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  1. Plenty of topwater, what brands or styles are you looking for? Stripers or fresh water? I have a ton of fresh water stuff I don’t need
  2. Let me think on it for a day. Very tempted. Is there anything else you’re looking for as a trade? I also have a Ci4 2500FA (services with this reel, new gears also) and a Ci4 1000ML if you’re looking for other stradics
  3. How much cash are you looking for from me for the Saltiga trade? Do you have the box and bag? Can you send a few pics please.
  4. Shimano Stradic Ci4 3000F just serviced, comes with a box and 2 spools Freshwater only reel $180 shipped
  5. SOLD Check pms
  6. 5 LineStretchers 1 3oz 3 2oz 1 1.25oz new, one 2oz used $15 shipped
  7. Bonefish/Flats Flies - 93 flies with boxes $125 Tarpon Flies 51 flies (few redfish) $150 $225 both lots, they’ll come with the fly boxes OBO
  8. 180 shipped? Wrong model box for this reel, no papers. Mixed it up with my 2500 Freshwater only reel
  9. The tip ring cracked, only the tip guide was replaced. Still 7’3. Little bit of rust on all the guide feet. Bought new 2016, 6:1, no clicker.
  10. I have a 731M, conventional spiral wrapped with the bag. The tip was replaced, and there’s a little bit of rust on the guide. But overall the rod is in good condition If interested, I also have an accurate valiant 300 I was trying to sell with it as a combo. It was just serviced, box and papers Rod 250 Reel 300 Combo 500 i’m in Rhode Island, but I can either ship or arrange something for pick up, I have a lot of guys from Jersey who come up to fish
  11. I have a sradic 3000 with two spools, it was just serviced, I have the box and papers
  12. Sure. Check PM
  13. BM A40 blue/silver/white fished $30 BM 7” Danny blue/silver/white fished $30 BM JR SOLD NB Bottle Darters SOLD Afterhours 2oz Pencil SOLD scud needles SOLD Blonde Terror Gibbs Trolling Swimmer new $30
  14. Absolutely. Check PM scuds SOLD