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  1. X2 Best option available now in my opinion (I prefer it over Orvis' basket). I still favor my LL Bean one, but unfortunately no longer available.
  2. As you know, the stretching will help some. While I haven't used any of Cortland's salt lines in recent years, I found Sci Angler and Rio lines to be prone to tangling. I use Airflo for everything now and love it- less tangling is only one of its benefits over the competitors.
  3. Well said. The 9/12 frame serves both the 9/10 spools and the 11/12 spools- just to further clarify.
  4. Hatch Finatic all the way- plenty of good reels out there, but that would be my choice! I have a 5+ Finatic on my 7 weight Winston BIIIx and its absolutely perfect. Mine is the large arbor, but don't really need gobs and gobs of backing. If you are concerned about having a lot of backing, I would either get the mid arbor size in the 5+ or step up to a 7+...whatever works for you. I have three Finatics and love them all...very, very sweet reel.
  5. This pretty much sums up where I'm at as well. I own three C-VEXs and three Hatch Finatics. I believe both are better designed than any Tibor out there. The C-VEXs seem every bit as strong and reliable as the Finatics, but Hatch is a solid USA company with good support if that's important to you.
  6. Moving this set elsewhere to offer- thanks SOL.
  7. No longer available- thank you SOL.
  8. Sorry- 70 -including shipping- is a steal on these. I literally just bought them a week or so ago, watched them once, and am passing them along for someone else to enjoy...each DVD retails for 25-30 each...making total over 100 new. Not only would you be saving over 30 bucks, but I'm throwing the shipping in.
  9. Price dropped to 70 shipped for all 4 DVDs
  10. I'd rather sell the set all together- don't blame you for asking though if you already have the others.
  11. I purchased this 26 lb. model when I was still living on the coast and never ended up using after moving inland. This is a fantastic piece of equipment that is no longer made...very comparable to the Boga, but many folks seem to like them better...I always thought it looked more rugged. Research online and you will find a very positive review. Asking 75 shipping included.
  12. Amazing footage from all over the world...practically brand new set. I enjoyed this set of four DVDs and am now offering to sell so someone else can enjoy- asking 75 shipping included!
  13. To each his own, but I completely agree with this statement...pretty much sums it up! Hooks are not the item to try and pinch pennies.
  14. While I'm a T&T and Winston guy (vs Sage), I agree with what you are saying here. In a perfect world we would all get to try every model available in the size we're looking at before jumping into a purchase, but many times that's just not realistic. I've ordered plenty of rods based on other similar rods that I've owned or simply the research I've done concerning flex, components, etc...and come to think of it, I've very rarely been disappointed with a purchase that way.
  15. I'm going to try one this season on my 9 weight in the Sink 7 version. I have yet to purchase an Airflo line that I didn't like, so hopefully this one will be a winner as well. I come from an SA and Rio background and really prefer Airflo's product across the board- both fresh and salt water. Sorry I couldn't offer any experience on the Snipers yet...I believe if you do a search you will find some discussion here on them.