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  1. Fellas, Anyone put the 3500 or 4000 through the paces yet? Not a lot of feedback on the web regarding the Salitga BJ. Thanks
  2. Yessir 100% Agreed I would as well once specs have been released.
  3. Fellas please post feedback as it becomes available. 100% Interested
  4. Beach Fishing - double drop rig 3/0 or 4/0 Owner Circles, strong leader, Cuddlefish, 2-4 oz Sputnik’s Best of Luck
  5. Lure Rating you plan on using? Heavy Duty i'd say the 6'6" or the 844 843 throws 2-3 oz no problem - Fantastic Rod If you get a chance try handling all 3 sticks to see what one suits your needs. Won't be disappointed if you add a PBR to the Lineup
  6. RE: Stripers in FL Stripers, Sunshine *Hybrid* & White Bass = heavily stocked annually & are around for the hunt.
  7. 2013 Pro4X King Cab owner here. Picked up a leftover 13' model in Feb 14'. Couldn't be more pleased with the Power, Fit, Finish and On / Off road handling. Take it for a spin if you have the chance - 2016 going to be the re-design for both the Fronty & Taco so a lot of good deals can be had on current inventories.
  8. Bo Jackson = Best Athlete of all Time - bar none.
  10. Reel is yours David - I'll PM you my info. Sold Pending Funds
  11. Appreciate the offer man - im firm @ $750.00. Apprecite the offer as well but I don't have paypal - spec'd in my original post USPS Money Order Only. Thanks
  12. Thanks Man - yeah def. can be converted to single roller but you'd need to pick up a bail arm with the counterweight if my memory serves me right. I'm sure others will chime in to give us a 100% answer on that one.
  13. Thanks man! Red Rubber was put on by original owner of reel so I couldn't give you a def. answer to that one my friend. Im sure if you gave ZB a ring - they'd be able to send you some / and or let you know were to aquire. I'd take a pic if I could - little one tossed my lone camera in d' drink up at the Nassau Sound a couple weeks back - waiting on the release of a new Olympus or I would have picked another one up. I just handled the reel - the slight rash on the bail / roller arms cannot be felt to the touch - if visibility were poor and you ran your fingers over any of the rash on this reel - you wouldn't be able to tell it was even there. The last time I talked to ZB bout this reel - Wendy was still around and I believe she quoted me around $175 - for buffing / blasting - I don't believe that covered anodization / or another application of hard cote but I could be wrong. Like I stated above - only reason to send this in would be to get it back to looking cosmetically new - slight imperfections doesn't affect fishability in any way - reel's got some def. mojo. In regards to the 2 Diff Color Variations of d' Ti Grey: reel foot is just ever so slightly a tad bit lighter in coloration compared to the rest of the reel. Doesn't bother me a bit - listed to accurately describe reel.
  14. For Sale: 1st Generation ZeeBaas ZX22RD (TI Grey) Made in USA Dual Rollers / Removable Bail Arms 3rd Owner of this reel – ZB Box & Bag Included Note: Box that accompanies this reel is not the original one = Serial # on Box does not Match the one on the Reel. Mechanical: I have yet to experience any mechanical issues with this reel – it functions / performs like a ZB should. If reel sells I recommend that new owner sends the reel to ZB for a once over / annual service. Cosmetic: Reel has some cosmetic flaws but that’s to be expected due to its age (5 Years Old). Reel can be sent to ZB to be buffed - blasted and re-coated (some slight discoloration – 2 variances of Ti Grey) if one so desires. Each of these cosmetic flaws feel like they have been buffed - smoothed out – none are sharp or coarse to the touch. If the reel does not sell – I will eventually send it to ZB to get the reel blasted / re-coated. In no way do these cosmetic flaws affect the reels ability to catch fish. My descriptions are 100% Accurate / Honest. No Trades / Price is Firm: $750.00 Shipped (Registered & Insured w/ Sig Confirmation) CONUS / USPS MO Only. Prompt Payment Preferred - Reel will be shipped after funds verified & cleared. Local pickup is available: North East Florida $710.00 Note Regarding Pics: Bob (Bospa357) gave me permission to use the pictures he took of the reel several months back. These pictures portray the reels current cosmetic condition. I’ve only fished this reel several times (fresh for LMB) since acquiring it. New Saltiga has been my go to reel for salt thus far during the 12’ season & most likely will be from here on out. All d' Best, Mike D.