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  1. Smart man!
  2. Check the little switch under the rotor that controls the auto/manual bail. Make sure it’s fully pushed into on or off position. Better yet, take it off completely.
  3. I’m with you all the way with the Torques being my favorite out of the big 3. I have 3 Torque 5’s, and I took that auto/manual bail switch off of all of them. Seems to be more of a sand trap than anything.
  4. And what level of waterproofness are the VS & ZB? You probably can’t say, because neither company states what that level is. They only tell you “waterproof” or “sealed”. As for the Torque, the second gen. is sealed just as well as the the first. Anyone tells you otherwise, it’s hogwash. I own and fish VS, ZB, and Torques, both generations. I fish them all the same in the same conditions. They all have kept the same level of water “tightness”
  5. Sale pending to Seabassplug. PM sent.
  6. Sold to pennslmmer. Thanks to SOL. Closed
  7. Avet, always a pleasure trading with you......thank you!!! Sale pending to penn slammer. PM on the way.
  8. To those who responded, thanks for the nice words. Young, gear ratio is 4.9. weight is 20.6oz
  9. Here is one for you guys. A beautiful, mint VSX 100. Can you tell the difference between this one and a brand new one? Picked this up last October. Did a 3 week trip to Florida and fished the sand with it. I swam with it the whole time. Great reel!! You can fish this reel all day on a nice 8 or 9 footer, and never feel fatigue. Cant find anything imperfections with this reel. Was always rinsed after a session. Comes with the box, all paperwork, and the bag which was never used or even unfolded from the looks of it. Here is your chance to get a VSX100 that is pretty much indistinguishable from new, at a price that’s hard to pass up. This is a paypal sale only. Price is $500.00 FIRM shipped to your door priority insured, sig confirmation. I will only ship to a confirmed Paypal address. I will not respond to offers less than my asking price. Look at the pics and you will know this a no bullsh-t deal. Prompt payment will be expected. Thank you. Edit: line is not included with this sale.
  10. Guys, what I have here is an immaculate, rare Z4500 in mint condition. No where in the world will you find one like this, anywhere!! I bought this from a member here a couple of years ago. Yes, I fished it a couple of times. I ended up buying a beater of the same model and put this one away. It was just to beautiful to fish. Not sure if I even feel right letting this beauty go, but time to move on. This reel comes with spare spool (wow), box, pouch, all paperwork. Get this, it also comes with brand new factory drag washers, o rings, and body seals!!!!You will be set for life. This has got to be the smoothest reel I ever felt. If you know what this reel is all about, then you know how special of a reel it is. Even more special in this condition. This reel will outlive any of the newer, mag sealed Saltigas This is a Paypal sale only, no trades. Price is $475.00 FIRM. I originally paid $450.00 cash for it, but now I need to help cover my shipping and PP fees. If no one takes this reel, I will list it for a much higher price on the big bay, and it will sell. Check out the prices of the beaters on the bay and see what they’re asking. Price includes shipping. Offers for less than my asking price will go unanswered. Prompt payment will be expected. Check out the pics. Thank you.
  11. Glad I sat out the Subaqua/VR...............they suck. Wouldn’t even consider a Visser.
  12. Reel sold to Avet4life. Thank you Thread closed
  13. Sale pending to Avet4life. PM on the way
  14. Hey guys, I have a very nice condition USA model VS150 for sale. Nice silver color, normal wear marks. Even though the newer Chinese VSX models are smoother, these older US built models are the reels that have that tank like feel. Just had a fresh service from Lou at Fisherman’s Headquarters on LBI. Will include service receipt (pic not included). All seals were replaced, full cleaning and fresh lube added. Also included are the box, bag, and paperwork. The reel is spooled with 30lb PP. Price is $415.00 FIRM!!! Shipped to your door. I only accept Paypal. Reel will be shipped priority insured with sig. confirmation. I only ship to confirmed Paypal address. No trades, no exceptions. This is a no nonsense sale. The price is right and you know it. I will not respond to offers less than full asking price. Prompt payment will be expected. Check out the pics. Thanks for looking.