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  1. Do you know the guide heights
  2. What do you mean by KW/ RV hybrid, they look like kw guides
  3. nail brush and dawn works real well to
  4. leave it alone. just was it every once in awhile
  5. those arent valid reasons to build the S2 that way. a stripper guide that far away for a vs150 is less than optimal for cast and fighting a fish but changing it will be some where between moving a few to all the guides and get expensive. sounds like it working fine for you so leave well enough alone unless this is something you can do your self and have nothing to do over the winter
  6. as stated the distance is determined by the size ,height and angle of the reel and the size and height of the ring. you are trying to get the line under control and running straight as soon as possible with out creating excessive resistance that would slow the line flow down. the closer you can get the guide to the reel and not create excessive resistance that cuts down on casting distance the better off you are. There is soem good information on this on the anglers resource site.
  7. FSC 1269
  8. ZA's recommendation is best. graphite seat will not be strong enough
  9. loves those bill
  10. ZA's make a good point here. the kw guides are weigh less also which is never a bad thing at the top of the rod
  11. where you located, i may have 1
  12. look over the info at anglers resource site, great info there. if you are going with double foot guides you will need the 30,25,20,12, runners (10's or 8's). i double foot the rest single 30 20, 12, 8's. all single can be standard single foot which is more of a NGC build or the highframes which would be a KR setup, check that out on anglers resource
  13. if you want lighter and thinner, as stated above the ODM evolution is a really nice blank. but the cost a bit
  14. ron arra's built properly were fine. the fsc1087 is a great 9' rod. stronger than the gsb108l better action/feel than the gsb108m (that blank never had as much character as the L). faster than the gsb's but the a fast rod. has a nice progressive bend to it. John may still have some blanks or rods
  15. probably had the matching soundtrack cranking while they were being built to