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  1. It’s called being educated... if you don’t want ticks, wear cloths covered in permethrin when trudging through the woods, if you want to avoid flesh eating bacteria, try not to handle fish covered in red soars... etc. “back in the day” did you really know any better? If you want to roll the dice then it’s up to you. When I catch fish covered in soars, I grab the hook(s) with pliers and shake.
  2. I spent a month up in prince Williams sound for work in June 2004ish. The halibut fishing was great, but don’t overlook other bottom dwellers. Yellow eye rockfish, tiger rockfish and a handful of others are fun and will keep you busy between halibut bites. I mostly just bounced 3-6 oz jigs, but bait (frozen herring) worked equally well. I saw a few halibut caught by others that were ~ 200lbs, but my best few were around 125-150lbs. The best fish in my opinion were in the 80 lb class. They pulled hard but were easy to release.
  3. So it looks like I started my seeds way too early and the plants are running out of space in our little grow tent. How early is too early to harden tomatoes off? I’ll keep the peppers and eggplant inside for a couple more weeks, but the tomatoes are close to 2.5’ tall. I’m along the south shore. our peas and beans are starting to look good outside, and the kale from last year doesn’t look too bad either.
  4. The quota was just set back to the traditional annual quota. The 2018 quota was reduced because of an overage in 2017. Hopefully Mass will change size limits to minimize the number of fish killed by recreational guys like. Or maybe make a closed season...
  5. They only cancelled trophy season right? I think they still get to kill 2 baby bass in May/June.
  6. Cool thanks guys. I’ll start them in a couple weeks indoors and save a few seeds for out doors. I turned the beds and manure over today after work- time for lettuce and beans/peas this weekend. i love spring!
  7. This is the first year that we’re starting from seed. My in-laws gave us their old grow tent, and everything seems happy so far. I have to turn over the beds next weekend and put some lettuce in the ground and then beans and peas. I’m debating about starting the zucchini and cucumbers inside or outside- any thoughts?
  8. Here's a few cool ones from the west coast ~ 15 years ago. The first 3 are something in the Sebastes family (tiger rockfish, yellow-eye rockfish and something else..). The 3rd fish is a kelp greenling- a coworker got that one. They have blueish colored meat. The last one is an over grown flounder.
  9. I’m pretty sure that’s an adult banded rudder fish. I got one a year or 2 back on a jumpin minnow from the beach. cool bi-catch when Albie fishing. up in Alaska. I got some really cool reef fish I’ll see if I can dig up some old pics.
  10. Yup, they fly. I use them when the wind is honking. They have enough drag where you can still feel them thumping even in a stiff cross wind. They also don’t start skipping when you close your bail on a long cast with a cross wind. I’m going to throw one in the bag when I go jigging sea bass- I bet they’ll work well.
  11. Amazon has some made by scuba choice. They should do the job- they have all different sizes.
  12. Definitely bring some sp minnows. They work just fine down there. If I were you, i’d reach out to Wes and book a morning with him- preferably the first day or 2 you’ll be down there. It’s short money and you’ll see some great beaches. June is good for roosters and jacks, and i’m not sure if Seirra Macs will still be there. If Macs are are around, it wouldn’t hurt to bring some #3 deadly dicks and large size hogy epoxy minnows (not the heavy ones). All of the times i’ve been down there were february or April. I’d love to go down in June or September... one day.
  13. I don’t have any actual numbers to back this up, but here’s my basic thoughts. In mass commercial bass boats are hook and line only. Hopefully soon to be hook and line with circle hooks only when fishing bait. The bite off Chatham a few years back was a jig bite and mostly legal fish- probably low discard and low mortality. The eel bite in CCB over the past couple years had mixed size schools and probably higher discards and higher mortality rates- probably higher that the Chatham bite because of gut hooked fish but lower than 9% because it’s cold water. Commercial guys that drag for true bottom fish probably have little to no by-catch of bass- these are the deep water offshore draggers that i’m talking about (not the small day boats that drag for fluke, scup, and bsb). The midwater trawlers probably have way more than their fair share of by-catch, but as of a few months ago, they need to stay at least 12 miles offshore (20 from the cape I think). So that’ll help a lot. Any by-catch from these two types of boat probably dies. I think the 9%mortality rate is based on historic studies. It’s intended to cover the entire striped bass coast including warmer areas where C&R mortality is way higher than say cold water in CCB. I’ve heard some say it may be an underestimate, but it does seem high to me. I haven’t read any of the studies closely so i’m Not sure.
  14. I know- I live 5-10 minutes down the road. I hate that place on a “breaking tide”. So many dead fish it really is disgusting. I don’t fish breaking tides anymore. The mindset of “since i’m allowed to kill one, I will” is what will be the death of the fishery. We could get away with it years ago, but with the explosion of recreational fishing, reduced size limits, and all the knowledge right at your fingertips, anyone can put a legal fish on the rocks. The only way to reduce the harvest is to make it more difficult to catch a legal fish- tighter limits (or fewer fish). We can’t change the mindset, or take away info that’s been shared on-line. Kinda sucks.
  15. Charter guys are considered recreational. Otherwise they’d only fish 2 days a week and only from June through the quota being filled. i hear yah though. Lots of those charter/6-pack guys help fill freezers with fish that can be thrown out the following April.... Coast wide, the rec guys need to stop killing so many fish. We are the problem here.