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  1. this is my go to as well.
  2. Curious what other growers are using for lights. I've been using T5 LEDs that I've used for seed starting in my garden but have read that some of the light boards can increase production.
  3. Spent the morning at the walk in clinic this morning after my wife spotted on me last night. Quick Dose of antibiotics and I was off. Regarding removal: I recently purchased a tick twister off amazon, $5 and easiest removal yet.
  4. My in-laws live on Sanibel and we got back from a trip down there last month. Here's my take. The mangrove areas took a real beating from the latest red tide. Redfish are almost non existent. There are some snook but they are concentrated into a few smaller areas and the guides are pounding them pretty well. The numbers are way down as a result of the red tide issues. THat being said the beach front areas are fishing pretty well with trout and jacks and even larger spanish mac's just off shore. Some of the regulars who've taken me out fishing in the past are now concentrating more on near shore than the backcountry areas as that part of the fishery has had a major decline in the year or so.
  5. I'm not sure about smallies but unless you've got a kayak I wouldn't bother and would look elsewhere The water levels are down and just about every inch of shoreline has people out trying to beat the heat out swimming. Its kind of a zoo recently to be honest
  6. They could care less..
  7. My guess is that a litter was nearby and the pack was getting protective of their pups when they walked by. Then this woman completely over-reacted and pulled this stunt thinking the town would do something drastic to remove them.. Last spring Concord closed a section of Estabrook woods b/c of a litter near a popular trail. Once the pups were mobile and had left their den they opened the trail back up.
  8. I agree 100% we found a tick on my son when he was under a year old and it definitely came off our dog. unfortunately, we tried a lot of different repellents on the dog and none seemed to work.
  9. We hired a company that sprays "botanical extracts and oils every few weeks" out of backpack sprayers. It actually smells like peppermint and has done an amazing job on not only ticks but mosquitos as well. We looked at using a permethrin based product but decided against that as I have well water, a toddler and a pregnant wife. After our dog passed last winter we haven't found a single tick inside and although the time isn't right for us to get a new dog the association between dogs and ticks is impossible to ignore. unfortunately having friends and family memebers whose young children have been affected by lyme I don't think a dog is something is we are going to rush back into. really sucks, as a dog is something we all really want.
  10. I have sylvan 14 with a 9.9. Would like to move to a lund this sping.
  11. I've got a SUP and a tin boat. if you have somewhere to launch a tin boat its a no brainer. We've got a short season up here, I'd get a boat then a SUP down the road. Whalers are overrated and over-priced but that's debate for another day.(i"m a former whaler owner)
  12. I fish off mine quite a bit. Not sure what the draw is to add an expensive and heavy cooler and all the other gadgets... looks cool on instragram i guess. Not knocking you, but its a lot of **** to lug around that you probably don't really need. It weighs down your board and really limits your ability to move around and re position for casting in different directions and provides clutter to catch your line on. There is a reason flats boats have clean empty decks.. I keep it simple with a rod, a small dry bag lashed to the bow with some spare tackle, water and a snack in it and a small kayak anchor to keep me in one spot if the wind picks up tied to the ankle loop on the rear of the board. I've used both an inflatable and fiberglass SUP, and do not like the inflatable SUPS. They don't track well, are not as stable and seem to be a lot slower in my opinion. Of course they are much easier to store if space is a concern
  13. Saw you out there, my wife and I cruised past you on the paddleboards. Earlier in the day massive schools of peanuts were getting harassed by mackerel. A little later in the tide the bass showed up, but nothing spectacular..
  14. THis is what I did. Also had to stop wearing flip flops altogether as well. I wear keen water shoes when wet wading