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  1. I would go a little higher in price and pick up a St Croix Mojo 11ft 3-8. That rod will balance up great with your 6500 Penn. You will have an awesome, versatile combo that can throw bait and plugs. The rod ratings are more like a 2-6 though. Its fine throwing 4-5oz, and a small bait. Also throws an SP Minnow just fine.
  2. Happy Birthday Tim! Wish you the best bud. Hard to believe I have been here on your site for 12 years. Unbelievable! Special place, SOL.
  3. I’ll bump this up once and keep it open for another 48 hours before I purchase new. Anybody have one they are looking to part with?
  4. Tom, Ray, Bob.....all good peoples! It’s the best shop around in the area, and I like spending money there. They keep a killer inventory. None of the other local shops are as well stocked as Grumpys unless you head 10 miles north.
  5. Looking to purchase a 12ft Legend. Preferably the 1-6, but will consider the 2-8. First or second generation is fine. Please do not offer other sizes for sale. I own 4 other Legend rods ranging from 9’-11ft. Only interested in the 12 footer. I can be very particular with my purchases, but it is what it is. Figure I will try here before I buy new Here is what I want: 1) Rod must be in NJ and seller must be able to meet on GSP anywhere between Bergen county and Ocean county. I am not interested in having this rod shipped to me. Cash meetup only. 2) Rod must be in excellent to new condition. I like the cream puffs or the rods that were only fished on occasion. 3) Both top and bottom halves of the rod must have matching serial numbers. 4) Seller price must be at a substantial discount from retail price. Saving me $200.00 is still not enough! I’m looking to make a good cash offer, picked up in person
  6. LMAO! This reasoning is a first for me....lol. I’m thinkin, if my days are numbered, i’m gonna spend as much as possible before I drop dead and let others spend it...haha Hey Joe, I guess the VS pliers are not cost effective if your close to dyin, right? You really crack me up man! lol
  7. I spoke with Ryan White at the SW show this week. He told me they are updating the website. More info on these rods should be coming shortly.
  8. I was at the saltwater show yesterday, and I kept coming back to this particular rod. I was blown away at how light it felt for a 12 footer. I also liked the fact that the tip was a little on the softer/moderate side. Anyone fishing one? I would appreciate any feedback on this model. What do you throw most of the time with it? Also, how much can it really throw, and your opinions on its ratings? Thanks for any info.
  9. Exactly!
  10. Agreed, I didn’t buy my VS pliers with the intention of cutting hooks. I have a pair of hook cutters for that.
  11. Nah, I always have money for the “other toys” so I don’t care. The VS pliers are still better, and if they were the same price as the cheapos your buying, you would choose the VS.
  12. The VS pliers are the best hands down! had mine for almost 15 years, never a problem. I love the guys who own VS, Torques, ZB reels, and they try to justify there $19.00 pliers. Seriously, they suck. At least I don’t have to rinse and lube my VS’s after every session.
  13. I thought the SC warranty was 15 year? Where the hell do you get 18 years from? lol I wouldn’t go as far as saying that if you break you Century rod, your money “goes down the drain”. The company has been around for a long time time now and i’m sure they are honorable when it comes to warranty issues. Your right about there website though. No where on the website do they state the duration of there warranty.
  14. Your wrong! The Penn 975 DOES NOT have magnetic cast control. It has the centrifugal brakes inside the side cover.
  15. Cool stuff! Thanks