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  1. JoeBaggs Bucktails 6 pink mackerel 2 4oz 2 3oz 2 3/4oz 1 green mackerel 4oz $35 shipped OBO
  2. Excellent thank you!
  3. Here you go. It’s not pretty but it’ll fish $20 shipped? I have no idea what they’re worth
  4. I have one. Purple scale
  5. Thread closed. Listing elsewhere
  6. Sure, post a few pics?
  7. RI. My price is shipped if it helps
  8. Yup. Just dust. Spooled and never fished might be the color of the body too
  9. Pass thank you
  10. 150? Take that in cash really i’m looking for the bigger gulp, 6 inch grubs and mullets. Kind of set on bucktails, but figured I’d put trades on the table
  11. 2017 I got it fluke stuff? Gulp? Lol I’d rather not have it collecting dust
  12. Bump offers? Trades?
  13. Shimano Stradic Ci4+ 1000ML Excellent condition with box $175 shipped