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  1. Cals grease is all I use for drag washers. I have to give props to Daiwa for their drags. The smoothest I ever fished of any brand. I am trying to find out what grease Daiwa uses to lube their reel internals, and for the drags. I know it’s their proprietary formula, but I would like to buy it. I know it’s white, but it’s much better than the Penn blue grease that I usually use. Anyone know the exact grease? @EricL, how bout you?
  2. Hey Penn, What’s the deal with the Squall 12/15 SD reels in lefty? I have a 12 in lefty that a friend tried over the weekend, and now he wants one. I just checked your website and they do not show the 12/15 size in lefty. Only in the 25 size and up. I know these are pretty new. Did you cancel the lefty version?
  3. I have the rod. Also own the 9 footer. Both, fantastic rods for the price. I paired the 8 footer with a Battle 3 DX 3000. Very light and handles some nice size fish.
  4. Sold. Nice meeting you SilverEagle. Thank you!!
  5. Thanks for the offer Harry. I would prefer to just sell outright. If anything changes I’ll be in touch.
  6. Sale pending to SilverEagle. PM sent.
  7. I have for sale a beautiful SSVI 2500. Only fished on a couple of outings. Loaded with 150yds 20lb. PP superslick. Includes box and paperwork ( not pictured). I have so many reels in this size. This one needs a new home. Asking $100.00 firm cash pickup. Will also consider trades of same value on larger reels or possibly a rod in nice condition. No shipping, no paypal. I’ll be in Ocean County most of the weekend if you want to meet. Thanks
  8. I’ll take the Abu 4500. Sending PM
  9. Hey Fcap, I only have a few spinners that I will trade if you want. All 3 are like new with braid. All have box and paperwork. All 3 sell new, for what you are asking for your reels. I will only trade 1 for 1 or 2 for both of your reels. Even swap. Not sure if these sizes are what you are looking for, but let me know if interested. With their new policies, i’m doing my best to stay away from Paypal, and other online payment services. Its either cash or trades from here on in for me, when buying or selling if possible. Thanks 1) Daiwa Exceler 4000 LT current model 2) Daiwa Exceler 2500 LT current model 3) Daiwa Legalis 3000 LT current model
  10. Forget what the sharpies tell you. Whether others like the color or not, your gold VS is worth a lot more than any black or silver out there. The gold VS, is more valuable, more rare, and more sought after than any of the other models. With yours being a lefty, it’s even harder to find. Don’t give it away. If it was me, I would start at a price of a $1000.00 or higher. My advice to you, list it on fleabay, and start the auction at a $1000.00. List the buy it now for $1200.00. Of course, conditon means everything. If your reel is really clean, you’ll get your price. If it looks more used, expect less.
  11. Good stuff there, Mark.
  12. No, i’m a Penn, Shimano, Daiwa, VS guy. And since you quoted me, your getting an answer whether you want one or not. Oh, and btw, I still stand with my last post. The current gen. Spheros still sucks.
  13. The current generation spheros reels suck. Not as good as the last gen. You are on the money about the geariness. I bought 2 new Spheros and both got grindy after a couple of fish. Totally unacceptable! Yeah, the price is good, yes they are very water resistant, but I have to give the nod to CNC gear Penns. Smooth and rugged.
  14. Your right, and Penn blew it. They already had a competitor for VS. It was the Torque. They could have perfected it with different models and sizes, but instead they will direct you to VS for a waterproof reel. Pure Fishing did this. I really like Penns Chinese made Slammers and Spinfishers. I own quite a few. They are great reels. When I bought my Torques, I wanted American made. It was one of the last US made reels they made. Unfortunately, the Authority just doesn’t cut it for me. I’m sure it’s a very nice, very capable reel, but it’s not an American made, handcrafted in Philly, Torque.
  15. Gorgeous setup, Eric. Looking forward to your feedback once you take her for a spin.