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  1. I'm with Mulletdredge on this one. I'm a licensed guide here in Maine as well and will take Patagonia over Simms any day of the week in any product line. Better products (in my opinion) and better warranty (fact).
  2. Awesome pliers- brand new in box- never used at all. I purchased these a while back, but never took them out after moving inland away from the coast. Nylon sheath and lanyard included. Retail is currently $159- I'm looking for 120. Very solid pliers and sharp platinum color.
  3. Closing this thread to offer elsewhere- thank you SOL.
  4. Anybody for 110 shipping included? These are some very sweet aluminum pliers- never used as I moved inland away from the coast. Details can be found on Ross' site!
  5. Once again, its awfully easy to be critical when these shootouts are released! Gotta take it for what its worth... just their opinions. I have three Hatch Finatics and have never experienced the slightest "non-smoothness" that they described...actually quite the opposite. I did, however have a Nautilus a few years back that I had a number of problems with...and finally ended up getting rid of it. In comparing this test's findings with Trident Fly Fishing's, its also interesting to see that actual weights of specific reels were sometimes not listed as the same between the two tests...you would think the two shootouts could at least agree on precise weights of reels. Still, fun reads nonetheless...
  6. I actually spoke with Craig Cantelmo last week. C-Vexs are NOT being produced anymore due to the market conditions. All I have to say is get them while you can because if you have one, you will wish you had three soon.
  7. I own both and don't think there's any durability issues with either the old LLB model or the Linekurv. While I can appreciate the fact that the Rexfly basket is made in the US, I'm still not crazy about the "Orvis Box" shape. Really more of a Ford/Chevy thing anyway...all of the hard sided baskets work well...just what you prefer. With that said, I must confess that I am a sucker for stripping baskets...I love decorating mine with stickers...lots of character on that old LLB basket...and still as good as the day I bought it!
  8. Agreed. Now that LLB's are long gone, these are the best baskets available now in my opinion. I prefer the rounded edges over the box shape of the Orvis. For those interested, I believe the Linekurv can be ordered from Ole Florida Fly Shop with free shipping for around 50 bucks...that's where I nabbed mine a few months back...well worth the money for a perfect basket.
  9. Good tips- thanks for sharing your experiences here!
  10. Very Cool...I've had my eye on that book a while now- need to pick one up! I have a buddy who just accepted a job offer in FL and actually purchased a home on Sanibel. I'd love to chase the snook down there one of these years. I assume you've waded the flats all throughout the year....what month would be your top pick (action wise) for snook there?
  11. Negative. Simply rinse off the reel with fresh water like any other reel after saltwater exposure. This is the beauty of a true sealed drag...congrats and enjoy!
  12. I just purchased my third c-vex literally minutes ago. Like XBMX said, these reels are getting very sparse but still available brand new if you know where to look. While I can see the advantage of perhaps a much larger reel when chasing some of the tuna species, I'm not so sure there's ever been a better general-purpose saltwater reel produced in the 7/8 or 9/10 size range...yes, they're that good. With that said, if I needed something to mount on a 12-16 weight rod, I'd give strong consideration to a Mako...but that's a totally different ball game.
  13. Nice homemade version of the Orvis shaped basket- good job!
  14. BINGO! I agree that the LLB basket is the absolute best, but near impossible to find now- even used. I only have one, but I wish that I'd bought three or four when they sold them in Freeport for 30 dollars! The Linekurv is right there with it though...these can be somewhat tricky to find as well, but still in production to my knowledge. As mentioned by another poster- Ole Florida Fly Shop sells them- that's where I nabbed mine...money well spent if you're looking for a well shaped, functional basket. Slightly thinner plastic than the LLB, but still plenty rigid. The Orvis one is good too, but I like the contoured edges of the Linekurv and the LLB one over the box-like Orvis version. I'd definitely recommend the hard plastic ones over the mesh type baskets. No holes in the basket for me!
  15. Bring your favorite mayfly patterns- and absolutely streamers as well. If you are a nympher, those as well. Lots of options in that time frame around the first of June...ponds are really lighting up- as well as the rivers! Around the end of May, I feel pulled in a million directions on fishing spots. Like I said, feel free to PM me right before any of you head up this way and we can talk details and current conditions.
  16. I haven't had the opportunity to handle a 3tand yet, but I can tell you that if they're even equivalent to the VS, they are a keeper. Just a reminder- while C-Vex's are no longer being produced, they are still available if you look around a bit. With that said, I'd strongly recommend a hard look at Hatch for a bulletproof sealed drag reel from a very strong, supportive US company.
  17. Feel free to zip me a pm when the time gets close and I'll steer you a bit. Once the waters start to warm into July, your options change dramatically from June. You're correct on the black fly/mosquito bit however...will be more "comfortable" in July on that end. Start researching the West Branch of the Penobscot- northeast of Greenville. This is my home river (about an hour from the house here) and is absolutely a best bet in July when other waters get warm...also a wild fishery. While LL Salmon do share some characteristics with Brook Trout, they really are quite unique in their behavior and "moods". I catch more LL Salmon each year than all the other fresh water species combined- love to target them.
  18. Not to get off topic, but that book is fantastic. You'll enjoy the entire thing- not just the portion on FL!
  19. I owned a Nautilus for a couple years (pre- NV) and had two drag problems with it. Once, after storing for the winter (with the drag disengaged completely) would not tighten at all when you turned the knob to engage the following spring. Back to Florida that went and a new drag was installed (CCF). This worked fine for a while- and then became very stiff to turn the knob. I've always been one to rinse off salt water/sand after each outing- so improper use wasn't an issue. Back to Florida again- and this time it took a long time to get returned...long story short...not a happy camper. I have since gone to Hatch Finatics and Van Staal C-Vex's for all my salt uses with absolutely no regrets. Everyone's experiences are different- and I hope you have a much better experience with Nautilus than I did. I am thoroughly happy with both Hatch and VS- none of the five reels have made a trip back to their respective factory for any repair whatsoever.
  20. Up for sale is reel and spare spool in near mint condition. Backing is in solid condition as well and will be included with set. Size is #5- perfect for a 9 or 10 weight rod. Price is 250 for both- with shipping included.
  21. Sold to Reel Karma- thank you SOL admin.
  22. Last call on this one for all those on the line- I'm heading elsewhere with this tomorrow.
  23. Answered. Reel still available!
  24. Yes- above poster is on the fence between this and another reel. One thing I will note to anyone interested in this set- my name is engraved on the back of the frame near the drag knob- not large and obnoxious, but present nonetheless. This is the main reason why I'm not selling this for a lot more money as it's really in awesome shape- I would say near mint. I should also mention that it's the "champagne gold" color...very sharp.
  25. Never used, new in box line...perfect for most fast 10 weights. First 40 dollars (shipping included) and it's yours.