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  1. maybe there is in his neighborhood
  2. maybe
  3. he sure did, great work
  4. beautiful work
  5. this crack can and will occur if you dont have the rod seated properly or it gets lose and is still fished.
  6. you need to really test cast with the RV. one of the features of this guide frame is that it will not tangle if your line goers past the guide and wraps the frame. I have seen this happen with high speed photos. the line wont stop it will go past the guide wrap on the frame but be shed and go through the guide. i played around with a build moving the guide closer and closer until this happened and you could feel it on the cast. im sure it happens and effects you cast a bit before you can feel it. best thing to do is test cast a lot, checking that the line isnt gpong past the striiper guide.
  7. very cool. incredible first take to
  8. nothing wrong with teh gsb108L. if want it long extend it a foot
  9. Social distancing fail. SOB will get you anywhere, lol.
  10. what do you consider a low serial number
  11. move the stripper guide around until you get less noise/ resistance passing through that guide. then reposition the rest. i havent built for anyone using mono in years but i would start by moving the stripper out a bit. move it to 28" and work your way back.
  12. agree with Al here. why put the work in to build with those. get a new set alconite are to expensive and new aluminum oxide are so cheap it makes no sense not to just use them
  13. yeah that one isnt to popular
  14. i dont have any 24's but seem if you can pm Mike Oliver from this site. he is from your side of the pond
  15. do not use color preserver even in you use the regular Fuji thread and not the Fuji NOCP. its a bad idea on guide wraps and a very bad idea when using single foot guides.