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  1. Let me know if you get hung up John, its a pretty cool setup, im sure you'll dig it
  2. I think that 30 highframe is higher than you need. i would prefer the 30L setup since it gets you to smaller rings and closer to the blank faster.
  3. I have a few KR setups from 7' up to 9'. Certainly different looking but very cool and effective. Sometimes that software doesnt have the exact parameters that match up to your build so you have to make so slight modifications. Did you get to the point of entering your reel and line specs?
  4. either of those reels with hold enough line and handle any fish you will catch. buy whichever one feels better
  5. Not very familiar with that reel but the 30,20 ... combo doesnt sit right if you are using the 30 highframe. the 30L 20 12 8's would be better. I have built for a stradic 5000 and reels that size and the 25 ring is definitely big enough but it is a very low to the blank. The blank being very parabolic I would try and get the first guide as close to the reel as possible without impeding the line flow on your cast so the large ring may be a good idea. Single foot guides are also a good idea if its something you do for this rod. the klag25 is actually higher off the blank the the kwag25.
  6. They KR setup definitely works and certainly can be used more than just freshwater spinning rods. I have done it on the 9' evolution which is rate for heavier lure than your Talon and it is very cool. Certainly worth considering if the application warrants it
  7. also my favorite i have 2, 5 vs reels in total. sold off a few that i bought many years ago and were still working fine. i'll be 60 in 4 months pretty sure i wont need anymore vs reels.
  8. as stated way to much space and going from the high 25 to a low kw16 is gonna be a mess on your line flow. also if you are building it yourself, forget the stock layout not a good resource. The Anglers resource site is the place to start then ask a few questions
  9. shouldnt be a problem if you only epoxied where thread was. take your time getting it off and you should be able to get most of it off then you will for the most part be wrapping over so you'll be fine
  10. Do you know the guide heights
  11. What do you mean by KW/ RV hybrid, they look like kw guides
  12. nail brush and dawn works real well to
  13. leave it alone. just was it every once in awhile
  14. those arent valid reasons to build the S2 that way. a stripper guide that far away for a vs150 is less than optimal for cast and fighting a fish but changing it will be some where between moving a few to all the guides and get expensive. sounds like it working fine for you so leave well enough alone unless this is something you can do your self and have nothing to do over the winter
  15. as stated the distance is determined by the size ,height and angle of the reel and the size and height of the ring. you are trying to get the line under control and running straight as soon as possible with out creating excessive resistance that would slow the line flow down. the closer you can get the guide to the reel and not create excessive resistance that cuts down on casting distance the better off you are. There is soem good information on this on the anglers resource site.