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  1. I know that Century has a line of various travel rods. Check with Ryan White at Hatteras Jack.
  2. Knock the sand off so it doesn't hold moisture against the undercarriage components. Shag is correct, sea salt is corrosive but MANY times less then road salt. The ocean has a salt content of somewhere around 3%. The brine solution sprayed on the roads by your DOT is mixed at 23%. Granular application eventually mixes with snow or water to create something near that brine solution mixture. Clean the undercarriage and the areas that trap sand and be thankful that the finishes and metal in today's trucks are much better than years ago.
  3. Schoolies are in the sound right now. As for when large stripers hit the beaches of Hatteras Island, if they do, it is still early, With the exception of a few renegades the stripers have remained off the beach for the last several years .... so much so that most tournaments don't even have them as a target anymore. From Ocracoke south someone else will need to advise you!
  4. Most beaches are now reopened to night driving.
  5. I enjoyed a warm-up at the Hatteras Village Tournament Sept 8-10 and fished with some great guys. Nothing exciting as the catch was mostly small blues, a few croakers and sea mullet and an assortment of tiny bait robbers. Never did so much baiting in two days. Going to enjoy a beach day on this Friday followed by Operation Beach Respect on Saturday. My serious efforts start in October and extend into December with the goal of a big drum or so. I'm excited and looking forward to any number of two to three tide beach days in the next two months! Hoping my back is up to the workout.
  6. Maybe because my favorite venue is Hatteras, where some wind is ALMOST constant, one thing I have noticed on my last three beach units is that the windshield eventually gets blasted. I used to think it was my imagination or my old eyes but maybe they just don't make glass as hard as they used to! I haven't lost a vehicle to frame corrosion and haven't even suffered brake or brake line issues. I am a slow poke when driving on the beach but my last two Fords had over 250K upon sale and my new one has 74K with not signs of nastiness. My 2004 had the beginnings of rust breaking out on several body panels ... but after many miles on beach and Pa winter highways I think that is to be expected.
  7. That's a nice looking job Back East but I was thinking more of something high up on the sides that could just remain open. I store various gear, mostly fishing related, in cabinets and racks inside the cap and wanted to lower that temp as much as possible without having to open and close a vent. On occasions when I actually occupy the enclosure I almost always have the screened windows or the rear window open so ventilation is not an issue.
  8. I wonder how this genius feels about a Sec of State who has total disregard for the proper handling of classified information. It amuses me that people say Trump "may" be a risk because of some perceived personality quirk when we know that Shrillery "is" a risk. The known risk versus the unknown risk? Trump has more integrity in this little toe than Clinton has in her entire expansive fat butt! These career pols will keep fighting because they know Trump will expose the farce that is Washington DC and spoil their sweet gig.
  9. Has anyone installed ventilation in their pickup bed cap? I have a mid height ARE and I like the cap except that I would like to ventilate it without having to open the side sliders. Maybe a marine type vent that could be installed near the top on the sides?
  10. Beginning in September there are a number of Surf Fishing Tournaments on the Outer Banks. Fisherman's Post is starting a new one on Sept 24, Capital City 4 Wheelers is on Oct 15, the NCBBA Red Drum Tourney is on Oct 19-22 and the Cape Hatteras Anglers Club follows that in November. There are others that I can't recall offhand but if you want some tournament fun and prizes check out the listings on FP. My favorite happens to be the NCBBA tourney because the beaches are open around the clock for 60 hours of competition and also open the day before for scouting. I plan to be a judge so com'n down and let me measure your citation catch!!
  11. It's prime drum time mid-October through mid-November. Catch em up BB!
  12. I used to be paranoid about hitting the asphalt with aired down tires. I went as far to put lighter loading rating tires on my F-250 Super Duty crew cab so I didn't have to air back up to 80lbs from my normal beach pressure of 20. When I sold that truck and went to an F150 Extended cab it has 40 PSI tires as standard. I air down when I get to Hatteras and air back up when I leave. If it is wearing my tires prematurely or dangerously it is not apparent ... I run Michelin highway tread tires and I am a conservative driver. While chatting with a fisherman last fall I asked how he liked his F250 SD on the sand running with the factory 80PSI tires. He ran them at 20PSI from his arrival in October to his departure in March! Had no issues.
  13. Ramp 44 is open southwest to the Point as of today. I believe there is a turtle corridor along the route but the Point is open!!! Fish em up!!
  14. My 2012 F150 is in great shape and only has 70K miles on it but I am tempted to buy one of the aluminum body units. The issue with paint on aluminum is similar to paint on steel, it's all about prep and I'm wagering that they have figured that out or they wouldn't risk it with the number one selling vehicle in the country.
  15. I have used a 975cs for surf fishing for a number of years. More recently I switched to 525, Avets, Penn Torque 100, and now a Release (Truth). Not being a real distance guy I found the 975 as smooth as any of the above with the possible exception of one of my Avets. The only drawback is the retrieve ratio ... but it handled big drum nicely.