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    Still trying to figure that out lol

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  1. Hey there, if you still have that accurate 197 I will take it for $250 shipped.

  2. Is this still available?
  3. Is this still available
  4. Ok cool, my zip is 33433
  5. What would you take to have it shipped to Florida?
  6. Payment sent
  7. I will take it for $260 shipped.
  8. I am in need of a Saragosa 10000. Im located in Florida so please be willing to ship. Thank you!
  9. Respectfully offering $30 for both?
  10. Hey Will... Send me your paypal info and i will send you the $$.
  11. I will take it for the $300 shipped.
  12. Interested... would you do $300 shipped to Florida?
  13. Would you ship if I cover it?
  14. Perfect, thank you sir.
  15. I have used the NGC on all my spinning rods but want to do the cone of flight system with this blank, I guess use only 6 or 7 guides. I have been searching for threads for hours now but cant find the layout for a 9' spinner... I'm guessing start with a size 40 and end up with a 12, the reel is a fin-nor 5500 loaded with 30# braid....any suggestions???