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  1. I hear they taste like plover.
  2. Ground hogs are really destructive, and as someone mentioned, it’s illegal to relocate in most states. I’ve taken care of 3 groundhogs with these. You just need to hit them in the head. For some reason they avoid our trap.
  3. The same exact thing happened to me… about a year ago, I had a new blank ready to be wrapped up and the guides just showed up. I went to go put the first one on and lost my mind… I couldn’t see the thread. I ran out to CVS and problem solve for now. I need to get some real glasses soon.
  4. It was a mostly peaceful protest held by those that are against the discharge pipe across the river.
  5. I had an awesome morning fishing to tailing blues in the fog. Early on, they were tough to get to bite, but when the fog burned off they got pretty dumb. Most were 6-8lbs and a couple went 10ish- a few were closer to 4. A couple small bass were in the mix too.
  6. Here’s the whole story- it’s funded by EPA to help study the feasibility of waste water diversion from the wareham plant to the canal.
  7. Someone roofie a dog?
  8. Yup, that happened when I was a kid too… but chicken pox was a virus you only got once. That was before the chicken pox jab. Now nobody in the states gets chicken pox.
  9. Are you guys talking about this thing? It’s a YSI- it measures temperature, salinity, DO and probably a handful of other things depending upon what sensors are on it.
  10. Twitter science.
  11. What do the natural antibodies do? Lots of people are getting it two or more times. it’s like saying you should try and get the flu so you can get those antibodies.
  12. I work on boats around the world. Must just be an uneven fog bank in the background, because regal sword is 15 miles from shore.
  13. This photo was in the first article I saw when I googled “orca in cape cod bay”. You can see land in the background. the second link had a video and said it was near regal sword (SE of Chatham).
  14. That looks like a windowpane flounder, but I’m not positive.