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  1. Porgy type rigs work fine. Clam or squid works great as well as sand fleas which get stolen very quickly . Have caught them around jetties or on the open beach. Great fun for kids or newbies on the beach.
  2. My wife loves to catch kingfish from the surf. Anybody seen any yet ? By my book its a little early on the south shore for them. Lots of sand fleas though.
  3. Thanks fellas. I might have a look at those Farmer Rods if I can't find another Breakaway. I had one of the first Daiwa Ballistics and it was just too darn long to fight fish with. Back to basics, I must be getting old...
  4. caught 2 last week (both just short), beachside SS. high tide - midday. one on bunker and the other on Sand Fleas (go figure)
  5. Been MIA here for a while. I miss my old Breakaway conventional. Now that I'm not night fishing much ( switched to spinner) , I'd like to get one again but alas, seems Breakaway has changed and I can't seem to find that old model. Any suggestions. I really don't want a rod longer that 12', prefer the old 11'9", it just loaded 5 -6 oz so nice with my old Abu sportsman.... Any comments appreciated
  6. My sources say its been brutal, but should pickup. We haven't had any major storms or hurricanes bringing in any new water this fall. Its suprising that the viking hasn't been doing better, traditionally their best week is the 3rd week in September. South its been more rat sized yellowfin with better numbers. October should be better.
  7. Thanks Fellas, Ended up with a nice condition 2000 Xterra - 92K miles and one owner for under 5K. my son might get this one when he goes off to college in a few years, but for now ...
  8. Thanks for the correction Forum leaders. I should have read the newer rules to conform to current standards. Also I should have updated the listing as "no longer for sale" as I did not sell it off forum but donated it . Sloppy on my part.