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  1. All I can tell you is the one that came free with my 24v does not… they may have a more expensive one that does, so ask the question before dropping the bucks…,
  2. A gun safety course, an FID, a .50 caliber ban, moratoriums on certain ammunition, age limits, access limits... some of these may help prevent a firearms accident, but none of these things will ever have any impact on anyone who makes up their sick minds to kill another person.
  3. Charlotte the Wonder Dog.... every day we wonder when she is going to stop growing.... not even 11 months yet... both the smartest and dumbest thing I have done in a decade..... she is a Great Pyrenees puppy
  4. You know that dumb feeling you get when you pull out of your slip or push off from the dock and remember that you left your sweatshirt or the bait bucket on the dock and you have to go back and get it? Yeah, that's how I feel right now about not thinking about a timer..... great idea... thanks!
  5. When rape is inevitable….. lol … You wont remember any of this in the spring… beat of luck with it!
  6. BTW I have the same setup as you except different battery 24V terranova.... ran it for about 4 hours the other day.... 2 hours against current casting to sodbanks, 2 hours togging on top of a piece of structure for the last 2 hours of the tide... when I was done I had 70% left... that doesn't suck...
  7. I mentioned on an alternate thread that I was using the Dakota Charger that came with my Dakota 24V... not impressed at all with the charger although the price was right. It does not have an auto-shutoff so a day after using the boat (it is in a slip) I have to truck over there and unplug it. The information I read and got from the installer (who very much knows what he is talking about) says there is not fire hazard to speak of because ot the power management system built into the Lithium batteries, but running the charger non-stop on a fully charged battery can impact the life of the battery... and at almost a G a pop... that is an issue. The Dakota comes with an 11 year warranty but who wants to go down that road.... Will most likely replace it with a "smarter" charger next year after recovering from the cost of the battery and the trolling motor and the install....
  8. She has no clue how big she is.. you're sittin there minding your own business on the sofa and the next thing you know there is an 80# polar bear in your lap....
  9. I have one left over from my first wife you can have.... but it is gnawed on a little bit
  10. Well... I guess it is time for an update Remember my cute, little fluffy puppy Charlotte I first posted back in April? Welllllll....she has kind of grown a little bit.... yes, at 10 months old that is her in the front seat of my great big Sequoia that does not look very big now.... But you have to admit... big dogs and big sunrises have a certain amount of magic to them... She recently clocked in at 82#... and still growing..... super sweet disposition with only two small incidents so far. One when a smaller German Shepard decided the he did not want her playing in the dog park with him and grabbed her growling by the scruff of her neck (turned out to be a very bad idea, a couple seconds later it was on it's back with a polar bear paw on its chest and a big set of teeth very close to it's throat), and another time when her friend that she runs on the beach with (85# Dogo Argentino) both decided they wanted the same piece of driftwood.... both of us owners held our breaths for a second when they squared off but luckily for all involved they figured it out between them... The other 99.99% of the time.. just a big fluff muffin...
  11. Its about 4” but it is serrated and razor sharp
  12. I literally tripped over a deal on my Minn Kota and had to pull the trigger quickly, but frankly the Rhodan owners that I know from just my little slice of the lagoon have been very happy not only with the performance but the customer service as well... best of luck with yours!
  13. I have a lobsterman's knife upside down on the front strap of my waders for my safety knife... everything else I pretty much cut with my pliers For everything else it is the Benchmade that is clipped to my pocket wherever I go, fishing or not...
  14. Hate wire, although I do use it on my bunker spoon rods when I am pullin Maja's... I use 60# Braid on my reels for pulling umbrellas, Mojos and Stretches and if I need to get an Umbrella down deeper, I run a trolling drail on an 80# leader a couple feet above the Umbrella. Put put the boat in bare steerage, start paying out the line slowly so the drail does not drop below the umbrella, wait until you bump bottom, and then crank it up a couple turns and keep an eye on your sounder for depth variations. If you are watching your sounder and you are seeing bait mid-column, crank it up higher... but I always start as close to the bottom as possible especially when pulling tubes. Mojos and Umbrellas down deep, couple of Stretch 50's mid-column, couple of Stretch 25's or big Shads closer to the surface.... and go slow...slow...slow...
  15. Like I have agreed with and said before.... all fishing gloves suck, and I have tried everything from the cheapies to the $80 waterproof, guaranteed, Gortex, breathable, blah blah blahs.... My solution is several pair ... a pair of warm Snow Board gloves for when I am running the boat or just walking, a couple pairs of wool gloves that are not too thick that I can fish with and they still hold a little heat when damp, and a pair of these that I picked up last year for when I know my hands are going to get soaked: They are AYGO Insulated Winter Work gloves... cost about $15 on Amazon, are 100% waterproof, have a thin fiber/acrylic lining that helps a little but like all latex/rubber gloves they are only OK at keeping the cold out. The cuff strap helps a little, they are waterproof, and flexible enough to work with.. I found them last winter for my wife to wear while she was working on a rescue farm watering and feeding animals ... pretty good.... bought couple pair for myself...