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  1. I know the world has turned into a "I hate treble hooks" parade, but I only hate them a little bit. so I only replace the tail hook... and I like to whip a little mylar or saddle hackle on them.
  2. My go-to is a 5/0 Gamakatsu Octopus.... whether I am tying big rigs or just dropping a GULP on a teaser
  3. Posting for a friend that was up at the kayak ramp.... she is about 5'3" with a white ring around her finger where her wedding band used to be... no need to return but I would get rid of her before she wakes up... just sayin'...
  4. I have had progressives for years... love them for my regular use glasses, hate them when working on a computer so I just have a pair of the reading prescription on my desk at work and switch. Really not crazy about them for my progressive fishing sunglasses (Costas) as they throw my depth perception off a little bit, so I am about to order just my "long" vision prescription in a new pair. I did have a pair of Maui Jim progressives that had glass lenses and although they were heavier on my nose (which I got used to easily... very strong nose muscles....) I do not recall them ever being a problem... maybe the lens material has something to do with it too, but with a set of them now running $700 and me getting cheaper by the day (LOL) I think it going to be a cheaper pair with just one "long" prescription in it. I beat the living sh*t out of them anyway....
  5. At way over $100 a bushel down here, and taking my crab eating appetite into account, I am guessing this is a big money saver.... now if I could just figure out how to trot line 6 packs of Corona...
  6. Great vid... guess now all I have to do is actually do it! Quick stop at Home Depot for a little PVC.
  7. Could have been crabbing... or just getting his crew and deck together for an early run out to the seabass grounds and not paying attention to the shoreline activity.... but we usually go dark as soon as we leave the dock to get our night vison going..
  8. Bluefish hook you on surf fishing... stripers keep you surf fishing. Always wondered why anyone would complain about something that hit like a freight train and just simply never gave up. Sure I would rather catch big stripers but man, you have to respect the power and ferocity of a decent sized blue. You just have to have a couple beat up plugs standing by so they don't beat up the pretty, expensive ones.... And like everyone else I guess that fished them back in the day, we filled up trash cans with them and used them as fertilizer under the vegetable garden. Down here near AC we have seen some this Spring but the April backbay bite of racers never really happened. I had one 5# take a bucktail on me and run for China last week on the boat on a really light flounder setup, which was a blast. Hopefully find them this weekend while all the "regular" spots are covered up in bikinis and weekend warriors with carpeting on their decks...
  9. I love crabs, but I am not loading traps on the boat because the last time I set a couple they mysteriously disappeared within' about 2 hours and I was out all that cash.... and still no crabs. So I am thinking about stringing up the allowed 150' and taking a swing at trot lining, but I have never done it. Watched a couple videos... any of you mugs do it as a regular thing and can pass some tips along? Inquiring minds want to know...
  10. You have to be able to laugh at yourself.. because if you didn't you would never survive the time from say, 55 on when you start forgetting really dumb s*it.... like being convinced you lost your keys when they are in your pocket, or looking for the sunglasses that you swung around to the back of your neck...
  11. So riddle me this..... if it legal to cull? And "hypothetically" Will you do it anyway? You catch an 18.5 and throw him in the livewell (instead of bleeding him out like you should) because you spent $100 on gas and bait and are out on the reef and looking for a doormat. You connect with a big fish and you throw this stressed out keeper back, with a good chance that it quickly becomes crab food. Waddaya gonna do?
  12. As beautiful as one of NJ's very few truly "unspoiled" beaches is, I just gave up on it and found other places to go. Some not far away, but dropping $200 to be in a traffic jam/sh*t show just kind of shut me down on the park. All the crowds and others behavior just kind of broke the peace that I was going there for. I had buggy passes for many, many years. Many friends still going, lots of them walk-on and catching fish. I am pretty much out. So, 1 more pass available for the guy in the big wheel Jeep with the bike rack on the back and all the chairs stacked on top
  13. If you want more hook-ups, lose the sand spike and hold your rod. Sand spikes are for holding your rod while changing baits and showing the other guys on the beach how many rods you have :-) . When you feel the pickup, let it run for a few seconds. Like DT mentioned above, the reason a circle hook works is because the fish does not swim straight at you after a pickup, it turns and swallows ...and when the line comes tight the circle hook comes back out of it's throat/gut cleanly because of the circle and catches the side of it's mouth on the way out. Sand spikes.... good for fisherman, bad for catching fish....
  14. Anybody been there yet? I used to work the show and although I never really found any "bargains", except for a lady that had about a million different kinds of soft plastics in big grab bins, it was always pretty amusing to walk around and have a few beers. Was wondering if anybody made it there in the last couple of days...
  15. I really don’t know the answer to that. I do know that chinese manufactured items are regularly knocked off…. Are there knocked off VS’s? I honestly do not know, but I would never buy one that was not being sold from a reputable dealer for the $$ involved.
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