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  1. look up the new guide concept. you have the 27x rule and the gps system that anglers resource put together. if you play around with that you maybe able to replace some guides with 3 guides for a spinning setup. i would look at the fuji bkwag30 ,25, 16. then whatever you have on there. not the best (strip the whole rod and start over) but it could be the shortest and easiest way to get it done
  2. any shop the builds rods should be able to do that. i you have a rod or rods that each have multiple guides missing its still going to cost you, probably anywhere between $12 - $20 per guide depending on the guide and where you go.
  3. cork tape that has no rubber in it,2 layers. very lightweight. that "Japanese shrink over that. or real cork rings
  4. either sell it and get another rod or rebuild it. no sense having something you dont want.
  5. Fuji brc19 on a gsb120l I'm building for someone. Weights 18 grams and offers the proper protection for your blank. That's your best bet.
  6. ZA is correct that is what i meant. also you should use the the kw10m. its higher than the kw10.
  7. only down side of single foot guides on that blank is durability and thats from an abuse stand point not fishing performance. i would prefer the RV's for the guide height to ring size ratio, will make for a smoother and quieter like flow. you can build it with K's but the 30 is a larger ring than you need for those reels, and the 25 wouldnt be tall enough. as far as going 30,25 with the k's you can only do that if you us the 30L. the regular 30 is a high frame guide and going from that to the 20 is a little choppy you would want to have a 25 next. the RV guides are killer, they only come in titanium frames so they arent cheap but there is nothing you wont like about that setup when is done.
  8. youre gonna want the rv25,rv16 then the tkwtg10m then tkwtg8's as runners 3 maybe 4. thats assuming you are stayimg with double foot guides the whole way. for that blank that would be fine, the single foot are lighter but the titanium double foot are plenty light to and the blank has some backbone to it. i am guessing the reels have spool dia the same as or smaller than the vs150. if that is the case i would start my test casting with the rv25 around 28 inches from the extended spool.
  9. turn off the a/c in that room, the finish will setup in no time
  10. Billy40 is at ICAST this week dont think he will get to this post. I agree with you statements about the hercules, not familiar with the UC. As far a the 733/734 , i think the 733 is more powerful than the inshore lite. its has a different action but it has an amazing amount of power. you can trim the 733 or go with the 734. the 734 works well drifting eels for bass (30 and 40 lbers), the xcomps have tons of power
  11. tested that blank when he got it. it is made for throwing hard and far, should be perfect for what you are doing.
  12. Great. There is alot of good info there and all of it has been tried and proven by many builders.
  13. Did you look at the info anglers resource has
  14. contact FSC. he still has rods, maybe some blanks and if there is enough interest he may still be making blanks by order.
  15. i have built plenty of those and have trimmed them many ways. i dont fish one though, not a very use blank for me. i have a few 132m's and a 120l i find them to much better