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  1. They are absolutely amazing.
  2. Go to a welding supply store and buy it buy the pound. 316l welding wire.
  3. On a rubber shad this spring.
  4. As title say looking for the surfcaster belt bag. It has 2 pouches. One for tubes and the other for misc tackle.
  5. That was my first plug I ever bought from him. Intimidated as hell I walked up to his booth and it was Dmag sitting behind his case and JM standing there. And when I pointed to it JM explained the plug ,but it was all a blur lol. I thought it was cool looking so I figured what the hell I will try it out. It rockets. I will be there in June buddy
  6. From the album SHOW US YOUR D MAGS

  7. Thanks Rich. It's always hard because I love his litte swimmers also. Here is the hole collection in hibernation mode. Some are my girl friends. If I touch her plugs I may lose a finger lol.
  8. Sure that works. Unless you would rather give up the white one. If not that will do.
  9. Pichney sold mussos plugs under his name at one point. That's messed up.
  10. What would you need as a kicker for the needle and what about cyclones? Pretty much what would you go 1 for 1 for?
  11. I misread it. I thought you said you would. That's my fault.
  12. What would you go one for one on? Do you have any other sunset swimmers.
  13. Sorry misread your post.
  14. My buddy who was behind me has some also. We bought him out. So I will see if I can get you more. I am sure I can.
  15. I thought it was a Small TB.