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  1. Also, this was in the frequently asked questions: 12. Can I still snag menhaden for bait? Yes, but once you’ve snagged a menhaden (generally using a treble hook), you’ll need to transfer it to a circle hook to be used as bait to target striped bass. Once on a circle hook, you can fish the menhaden by live-lining it or as chunk bait. The technique known as "snag and drop" when you snag a menhaden then immediately live line it on the treble hook is now prohibited.
  2. I’m pretty sure that isn’t true. Here’s the only exception on the mass dmf website: ”Recreational anglers are now required to use in-line circle hooks when fishing with whole or cut natural baits. An inline circle hook is defined as a fishing hook designed and manufactured so that the point of the hook is not offset from the shank and bend and is turned perpendicularly back towards the shank to form a circular or oval shape. DMF's Circle Hook Brochure has additional information about this gear. Exempt from this requirement are recreational anglers fishing aboard a for-hire vessel during a for-hire trip and recreational anglers fishing with a natural bait affixed to an artificial lure that is to be cast and retrieved, trolled, or vertically jigged (e.g., tube and worm).”
  3. Are you talking about the small mackerel jigs like these? I jig deadly ducks for scup when I’m waiting for albies to show sometimes- they work great.
  4. Maco’s bait and tackle isn’t far from the park. If you kept it there then you could launch at either end of the ditch depending upon conditions.
  5. Perfect! Thank you!
  6. I’ll double check in a minute. Not sure what went wrong.
  7. I just sent along payment. Thanks for the marias!
  8. I’ll take them. thanks!
  9. Looks like cross-stripe cabbage worms. I never had to deal with them, but a quick google search said neam oil or Bt will work.
  10. This is what I found in a quick search. They eat an epic buttload all thing considered... Quantity Vs. Quality In general, seals consume 4 percent to 6 percent of their body weight daily. The average male grey seal, sporting a dark gray coat with silvery spots, weighs approximately 880 pounds and requires 35 to 52 pounds of food daily. His diet consists of fish, crustaceans, squid and octopuses. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Fisheries Office of Protected Resources notes gray seals also snatch seabirds for a snack when given the opportunity. The relatively diminutive harbor seal weighs 300 pounds on average and needs only 12 to 18 pounds of seafood on his menu daily. The gargantuan male northern elephant seal maintains a body weight of approximately 4,500 pounds and must consume 180 to 270 pounds of food every day.
  11. Once in a while you can fight the fish from the seal, but you can’t ever release the fish (or eat it for that matter). I feel lucky when I get my lure back.
  12. Well that goes against everything I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a LOT of seals eat hooked fish. Plus that bass was less than 18” judging by the gull foot prints. So it was a really itty bitty seal- probably a 10lb harbor seal pup.
  13. It could have been a seal, but it looks like it’s been dead a while to me. Of all the times I’ve had seals eat fish off my line, they usually bring the fish to the surface and eat almost all of it. Usually not the head though. I know there was a dead seal found on monomoy several years back and when they autopsied it, they found either 4 or 5 Hopkins spoons in the belly. I’m sure it was one of the seals fro Ack where Hopkins are a favorite of surfcasters fishing for blues. The reason why I bring this up Is because that seal was eating fish head and all.
  14. I’ll fish around seals- it all depends upon how interested they get once I start fishing. If they perk up and start pacing in the water in front of me, then they have us figured out like on the east side of the cape and Nantucket. But usually they won’t pay much attention. By the way- that dead bass probably wasn’t from a seal. if a seal ate it, it would’ve consumed everything except the head. Sometimes the head too.
  15. He should be fined just for the fillet job. Were they filleted with a shovel?