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  1. Loved it! Thanks for sharing
  2. Levari, thank you for the update and review on this rod. I really love mine. Unfortunately, I have had minimum use with the rod since I didn’t get out much this spring. Hope to put some big fish on it in the fall. Your 100% right about its lightness. it’s amazing this rod can be cast for hours with no fatigue.
  3. Nice meeting you Y&D. Thank you for a super good deal on a immaculate reel. It’s like new!!! Thanks again!
  4. How about a NJ Turnpike, exit 13 meetup? No shipping, no trades, no BS. Just a fast CASH exchange. Let me know. Thanks.
  5. Great info here, thanks Scoob!
  6. Yeah well no worries. If it’s anything like most of the tournaments we have here in NJ, there will be 300 hundred guys participating with no fish caught. The big prize money goes to the most sun dials caught or the biggest dogfish.
  7. From what I have researched so far, this new Spheros will only have the core protect and not the Xprotect. The Core protect is only a waterproof treatment. The X protect has the seals. Big difference.
  8. Penn Torque gen 1, gen 2, Slammer 3, and all mentioned above will be water RESISTANT to dunking.
  9. Just pick up a Spinfisher VI or Slammer. CNC gears, a lot of seals, all metal body, easy parts availability even though I doubt you will need them. These reels blow away the cheapo Jap stuff in the salt. I’d like to see you kill one of these reels. If you shop enough online, these reels can be found at big discounts.
  10. I’m sure it was delicious. Freezing it was the big mistake. Next time, eat it the same or next day or don’t keep it. The quality and freshness of the meat will be light years better.
  11. Since I was a kid, I always referred to kingfish as Tommycod. Anyone else ever call them Tommycod up here in Jersey?
  12. Offer retracted
  13. Not sure what type of chest freezer you have now, but my advice is DO NOT buy a frost free freezer. Buy a chest freezer that builds the ice up on the inside. The food will stay months longer in the non frost free freezer. The frost free freezers actually go through a defrost cycle to keep ice from forming inside. That’s bad for food! Once a year I use a hammer and paint scraper and lightly knock the built up frost off of the freezer chassis. So easy, and my freezer is a 12 year old frigidaire.
  14. Im wondering about this. I drive a Ram 1500 Hemi. I notice on some of the hottest days when driving on the beach, with the wind to rear of the truck, temp gauge reads slightly higher. I assume it’s not a problem. Never even thought about the tranny. On the electronic dash computer I can see the tranny temperature reading. Only problem is, I have no clue what is a normal or high temperature. When is it to hot?
  15. The SM was designed for surfcasting. It would be fine for offshore use also. I prefer to use other reels for offshore only because the mag feel awkward to me when palming the reel all day while fishing on a boat. Other models are more comfortable. No customer service to break down an SM. It’s a piece of cake. I do not own Akios, but I have many Abu’s which are similar. Competent reels for sure, but they feel like toys compared to an SM.