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  1. I neglected to mention that I agree with you about Mike Holt- he has a wonderful shop in Fairfield. If I did more Orvis business than I do, I would certainly do it there. I always enjoy talking to Mike at the FFIM conclaves each year.
  2. Hey Titleguy! Greetings from Lincoln. I have, in fact been to all of the fly shops you mentioned in your post with exception of Nauset Angler. Bear's Den and First Light are both rock solid shops- Nat and Derek know their stuff too. I more or less just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything when we get down to the Cape this year- I love the "culture" of fly shops. Eldredge Bros. Is still my favorite in New England. Thank you all for your thoughts!
  3. Though not a "how to" book, Dave Dinnebetto's (sp?) "On The Run" is a very, very sweet read.
  4. Due to moving away from the coast and doing much less saltwater flyfishing, I am opting to sell this reel. Asking price is 300- this includes reel, spare spool, pouches, line and backing on each- all ready to fish. Reel has CCF drag and is silver in color. Lines are as follows- Sci Angler Intermediate and Sci Angler Streamer Express 250 Grain. All items are good condition. This price also includes shipping anywhere in the US, but it must be done via money order as I don't currently have a pay pal account. Please feel free to e-mail me at ryancstevens@yahoo.com with any questions.
  5. Kevin T's book that you have mentioned in your original post is a winner for Maine exclusive books. Just keep in mind, that it focuses primarily on Fresh Water vs Salt.
  6. I will second "On the Run"- that is one sweet read! If your dad is into Striper fishing at all, he'll love it.
  7. Reel has been SOLD on e-bay an hour ago for 390. You guys missed a sweet deal on a solid reel and spare spool!
  8. Thanks guys- I appreciate your thoughts! To me a good shop is a special place- fun to hang at. I've already experienced the Bears Den- but will be sure to hit both the GOOSE and FF the Cape while we're down!
  9. This reel can now be found on EBAY item number 280619008185- go get it boys.
  10. Last call- likely hitting ebay tonight. I know a lot of you guys are toying with it from the e-mails I've had. Let me know today if you're ready to make the plunge. I will accept an out-of-state check if that is more convenient for you.
  11. I can't really budge at all on the price of this as the reel, spare spool, and lines retails for over 650. The reel will be held for the first person who has a money order in the mail.
  12. Mechanically, the reel is sound. If you are looking for them, you will find some small nicks in places. Rating? Hmmm- good question- maybe an 8? I don't see any reason why this reel wouldn't last a lifetime. I've always rinsed it off well after salt exposure here in Maine.
  13. Thanks Mike- two pictures sent.
  14. Sorry- can't figure out how to post pics from my phone directly to the webpage- my main computer is no help as I don't have internet here at the house yet! If you don't mind sending me a cell number to my e-mail that I can send a picture to via my phone, I can do that. At this time, I am not interested in trades.
  15. Reread my post bro- CCF. Feel free to drop me an e- mail with any additional questions. I get all e-mails instantly that way on my Blackberry.
  16. I've been toying with the idea of trying one of these reels (Back Country Wide) for a while now, but I have a question for you guys... Have any of you switched the retrieve around so that you are reeling with your right hand? I know it can be done- but every time I look at one, I wonder if the drag screw gets in the way- being on the front end of the reel. If you are a right handed retriever, do you feel that this is an awkward layout? Also- to all Back Country users...does the drag adjustment screw like to loosen or tighten ever on its own? Have you had good luck with it staying precisely where you set it? Thanks to all for your time.
  17. Thank you all for your time- much appreciated.
  18. To those interested, as of Saturday afternoon, the Ellsworth, Maine store had a number (maybe 5 or 6) of Sage Xi2's in at 50% off of lowest marked price. If you are interested, I would call them direct (you should be able to get the number off of Bean's website for Ellsworth location). I saw one 14 Wgt. and I believe the others were in the 11-13 Wgt. range.
  19. I'm curious which of these two hooks that you guys prefer and why. I know there are cheaper hooks out there, but I would like the opinion of those who have fished each of these two and have thoughts on them. Thanks!
  20. Interesting thread. I can offer my recent experience with Winston. Over last summer, one of my BIIX's begin to loosen up on the ferrule between the butt section and the second section- about every half hour, I would have to tighten it. Shortly after Christmas, I sent it back to them (only Winston I've had to send in for warranty work), and a few weeks later I had my rod back. I called in the meantime to see what their thoughts were...they ended up replacing the entire butt section!! They stated that there wasn't much they could do once that particular section started to loosen up other than replace the section. Anyway, I was very pleased with their committment to warranty. This problem would not have been evident by just putting the rod together and throwing a few casts outside...they took my word for it that the rod was loosening up too much throughout my day of fishing and replaced the section. I LOVE Winston rods and am glad to say they stood behind their product when an issue came up. I'm very partial to both Winston and T&T- and have never sent anything back to T&T.
  21. As some of you guys know, I am a HUGE fan of Winston's BIIX series- both for the freshwater and salt. I have tinkered with other sizes, but I currently own (and fish the ba-jeebers out of) the 9' 5 Wgt. and the 9' 9 Wgt. I live an hour and a half from the West Branch of the Penobscot (here in Maine) and can testify the the 9' 5 Wgt. is a fantastic rod for the Landlocked Salmon there. My buddy was so impressed with it last year that he bought one for himself in the same size this year. Test cast and enjoy!
  22. Thanks Matt. A few of my buddies and I are spending a week at Bayley's next month and I'm just trying to plan ahead. It looks like either way I might be calling in a taxi for a ride back to the campground on some of my preferred tides there.
  23. Is anyone certain of the times that parking is prohibited? Maybe I'm just having a senior moment, but I'm a little confused with Matt's and WhippedCream's conflicting statements. Is parking prohibited from Midnight to 6 AM or from 2 AM to 6 AM?
  24. Sounds like things went well tonight- good to hear. I do have one question however...the way things stand right now...will there be no parking allowed anywhere from midnite to 6 AM?
  25. Please keep the e-mails going to these selectmen folks. I actually received a reply from the chair today thanking me for my input. THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM US-EVEN IF YOU CANNOT MAKE IT!