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  1. We smoked the salmon and lakers today almost exclusively on db smelts. I bet we put about 30 fish in the boat. Nothing was huge, but some of the lakers were up to 4-5 lbs and a couple salmon were 18-20”… solid outing on our first full day. This is the first salmon I’ve ever gotten to hand and roughly average size. Highlight of the day was when a very friendly deer came to the cabin.
  2. I’m very new to the trolling game- I don’t have a boat so I join my buddy when I get the invite. This was the spoon we had the most bites on that day, but a lot of times we drag small stick baits. we’re up at Moosehead now and can see the thermocline now that it starting to set up. The scenery is awesome… weather, not so much. Look just in front of the doe- that little dawn is only a day or 2 old.
  3. What are you using to get your temperature at depth? I have a buddy that does quite a bit of trolling for trout. He likes to try and target the thermocline but has to guess at the depths. We got out last week and put about 20 in the boat by 11:00- most were small browns on flutter sooons, but we got a few rainbows, tigers, and a nice brookie to round things out.
  4. Any chance they were more seabass? They look kinda odd when they feed on the surface- I got them to eat a jumpin minnow a handful of times.
  5. Yah they are. I still see a few almost every day- I think they’re people with either self confidence issues or the wacka dos that think they can stop the spread…
  6. People wearing masks and the yentas still bitching about what happened 2 years ago.
  7. Sorry if I hurt your feelings.
  8. Old people driving RVs are on the list- most shouldn’t have their license.
  9. Probably the dildos that wake up and think about politics all day long… you know, the ones that say liberals or right wing or left wing in every sentence. Those goobers are only slightly ahead of the whackos that are still carrying on about Covid.
  10. He could always use line conditioner. There’s a tread in the main that I’m following closely.
  11. They get all lit up with pink and red faces when the spawn. I used to get a lot of them growing up in New Hampshire, fishing little streams. Some of them were up to about 16-18”.
  12. I kept one a number of years ago that was 47” and 39lbs… I felt like a douch for killing it and haven’t kept another since. About 3 weeks later, I picked one up that was 48” and way thicker- it swam off like a champ. I only use my boga on bluefish in the kayak now. I use it to keep their moth open and head just barely out of the water. I don’t see a reason to carry one with me any other time.
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