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  1. This is very good advice. These reels are some of the best. I have both second gen. Squall and Fathoms. Never any problems. What Tunanorth said is accurate, but also these reels make slight a slight mechanical noise when cranking. Sometimes that mechanical noise can be mistaken for a less smooth drivetrain because of the very faint vibration. But the gearing is very strong and they mesh well. I prefer the mag dial much more than the knob. The dial has strong positive clicks that do not slip. It also lets me palm the reel better. Penns system is the best. Better than knobs and better than sliders.
  2. ^ ^ These 20% of the time ^ ^ These 80% of the time Im talking about using these clips when applied to surffishing blues/striper/fluke, throwing shads, bucktails, and lures. Never had a failure with either clip. No reason to tie loop knots. Especially if you want to change lures often. Plus, most northeast species are not line or terminal tackle shy. Also, never has a problem with presentation of the lures using these clips.
  3. Hey JK, just so you know, my comments weren’t directed at you . I always read your feedback in other threads and it’s always appreciated. As for the Torques, I have self serviced a few myself. Very easy. I am also well aware of the changes Penn made with the second gen. My point is, whatever updates Penn did to the newer model, it’s how is goes about doing what it does, shows me no difference in water resistance. Maybe I don’t fish as hard as you, but my torques get dunked, both generations. I see no difference.
  4. Great question. And the answer is, it’s not better sealed. I own both generation Torque spinners in different sizes. Anybody tells you the newer version isn't sealed as good is full of sh-t. Give Penn a call and ask them, instead of the bolony artist experts. Also, a call to Van Staal might be a good idea. Ask them what their reels are rated to, and see what kind of answer they give you. My bet is you won’t get an answer. The biggest mistake Penn made was put and IPX rating on the Torque. Now, any so called “sealed reel” is 100% waterproof if it doesn’t have a rating. LMAO! What a joke! I have VS reels, Penns, and many others. They all have their good and bad. Maybe others experienced water intrusion on their second generation Torques. I never did. My advice would be either stay with the Torque or stick with the Slammer until your lefty VS comes in. The Stella’s and Saltigas are great reels, just not the best for the surf.
  5. Drew, do you have the rod sock for it?
  6. Last bump before I move to different site. Available for meetup in Bergen county area all weekend. I will also consider shipping, if buyer ships me empty tube with prepaid return postage. Airwave- new price, $130.00 FIRM Lami’s- both still $200.00 each FIRM
  7. Nope. Price is firm.
  8. I’m in Ocean County until Saturday evening, if anybody wants any of these rods. Otherwise, i’ll be available to meet in Bergen County all of next week.
  9. I’m in Ocean County till Saturday night if anyone wants to meet for a quick sale.
  10. I’m busy. No deals today.
  11. Im in upper Bergen county. A little north of Paramus area. I’m also in Ocean County this coming weekend.
  12. I had another 4 sale thread started with one of the rods. I just combined 3 rods in 1 thread. I have 2 beautiful condition GSB’s and 1 perfect condition AW Elite. These rods are for cash sale/meetup only. I can meetup in Bergen County or Ocean county depending on the time of the week. No trades. No shipping. PRICES ARE FIRM with purchase of 1rod. I will offer small discount for purchase of 2 or all. Thank you. 1) Lami XS 11 MS spinning rod. Rod is in never fished condition. Built on the GSB 1322L blank. It’s a 2 piece 50/50 rated at 2-4oz. $200.00 cash meetup. 2) Lami XS 11 MHC conventional rod. This rod in in close to new condition. Built on 1322M blank. It’s a 2 piece 50/50 rated at 3-8. The realistic rating for this rod is more like a 2-6. These are rare and hard to find. $200.00 cash meetup. 3) Tsunami Airwave Elite. This is the super popular 9’6” 3/4-3. Rod is like new! $140.00 cash meetup.
  13. I’m done with the current BG. I had several, and for the price, I think they are just ok. I sold them all. The biggest problem with the current model, they don’t hold up to long term abuse. Other than IAR and some refinements, the current BG doesn’t hold a candle to its predecessor. Not even close!! My advice to the OP, move on to a CNC geared Penn model in the same price range.
  14. Hey guys, I have a cream puff XS11MS. I have had this rod for 10 years and can’t remember fishing it. This rod is built on the older, more desirable GSB 132 2L blank. Better than the newer blanks IMO. The rod looks new!! It is an 11ft., 2 piece, 50/50 split and it’s rated at 2-4oz. I have this rod here at my shore house in OC available for pickup only this weekend. $200.00 cash picked up gets it. Price is FIRM! Don’t ask about shipping. Local pick up only. This is a great deal and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Check pics, and thanks for looking.
  15. Last call. I will be in Lavallette this weekend. I can meet in the Toms River area. Price is firm at $100.00 cash meetup if anyone wants the books. No splits