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  1. Thanks Belmo, I already have one of these beauties and it’s built like a tank. I know they are hard to come by. I’m hoping to pick up another as a backup.
  2. I said it was NIB. There are pictures of the box. Sale pending to IBSP Backup buyers are welcome to post
  3. Brand new Saltiga. Never fished, never lined. I have 2 of these amazing reels in the 20 size. I purchased this second unit with intention of sending it in to Ryan white for some modifications and a mag installation. I decided to go the same route but with the 30H. I have to many conventionals in this size. This is the best of the best guys!!! This is a paypal sale only. NO NEGOTIATIONS! Price is firm at $290.00 shipped to your door. No trades, and I will not respond to any offers other than full asking price. This is a no nonsense deal, and if you are looking for one of these reels, you know that already considering this is $400.00 reel. This is brand new in box!!! Prompt payment will be expected. Thanks.
  4. Bumping this up. Anyone has a reasonably priced reel, let me know. Im always looking for a backup to the one I have been fishing already. Thx
  5. I haven’t switched to either method of casting. I use both. The reason most guys lean towards the spinners is because it’s easier and less intimidating to learn. Now with the more modern long cast spinner designs, the casting distance achieved between the 2 methods will be negligible. Only the most experienced casters will achieve better distance with conventional. I’m talking about casting 5-8 and bait, not distance casting on a field.
  6. Thanks MG, I’m gonna let it ride for now and see what else comes up. The highest I could go at this time would be $275.00shipped for a mint reel. If you decide to let it go for less, get back to me and we can make it happen fast. Appreciate the response.
  7. Looking to purchase the older generation Torque 100 star drag. This is the reel with the slider mag. I would prefer if the reel is near mint or like new. Not interested in any other model. Let me know if you have one to sell. Thanks
  8. Beautiful reel! Your gonna love it! Any of the defects you described will be an easy fix if you send it in to the factory. The Torque truly is an American made “super spinner”, and Penn offers some of the best service in the industry. I should also mention, Penn has the best communication with there customers, especially right here on SOL.
  9. Just recently I enquired about who the company is that made FSC blanks. Someone responded that it might be a company named Talon in Washington state. They have a website. Who knows, you might find a rod tip match for your rod.
  10. Just fish em!! Nothing wrong with collecting, but eventually you will either lose interest with the hobby or years later, ask yourself, WTF am I doing with all these plugs hangin on some dusty shelf. Sooner or later you will sell them. If collecting them for investment purposes, you”ll end up a poor, broken old man.
  11. As time goes on, I have really come to favor the BG. Can easily find one for under a hundred bucks. I can also recommend the Shimano Nasci too. It’s a very capable reel for the price, and it does have a better quality forged gear compared to the BG cast gear.
  12. Did anyone see the Jim Acosta video of him at the border today? He is a joke and one of the biggest scumbags in cable news. My wife and I haven’t had a laugh that good in a long time. He was saying how tranquil it is at the border.....LMFAO! As for the wall, it’s nothing more than politics for the Dems. The lowlifes on the left would rather spite themselves and the rest of the country just to not give Trump a win. Shumer and Pelosi are a total disgrace to there party and to the country. Just think, if Shumer and Pelosi thought that all the illegals flooding into our country would vote Republican, The wall would be built 100 feet high with 1000,000 volts of electricity running through it.
  13. Sent a reel into Rivers end once. Good service, good communication, fair pricing. Lou at Fisherman’s Headquarters is the best of all. He spent time with me on the phone offering upgrade advice on my VSX. He also told me to bring my reel in at a specific time and he would service it while I waited. I needed a new sideplate for one of my reels and he had the right part in the right color in stock. Overall, a good guy with very reasonable prices. Highly recommend.