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  1. Oh well, so much for skishing.
  2. A VS on a custom rod? Wow! I’m really surprised how this ended. Kurt, Not to many people like you in this world. You are one very impressive and honorable person. God bless! I too would love to know how that rig got lost. I forgot to mention, how special SOL really is. Tim and staff really are top notch people.
  3. I’ll offer you $640.00 cash picked up.
  4. I have one of these older Sealine X 11 foot conventionals that I picked up BRAND NEW right here on the BST many years ago. Stewies right, this rod is an incredible performer at a great value, but they are not easy to come by anymore.
  5. Another really nice rod that I have and don’t fish as much as I should is the Star Stellar Lite 9’ 1-4 conventional surf rod. This rod has a pretty nice, more parabolic bend. It’s perfect for plugging or light bait and weight. If you want pics of the rod and guide layout, let me know. You can pick this rod up for well under a $150.00
  6. Eff the bug sprayer, this is the best 100 bucks I ever spent. Been using it 5 years and it’s been flawless.
  7. I switch between the Shimano 5500CI4 XTC and the Penn Longcast 5500. Both reels perform great. I give the edge to the Shimano if refinement and cutting out every ounce of weight matters. I give the edge to the Penn in rough surf and nasty conditions. If you want more worry free, go with the Penn. Its built tough and can take the elements much better than Shimano.
  8. Wow! I’m impressed! You are right though. The Century Slingshots series are the only rods that I own that can throw far beyond there highest rating. When I first bought my first Slingshot, Ryan told me the rod can throw its highest weight rating PLUS bait. He was not lying.
  9. Been fishing a 1265 for the past 7 years. The absolute best!!! Probably my most fished surf rod for any kind of artificial. It also can handle a 2oz weight and small bait.
  10. Forgot to mention, the SP Coastal has the low rider guides which seems to work well with either spinning or conventional. I can’t imagine a problem finding one of these rods.
  11. I have several Daiwa rods in 9 and 10ft sizes. I would pick up a coastal SP rod. Seems to throw fine, even with a conventional. Really nice rod for the price. I also really like the white TD series. These rods are a fantastic value. They are faster than the SP rods
  12. Thats great service right there! Sending you a new handle without the returning the old one. Enjoy that reel. The BG’s are great reels
  13. Go with a Slammer 5500 or BG4500
  14. The 10 footer is more than adequate to handle big Reds from the surf. It’s a good metal/plugging, light bait rod. If you need to throw 7-8n bait, you’ll need to move up to one of the larger sizes.
  15. I would make you a cash offer, but you still never stated your location.