.jpgb.jpg (183k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
  6. Very nice shots.Would you reveal the method you used to get them?Only time I ever got a shot close to them was a time when there was so much lightening that one couldn't miss.
  7. I have fished the panama city area quite a bit from mid Sept to mid Oct. usually staying at St Andrews.Most of my fishing is done from the jetty or sand point.Catch quite a few Spanish and a lot of oversize redfish.There are two piers in the park,one on the gulf side where one can get into schools of blues,Spanish and ladyfish.The little pier on the lagoon side is a good place to catch bait or net mullet
  8. From the album The "Insects" Thread

  9. Just moved to Port Charlotte,don't know a thing about snook fishing.Any use fishing the surf from the beaches in south Venice?
  10. Put these on sale at the big internet store yesterday