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  1. I think it is a hydrangea that needs some phosphorus or you added too much acid to it last year. The little plants in the far left, under the purplish hydrangea is columbine- they can have some cool flowers depending on the type.
  2. At least that was a coherent sentence, but you still get this for value added…
  3. What you THINK is the truth isn’t reality. You’re a brainwashed nitwit. When is it going to get through your thick skull, that what you think is reality, really isn’t? yes Tim has had to babysit you. Notice how nobody else gets treated with gloves hands as much as you do? It’s pure sympathy for your mental status.
  4. Joe LeClair is still around. He should be back from Florida soon. Excellent person and a great guide.
  5. Absolutely amazing that Tim puts up with the constant babysitting of this Argentinian.
  6. I think they’re called root maggots. It sounds like beneficial nematodes will take care of them.
  7. Good choice- you should probably represent yourself so you can tell the judge what an ignorant dickhead he is. Just out of curiosity are those coloring books behind your arm? I also always thought people were mocking you with that picture… I always thought it was a stock picture of Woogie from there’s something about Mary.
  8. All of what happened in Texas was the result of abnormal weather conditions and very poor planning. Both coal and gas power plants failed, but we’ll continue our dependencies on those old technologies. I’m sure they have offshore wind in colder climates fairly well figured out. There are offshore wind farms located north of Germany and off the coast of Norway. We’ll never be 100% dependent on wind power- it isn’t a reliable enough source of power. They shut down with over 50kts of wind and don’t do squat when it’s calm. But it’s good to supplement our needs with something that isn’t blowing black smoke up in the air.
  9. That’s what I thought, but figured John knew something I didn’t.
  10. Care to elaborate? Everything I’ve read stated that the wind turbines had little effect on the Texas power issues.
  11. I saw a couple people swimming from Falmouth to the vineyard last year- no life jacket and no wet suit. They did have spotter kayaks and a boat. They were 2/3s there, and I’m sure they made it. I’m also fairly certain I could swim the canal near slack tide- it isn’t that far.
  12. There should be plenty of winter flounder trickling in around dear island flats. Haven’t fished there in a while, but now should be the right time.
  13. Apparently whiting are doing fine too- commercial guys are getting their limits without any issues. cod are making a great comeback- we’ll be getting them from shore in no time.
  14. I’m with you Ged. I’ve seen much of what Mike’s posted here and in other forums and he seems to be just another guy saying he’d like to represent the recreational community when he’d actually be the first to point the finger at the recs. Just like how he said recreational guys are responsible for annihilating the winter flounder stocks.