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  1. looks like a marketing gimmick to me. if done properly that problem doesnt exist. if it did it would make more sense to offset the guide under the rod past 0 degrees. i doubt that direction change above the blank will do anything anyway
  2. this will all work out, just still don't see why you wouldn't just make to rods
  3. exceeding the line rating is like removing that label off your pillow.
  4. you can use a dremel or a metal saw. only cut and inch or so at a time. if you cutting more than a few inches from the tip you should probably be looking for a different blank. it will make casting the low end a little more difficult. even uncut with sharp hooks and braid line hook set shouldnt be a problem
  5. Glad you found one glad you didnt cut a foot off it
  6. Kima if you are in the greenwich/stamford area let me know you can check out the fsc 1027.
  7. very cool Bill, great work
  8. rod or blank
  9. not sure if you are planning on keeping that but it doesnt look like the thread will be able to get down to the blank. seems its to thick for the spacing
  10. Sold on to a friend not sure if he wants to sell but I'm pretty sure he hasn't built it yet, I will check
  11. As ZA stated don't copy the guide layout, you can do much better. Are you interested in the blank itself.
  12. Sold to young
  13. Apply the heat slowly as you have pressure pulling the tip off so as soon as it comes off you cut the heat.
  14. you need to check the blanks out for yourself to be 100%. people like different characteristics of the rod different amounts meaning whats important to one person might not be to the next. matching up the specs that you did means nothing at all as to whether the blanks will be similar
  15. not much cost of the guide plus 10-15. call around to tackle shops, im not familiar with your area