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  1. Holding cage is best but if just for a couple days in a bind, drill some holes in a 5g bucket with a lid and put a brick in it and hang it off the dock... throw in a bunker to keep them busy :-)
  2. I admire all of you that have the wherewithal to sharpen by hand.. I am just not that guy although I rarely throw a plug, fly or anything else that I have not touched up with a fine file. Chefs Choice for me with a pull thru at the cleaning table if I got lazy and forgot to run them thru for a while. Bought the thing at least 15 years ago and it is still hummin..
  3. Did this one a while ago... I had less gray hair then... maybe it was the gig? LOL! I used mineral oil but it is the same principal... Loading a Swimmer...
  4. Ya think just because there is a little pandemic goin' on that the savings are going to get masked? Not during Clearance Canyon time! The first ever ALL-VIRTUAL Clearance Canyon Sales starts today 10/27 and runs right thru to Nov. 4th. Over 3,000 items marked down from your favorite brands including Simms, Yozuri, Seaguar and many, many more... Been eyeballing a Shimano Talica TAC20 BFC for offshore? Regular $819.99.... under $700! Penn Battle II 4000... under $100! Take me to the Canyon! The sale is On-Line only and you don't have to wear a mask! Stay Tuna-ed
  5. Waders

    Yup... I honestly believe your Hodgemans are still the answer but you need to get yourself a pair of merino wool longjohns, some good wool socks, a thin pair of fleece pants, and take another swing at it. Anything neoprene makes me sweat and that just is not my friend in the cold... You may also want to try putting on a breathable windstop layer (like my gortex vest) under your top layer... it helps keep your core warm and prevents the cold that leeches in from your top layer...
  6. Hi Guys... Have not been on SOL much lately but Ghost reached out to me today and I am going to try and find out what happened for him.. I am not on management staff there anymore but still connected so hopefully I can find out what is up. I do know that everybody is working from home with a short crew in the warehouse to pick and pack orders and there are lots of them... not making any excuses for anybody, just setting the landscape.... hopefully, i can get the scoop and try and get him his answers.
  7. There are some nice sized bones in the Bahamas but the ones we caught near Nassau were just a couple pounds... still great fun. Don't remember how much it was but do recall it was pricey...
  8. Well... it was kind of a mixed bag. First, his skiff sunk the day before we were supposed to go because of a live well problem, then we saw some crazy s**t after some Haitians didnt quite make it to Nassau in a raft....and the ride out in the Bone Crusher was a chiroprators dream until we got out of the harbor and got the island between us and the wind.... but as far as the actual fishing was concerned there was no doubt that if you are going to hire someone there he is the guy... great personality and in a half day out we got lots of shots and landed quite a few bones... all in all, would totally recommend him... and he is one funny human for sure...
  9. Fished with Simon before... thanks so much for all the info!
  10. I am such a knucklehead.. Bahamas... thx
  11. Last time I flew back from Mexico, they made me check my flyrod at the counter after all my other luggage was already checked through which I did not have to do coming down... cost me $100. Now I check the rods and tackle and carry on my reels. Check with your airline what they consider "oversized" before buying a rod case because sometimes an inch can cost you (that's what SHE said...LOL)... BTW, the Flambeu Bazuka case offers the most protection, the Planos can be telescoped smaller but are made of thinner plastic. I have had a Plano Guide tube cracked in transit by American when they did not pull it as oversized when it went thru their conveyor system... rods didn't break but the case was shot. For domestic, I try to UPS everything in advance now....
  12. Headed over to Nassau next week with my wife, so it is not really a fishing vacation... but I am bringing my gear. Have fished with a guide on a boat there before but really wanted to grab a ride to the south side of the island and find a place to wander around alone... always looked from the boat like this was very do-able if you could find the right access point.... anybody? Little help here??
  13. It is that time again! Over 40 years of a proud tradition, the AC Surf Derby is a great event that gets us access to all those great spots on Absecon Island that we had to trudge over the dunes to since the end of last year. Derby starts 9/23! 4 x 4's with permits can drive all of the Atlantic City, Ventnor, and Margate beaches... as of right now Longport is still walk-on only ... You can get full info on where to sign up, where to get you buggy passes and during the derby, updates on who is ahead in each category on the Atlantic County Surf Fishing Derby FB page. See you on the beach.... biatch!
  14. Ever try little circle hooks with them? Have only seen a couple triggers this year hanging on nearshore pots but have set my brain that on the next day I can't get outside with the boat I am going trigger and sheepie hunting....
  15. Like I said earlier, I have been out of there for a few years but significantly more business is done online... but the showroom has never been treated as a minor stepchild in any way, especially as far as customer relations are concerned.