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  1. That's definitely a concern. The bigger "problem" is that there are albies and stripers that I'd rather be fishing for during blackfish season.
  2. I've got a bunch of other underwater videos that show the same thing - rapid motion gets their attention and gets them worked up.
  3. I know it's not fluke season for most of us, but I just posted one of my best underwater videos. Two of the fluke actually eat the camera in this one. Enjoy.
  4. Lamiglas GSB1321M Blank Specs 1999 butt= .87, tip=12, weight=11 2016 butt=.84, tip=11, weight=9.1 My "new" one is around 2009 and is significantly different than my 1991 blank. The new one is a nice beach plugging rod. The old one is better suited for heavy bucktails or big eels on an inlet jetty.
  5. I caught plenty of action on this one. Lots of fun watching what's going on down there, and how stripers can be plentiful and just ignoring your offerings.
  6. I've got that rod. It's a VS 200 or a Penn 6500SSV bailess for me. I ended up using the Penn on that rod all last season.
  7. Was just looking to do something different so I hunted down my old pyramid sinkers and spiked a bait rod for the first time in a couple of decades in hopes of battling a shark from the beach. No shark, but a giant Butterfly ray instead. I think they're pretty unusual on LI, but I see from the Jersey beach shark thread that an even larger one was beached in Jersey a couple of years ago. It put up a great fight and was released promptly.
  8. Wow. I'm tired just thinking of that many little kids. Enjoy them, as they'll be in college before you know it.
  9. I've got one of those. Sweet rod. I'd definitely go with the 5500SSV.
  10. I have limited but successful experience with Keys cudas from a kayak. High speed retrieve was key for me. A 6-inch Cordell Pencil, especially green, was my most productive lure. These vids might help.
  11. It's not intentionally longer. It's just my lousy quality control. I try to make them about the length shown in the video.
  12. I'm glad you found my review useful and that you like the rod. I'm impressed with how much effort Tsunami put into getting it right. They sent me a prototype of that rod last summer. It was good, but not as parabolic and conducive to penciling as this one. Before I could send it back they said don't bother because they weren't satisfied. A year or so later this one came out. Really a superb stick, not just for the money, but in general.
  13. There's no way I could film underwater retrieves. Any bounce on the camera bounces the video terribly.
  14. Definitely! I doubt I ever reached more than 7 feet of water on this trip and the fish hit in about 2-3 feet of water.