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  1. Vaughn?
  2. If in New Jersey................wondering what channel to look for..............still just "5" or name of channel 5 Just interested in seeing it! Thanks
  3. When is it Andy.
  4. great things happen with great fishermen and great websites! Thanks again!
  5. Thank you again my friend!
  6. Please! I sent PM as to a special gift from that my kids got for me and was lost in IBSP this week ....I am hoping you respond either way a yes or no. I also, this morning spoke to John Bushell at Betty and Nick's regarding my lost item. thanks.
  7. Trying to help a friend out Steve who is trying to unload a lot of his fishing gear because he has moved to another state. So he is back here for a short stay with family .He has a lot of good gear to unload. Some of it is hard to get.
  8. starting Friday 8 am to 2 pm,Saturday and Sunday as well. There will be a fishing flea market at 274 Manhattan av Bayville. This is all good quality equipment. Fishing lures ,rods, metals, reels all types of plugs both wooden and plastic. i wouldn't miss out on this one. If you can get there early its gona go fast.
  9. fluke i hear ya talking. I've seen them travel in packs and completely block the road. Then when i asked if i could get by they flipped me the bird and keep blocking the road. Then when i beeped my horn.they all stayed right where they were and started call my son and i names.By that time i had a line of trucks and car's behind me beeping at me because they think i'm the one holding every body up.Boy talk about wanting to stop tell people off. Every body has a right to use the park .But they don't have the right to act like idiots. And i see it year after year.As far as there being room they don't seem to need it because they hog the road any how.I think that either they get instructed how to use the road way or stop them all together .
  10. Lou i'll tell ya some times its like these people have a death wish .Yesterday i was in lavalette visiting with a good friend Wayne Beach. I swear at least 3 times i had to come to a sudden stop because of pedestrian's just walking out into traffic with out even looking either way.Just stepped right out as though no vehicles were coming. Right in the middle of the block. Good thing i was paying attention.
  11. Thanks.
  12. I want that TA BombPOPPER. Thnak you much for the chance.
  13. Im in thank you much.Happy 4th of July.
  14. This forum is a great idea.Now maybe i can become a better photographer.Sol. you guys just made this site. even more interesting.
  15. The best part of a thread like this is that there is always room for us to learn . Regardless of our skill level.Or years of fishing.That's what makes SOL so great.We are never to old or to good to learn. There is a lot of good stuff being said in this thread.