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  1. you dont want to go higher than is needed because that will create more torque. since you have them tape them on bend the hell out of the rod and see which one you need. i think either ring size will be fine for that reel
  2. Yeah just look for the Fuji guides, you even need to worry which ones
  3. ID is will differ depending on the ring material but i have never seen an ID larger than the stated size. keep in mind all these different ring materials are going into the same sized frame so the OD of the ring has got to be correct.
  4. OD of the ring itself
  5. not sure of any shops that carry them. but you can order directly from cts. I spoke with them at the rod building show in NC this past Feb. They are making a big effort to turn orders around quicker. i got 3 blanks there and ordered one while i was there. i got it in 3 weeks.
  6. Good job, gonna feel like a completely different rod. Still gotta workout the whole cm and mm thing but the rod looks good
  7. dont worry about missing the choke spot by a little bit. looks pretty good from here, what do you think of it? I assume you mean cm no mm also. Great project. How much did the guides and tip end up costing you? lots of people assume it is going to cost a ton of money but that doesnt have to be the case. of course you can buy the Fuji RV titanium torizte guides if you want the best of the best but you dont have to. fuji has guides at all price points and this rod is going to be a much better rod than it was without spending a ton. Finish it up and go catch some fish
  8. yeah based on the first 2 pictures the first 8 is to close to the 10. How did it end up there? is that cause the math put it there? this is exactly what is meant when people same the numbers are a starting point. obviously the setup you have is not the way it should be. you could try dropping the 10, putting an 8 there and spacing the rest of the 8's out based on static defection (bend the red and see where they should go). or leave the 10 and place the 8's where they are need (again bend the rod and see where they should be). Not sure i follow you statement about adding 4 more 8's from what I see the rod should have about 7 or 8 guides total
  9. a 12 ring is fine with 8 runners have done it plenty of time with the fuji K guides. not a great pic but you can see the string going through the guides
  10. as stated test casting will clear things up but you need to test the RV got a bunch. the frame is designed so that if line goes past the guide it will not get stuck on the frame as it is pulled down and thru the guide. This really does work, i have tested it and did get photos of it happening. so you can get it work "work" but not be working as good as it could br. tape the guides on , start at 27" and test cast. Drew is using a larger reel that you are and he says his rod is bigger
  11. you can google KR gps and get some good info on the position of the guides.
  12. should be an 11 tube. agreed on the ring size not gain by going bigger. assuming you are talking about Fuji K guides you will want one of the following tip tops. bmnat 12-11 (has tie down tang) or bmgat 12-11 (no tie down tang) have to with a 12 ring cause the 10 does come in an 11 tube. This is not a problem with the 8's as running guides
  13. There are some good blanks out there, personal preference will have a lot to do with that. Regarding guides and layouts your best bets is still gonna be a new guide concept layout with K guides. The stainless steel framed alconite ringed K guides are a great guide for the money (b)kwag (black). You can look at the KR layout and the titanium framed sic or torzite rings which are no dont great guides but a little more than you need for what you are doing.
  14. A warranty is the last thing I consider and have never used one. But I should also say that the owner of FSC is a friend of mine and I did he guide layouts for his rods. I was compensated once when he started his company and have never made any commissions from a sale. All that said I do like the rods and have bought a few extra. Wish he was still in business
  15. they are what they are. it really cant be the same rating for everyone, depends on how efficient and hard you cast