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  1. Nobody fishing these? How about 33 shipped?
  2. Rare green colored Islander LX 3.2 with Spare Spool. Near new condition- asking 425.00. This set currently retails for 850.00! This would work on a 3-6 weight outfit, but would really shine on a 4 or 5 weight. See Islander's website for specs and pictures. Feel free to fire away with any questions.
  3. Item is being removed to sell elsewhere- thank you SOL!
  4. I'm giving this another 24 hours on this site- feel free to make an offer if you're interested!
  5. If you are really wanting a CC GLX, I would give Leland Flyfishing Outfitters a call...they had them on sale very recently and may have the exact one you want.
  6. It's awfully easy to be critical of tests like this, but you've got to hand it to a guy who's willing to go through the time and effort of conducting something like that. Possible ways of improvement? Sure. Other companies to include in the future? Sure. Honestly though, from a retail standpoint, would it be wise of him to include a number of brands he doesn't even offer? Doubtful. I don't know the guy from Adam, but I appreciate the information and take it for what it's worth- just as I do similar tests from Yellowstone. You're never going to please everyone in a shootout like that.
  7. Anyone own one of these yet? Anybody even cast one? Thoughts? Obviously Loop isn't going to get the buzz Sage, Winston, etc. is going to get here in the US. I'm curious though...those that have cast it, seem pretty floored by it. Anyone???
  8. Sorry for putting the wrong title on this thread...hahaaaa! Just kidding- it's all good. Nobody out there get there paws on the new Loop???
  9. I hope you heal up soon Linesides- that stinks big time. I had neck pain for years when I was under a lot of stress...not fun at all! Take care of it now so you will be all ready to go in May.
  10. I'm looking to sell real and spare spool pictured below. This is a perfect match for either a 6 or 7 weight outfit- very, very lightweight and buttery smooth drag. Powerpro backing will be included on each- fly line will not be. This reel and spool has never seen the salt and is in excellent condition. Retail pricing is 485 together and I'm asking 375 (shipping included). Money order is my preferred method of payment. Feel free to fire away with any questions!
  11. This set is once again available for a new price- 300 - shipping included. Flawless reel and spare spool in near mint condition...never seen the salt!
  12. I can't imagine the amount of time in putting something together like this....wowzers. Thanks for sharing with us!
  13. Thank you Peter for sharing that snapshot of your time on the salt last year...as well as your words of reflection...very cool indeed! This was a nice respite on a cold snowy night in Maine!
  14. Very cool! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Reel and spare spool no longer available.
  16. Price lowered to 345.00 for reel and spare spool- shipping included. Sweet reel in excellent condition...light as a feather and butter smooth drag...ideal for 7 weight!
  17. In your price range, it's very tough to beat a larger sized Konic for Striper fishing. There are other reels I'd choose over a Lamson, but not for under 200. I'd definitely choose that over the Orvis option you mentioned.
  18. I think this was meant as sarcasm. Good job to all of you nailing fish along our coast over the past few weeks- you're making this northern Mainer miss the salt!
  19. Question for you locals and frequent visitors to the cape- what is your favorite fly shop on the Cape? This May a few of my buddies and I are going to drive down from Maine for a few days of Striper fishing out of Nickerson State Park. I've been wanting to do this for quite a while now, and have the interest of my crew this year. We all love hitting fly shops while traveling, so would love to get your thoughts on shops that are a "must hit" and why. I've heard of Goose Hummock and Fishing the Cape- any others? Are these two solid shops worth hitting? Being from Maine, I've hit most shops around the state, and can say that Eldredge Brothers in Cape Neddick and Fly Fishing Only in Fairfield are "must hits"- top notch.
  20. I've owned both Nautilus and VS and I'll take the VS every time. Tibors are rock solid, but I'm a fan of sealed drags for both surf and boat use. The only other reel I would look at for the surf would be the Hatch.
  21. That is my Drake Pintail you see- from 2008. Come say Hi if you see a black FJ Cruiser up to the WB- that is my second home from May thru Sept! I'll be in contact with you in regard to the Cape this May.
  22. Hey Titleguy, I keep an eye on those two sites, and type occationally. Usually my input revolves around gear or the West Branch. I fish the WB hard each year- usually right around 40 days each season- give or take. Good to hear from another Bangor area person. I think I've seen you on the Duck Hunting Chat too. Maybe we'll get a chance to meet at a conclave soon. Take Care!